Custom Website Design Company

Custom Website Design Company

Wouldn’t it be great if your website was a perfect reflection of you and your company? No more need for web design presets on cookie cutter sites to build your business’ presence on the web. With a professional website design company like Split Reef, your website is now part of you.


Custom Designs Required for Web

What is Custom Web Design Services?

Custom web design is a website created and tailor specifically for a brand, business, or product. At our professional web design company, Split Reef offers custom web design services with beautifully designed fonts, layouts and colors to create a website that is an extension of your brand and business.

Custom Website Design Company

5 Basic Steps to Designing Beautiful, Custom Websites

Creating Custom Web Designs.


Standout Brand

Defining your brand is the first step to creating a sleek and eye-catching custom website design. With your business’s brand in mind, our custom web design company delivers a website that is tailored to serve your brand’s mission.


Consider Content

It’s not just about what words are on your site, it’s also about how its presented. Planned content is carefully considered by our designers to ensure that you’re sticking out among the other sites in your industry.


Define Design

Once we understand your brand and its mission, we begin carefully designing wireframes and mockups as part of our custom web design services. Our professional web design company delivers a cohesive and consistent design and vision throughout your custom website design.


Quick Navigation

Just like giving your mobile users easy-to-understand navigation on their phones, it’s important to give them quick and easy navigation on their laptops and desktops as well.


Understanding the Goal

Determining the mission of the website lends itself to better custom website design. If it’s a blog, then design theory dictates a different web design than something selling a product or immersing users in a game.

Top Rated Professional Website Design Company

Choosing Split Reef as your custom web design company gives you access to a talented team that includes graphic artists, business consultants, and computer programmers.

Our Custom Web Design Process

Split Reef is a custom website design company with a firm grasp on the web design industry. Our process is easy to understand and delivers beautiful and custom-tailored web designs to satisfied clients time and time again. Our custom web design process ensures that when you partner with us, you’re getting one of the best products that technology can offer.

Stand with Product

There’s no point of a custom website if there’s nothing to sell or offer. We help pinpoint the products and services your company offers to its customers to better understand and inform the next steps in our design process.

Perfect Info Flow

Intuitive design means perfected information flow. Having your information placed strategically throughout the custom web design creates a cohesive organization of information that customers and website visitors can easily understand and engage with.


Whether you want users to sign on with your services or begin a subscription to your products, your custom web design services with Split Reef will give your visitors the extra nudge they need so you can make a sale.

Quick Updates

From product updates to design updates, Split Reef is there to make the small tweaks and changes you want reflected on your site. For simple image switch outs and updated graphics to color changes and font changes, we can quickly update your site as your company grows and changes.

Benefits of Custom Web Design


Simply put: your custom web design is custom. Your new website will have all the features you are looking for to put your business on the digital map and create meaningful connections with your customers.


When your business grows, so does your custom website. Adding pages and new features is easy to do when you have a custom site, as cookie cutter presets may hinder you from the web growth you need.


With custom website design services comes custom security. A professional website design company like Split Reef will ensure your site is protected from malware and security threats with custom firewall and anti-virus protection.

Perfect Solutions

Solutions for Your Needs

When you partner with a professional web design company like Split Reef, your needs with be met in our custom website design services. We take your needs and demands and turn them into results on-screen with beautiful and expertly designed websites that serve as an extension of your brand and business.



We don’t start a product or a custom web design without doing our homework. As a professional custom web design company, we ensure that we’re employing the latest tactics and strategies in custom web design for our clients and delivering industry-leading results.


Design for All Screens

On a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, it doesn’t matter. Across the board, our custom web design services include responsive web design for optimal viewing on any device. Designing a custom website for all screens boost search engine ratings as well, bringing more visitors to your front door.



Thinking outside the box is one of our greatest skills. Split Reef lives as the intersection of creativity and technology to bring innovative and intuitive custom website design services and final products to our clients. We love being on the cutting edge of web design, and we encourage our designers to create innovatively.


Customer-Centric Web Design

Your customers are your greatest asset. Why not present to them a website that they will enjoy using time and time again? With Split Reef’s custom website design services, we design for you and your audience, so your customers will engage with your site more.

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