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iOS App Development Company

You’ve got the next great idea for an iPhone app. How do you execute it? Designing and developing it for yourself is a lot of work, and sometimes takes years of experience to roll out a fresh and understandable product that will be loved by the masses. This is where Split Reef comes in. As an iPhone app development company, we have the tools and resources to make your iOS application come to life and look good when it’s finished.


iOS Application Development and Services

When you look for the best iPhone app development company, you need to look for a company that has all the bells and whistles when it comes to designing your new app. You have a vision and you need an iOS app development company that can help develop that vision and bring it to fruition. Whether it’s the next great fitness tracking app or a mobile client account portal for your customers to access their information wherever they are, we’ve got you covered with our iOS app development services. Apple’s picky and finnicky App Store requirements mean your app needs to hit the mark in development and launching. That’s what our team is best at.

Custom Application

Your idea is unique. We have an exceptional staff that can bring it to life with customized iOS app development.

Native Application

Built and developed in Swift for iOS so it means exceptional standards, every time.

Apple Wearables

Apple, the leader in the wearables market in 2018, with 46.2M of the total 172.2M devices shipped, has opened the doors of possibilities in mobile applications.

iOS App Development Company - Split Reef

Patching and Updates

Keep your app running smooth with patches and updates by our team.

iPhone App UI/UX Designing

It’s got to work and look good, right? User experience means everything, which is why Split Reef designs beautiful and functional apps for our clients.

iPhone App Testing/Portability

We send our applications through rigorous testing to ensure it’s the best product upon launch.

Want to Develop a Robust iOS App?

From iPads to iPods to iPhones, we can bring your product to the forefront of the Apple App Store and you can watch your business grow. Our team can help you develop customized iOS mobile applications for business needs.

Art behind Good Application Development by Split Reef

iOS Application Development Process

It seems easy to develop an iOS app for Apple’s App Store, but there are plenty of steps between forming an idea and launching the application for the first time. Here’s how our team of customer iPhone application development experts handle each one:

Plan Fresh Idea

Your idea is good but flesh out the details and make sure you’re entering the market with little to no competition. What makes it stand out amongst the rest of the apps in the App Store? This is an important part of iOS app development.

Follow App Store Guidelines

Many iOS applications can’t make it to launch because they didn’t follow App Store guidelines. It can be plenty frustrating making one change only to become aware of three more needed. We stay abreast of all the guidelines and updates to make a seamless iOS app launch.

Focus on the Design

It doesn’t just have to function; your app has to look good while doing it. Let us handle the design of your iOS app while you focus on your business.

Software Architecture

We utilize different software for our customers’ iPhone application development to create a realm of possibilities for all projects and ideas to fit into.

Develop the Front- and Back-Ends

Don’t want to handle the updates or create new versions when your app becomes stale? Retain our iOS app development services to keep your product fresh and new.

Test and Publish

Our iOS app development company weed out the bugs and make the appropriate changes so that when it’s time to launch your app, it becomes a solid foundation to build upon.

iOS App Development Services

Benefits of Custom iOS App Development

Higher Scalability

As a leading iPhone app development company, we know that every project is different. We don’t use blanket charges or a one-size-fits-all model when we work with our clients. At Split Reef, you’re getting a customized and scalable product that can be changed to fit your budget, your projected demographic and your timetable.


With Split Reef, there’s no need to worry about your information and data when you work with us. We’re a small business with robust security measures, so your end product will be the same. Our iOS app development services come with rigorous security that you can trust.

An App for Every Business

For multiple ideas, we have multiple resources to pull from to create a customized, beautiful and functional iOS app for any client. That’s what makes us such a great iOS application development company.

6 Important Points for Developing an iOS Application

Before getting started with Split Reef, think about how you’re going to execute your plan to bring an iOS application to life. Not only does it help you figure out exactly what you want out of your application, but we can pinpoint the exact areas that we can collaborate on to make this project your best product yet. That’s what happens when you work with a high-quality iOS app development company.



Point blank: what will your application do? What do you hope to achieve with it; will it help you streamline productivity or be a stream of revenue? Who are you targeting for users? These are questions you have to answer before you begin working with any company so you can narrow down your needs and begin to focus on the functionality of your application.


Understand Your Users

This may take some market research, but if you’re targeting a certain age group, find out their habits and what the trends for that age group are, and find ways to implement them into your application. If it’s a fitness tracking app for 20- to 30-year-olds then it needs to be fresh and keep them engaged for longer. If it’s a client portal for customers, it needs to be straight-forward and easy to use.


Identify a Viable Solution

Is there a problem that you’re trying to solve with the application? If so, then more people are going to download it and use it. Find a problem in your industry that needs solved through an iOS application and then give us a call to develop it.


Plan for Multiple Releases

Update, update, update. Working with Split Reef means you get a comprehensive suite of iOS app development services, including future projects in updating your app so it keeps up with the changing trends of iPhone applications.


Beta Testing

Launching an app cannot be done without testing it first. With our customer-focused iPhone application development team, we implement a robust round of beta testing to work out the kinks and ensure it’s ready to do its job with minimal problems.


Plan to Analyze

Using important application analytics, we can help you identify who’s using your app and what they’re using it for. With a bevy of information in your lap, you can make changes and updates to better serve your customers.

Customized Full Cycle iOS Development Services

Being one of the best iOS application development company in Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL. Our iOS experts can accomplish any kind of app idea in your mind, such as IoT, AR/VR, wearable, etc.

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