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Is There Any Relation Between AI And Mobile Application Development?

  • September 27, 2023
  • Split Reef
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When it comes to various artificial intelligence (AI) tools, business owners have been found to believe that they can be helpful to their businesses. For example, nearly half (46%) of business owners surveyed by Forbes Advisor use AI tools to create their own internal communications. But AI tools are not just useful for crafting internal communications.

They have helped to revolutionize the mobile application development process by improving collaboration and empowering development teams with new ways to streamline their workloads.

Mobile applications for all manner of industries can be an effective tool for a business to have. So, understanding the basics of AI and mobile application development can be helpful as you look to get started on your own application. It may seem overwhelming at first, especially with how many different AI tools are out there now, but just looking at the basics is a good place to start.

Below, we are going to be exploring the different types of AI used in mobile app development below to help you understand the relation between AI and mobile app development.

How is AI Used in Mobile Application Development

Some of the key ways that AI has been used in the mobile app development process include:

  • Implementing machine learning in mobile apps
  • Utilizing natural language processing for speech recognition
  • Creating an enhanced user experience
  • Increased efficiency during the development process
  • Automated operations that allow developers to focus on other areas of development

These are just a handful of ways that developers like the Split Reef team can use AI tools to streamline and keep costs down during the mobile app development process. Developers can use AI to handle basic code writing needs, streamline tasks, and enhance overall testing and quality assurance.

So, when we ask “What are the benefits of AI in app development,” we can look at the above list. Mobile application development is often a complex and time-consuming process, and the use of AI can help to both simplify and speed up that process.

Examining the Benefits of AI for Optimizing Mobile Applications

Now that we know some of the benefits of AI for optimizing mobile applications, we can look a bit closer at what exactly those benefits bring to the table.

  1. Machine learning: IBM defines machine learning (ML) as a branch of AI and computer science that “focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy.” As a subset of AI, ML has benefited the mobile app development space with intelligent automation and personalization and the use of predictive analytics. ML allows for the analysis of massive amounts of data, which can be used by developers during the development process and the final application that is delivered to a client.
  2. Increased efficiency in testing: AI tools afford teams the ability for intelligent testing. This means that AI tools can help to automatically identify bugs and other issues during the development process. After identifying bugs, the AI can then work to fix those bugs. Enhanced testing from an AI tool also provides development teams with the ability to run a mobile app through different scenarios for thorough testing.
  3. Streamlined tasks: Tasks can be streamlined with the help of AI tools. Repetitive tasks that can be time consuming can be handed off to AI, which can reduce the manual labor from a development team. Such tasks can include creating code snippets, data entry, and analyzing user information that may already be available. Automation of these kinds of tasks allows teams to focus on other areas of development, speeds up the development timeline, and is cost-effective.

Using AI tools throughout the mobile app development process brings the above benefits along with many more. Coding requirements are further reduced, development can happen faster, and the end result of development is a powerful, enhanced mobile application.

If you are looking to get started on your own mobile application with an experienced team that understands how AI tools can help the app development process, connect with us here at Split Reef.

What is the Impact of AI in Mobile App Development?

The impact of AI in mobile app development has been very big, as you have seen thus far. AI tools are allowing development teams to work more cost-effectively by:

  • Automating a variety of aspects during the mobile app development process
  • Reducing manual efforts from developers so they can focus on other areas of development
  • Enhanced efficiency that comes from automating tasks and reworking workflows
  • Data analysis and testing can be handled by AI tools

By automating certain tasks and utilizing AI tools throughout the mobile app development process, developers can work efficiently and quickly to deliver powerful, stunning applications that exceed the needs of clients like you.

In the third edition of State of the Connected Customer, a report put together by Salesforce Research, they found that 67% of customers expect companies to provide new products and services more frequently than before. The impact of AI in mobile app development ties into the ever-increasing expectations of customers. Customers expect to see innovative solutions as technology continues to change, and AI is helping developers to meet those expectations.

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