Custom Web Application Development Company

Custom Web Application Development Company

Our Columbus web application development services ensure web applications are built to reflect the needs of our clients. We do this by understanding that generic applications have not been customized to promote growth and development in a business. We ensure that your web application works across devices, including mobile devices, and strive to maintain compatibility with eCommerce and content management systems. No matter the nature of the web application that you require, Split Reef can provide custom web application development that meets and surpasses your desires.

Custom Web Application Development

Customized Web Application

How do we Develop Customized Web Applications?

Split Reef is an experienced custom web application development company in Columbus, Ohio that caters to diverse industries and a vast number of business needs. We use the software engineering processes like AngluarJS, CSS, and ColdFusion to create custom web applications for our valued clients. With an obsession for detail and decades of experience among our web app development team, we implement the latest technologies and environments to deliver high-quality products.

Throughout the process, we use our QA team, UI/UX designers, and web developers to create and design intuitive applications with clean code. That means if there are changes to be made, our team can quickly edit the code, saving you time and money.

Planning to Develop a Custom Web Application?

A custom web application that’s tailored to your need increases workflow productivity and bolsters your business growth. Split Reef can help you meet your business objectives. Why not get started?
We can help you ideate, design and develop your custom web application.

The Process of Creating a Custom Web Application

When you turn to our Columbus web app development company, you are choosing a group of professionals with the expertise and experience to listen to what you need to accomplish, create a game plan of how to help you with your goals, and bring your wishes to life. Split Reef’s custom web application development services can seem intensive, and you may not want to wait for the end product, but the truth is that while we work efficiently, high-quality products take time. We are diligent in our work, ensuring that you aren’t dissatisfied with the end result. We’ll help your business meet its needs with our custom web applications created.


Analysis and Audit

When you’re running a business, you may not understand the type of services that you need from us. After all, many entrepreneurs are focusing on whatever their specialty is. Our specialty is custom web application development, so we can evaluate your situation and determine how to employ strategies that will get you the most use for your money. We know that not all web applications are useful for all businesses, and our abilities to analyze and audit to determine what is best for you help us be a team of versatile and client-focused web application developers.


Research and UX Work Flow

We’re never going to start a project without doing adequate research, and a Columbus custom web application development company that fails to do some investigation about the brand it is dealing with and how to best serve that brand, it will fail to make customized content. Steps like this one are the ones that people often overlook. They want immediate results, but this attention to detail results in superior and long-lasting solutions.


Prototyping and Design Testing

Any web application development company knows that there are multiple answers to the same demand. There are plenty of ways for web design to solve the problem that a client has, and at Split Reef, we use tests and prototypes to illustrate to clients what the end product will look like. This process helps us guide clients and give them resources so that they can make informed decisions.


Choosing the Right Tech

With a plethora of programming languages and environments, there are many tools we can use for your custom web applications. We explore all the options available, and we strive to choose ones that will give us the design and function that suits your needs and preferences.


Database Architecture is a Great Tool

Databases allow information to be organized and discovered with more ease and convenience. By creating database architecture, we can make data more useful in your web application.


Custom Web Development

One of the most important components of web design is custom web development. During this stage in the process, we build from the earlier stages, and we start to finally create the program for you.


Application Testing

Once the program is done, we are not done with our work. With each application, we are sure to go through a testing process, which can ensure that there are no lingering errors. We test our designs not only for basic function but also test that it is safe and secure for use. We also ensure that the application has the capacity to deal with large amounts of data and usage in multiple browsers.

Custom Web Application
Development Services of Split Reef

At Split Reef, we take pride in delivering exceptional custom web application development services. With our team of expert developers, we guarantee that your project will be completed to your satisfaction within the agreed timeframe and budget. In fact, we're so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mobility Services Strategy

Mobility doesn’t just mean working from home or on the road. Whenever you step away from your desk for a meeting or lunch, your custom web application is still accessible from a tablet or smart phone. Our Columbus custom web app development company implement this strategy for our web app development so that you don’t have to be tethered to your computer to use it.

Multiple Custom Web Services

Critical and common are sometime times the same thing. GPS and location based web services along with e-commerce (Shipping Rates) web service are highly critical to the efficacy of many companies today.

Custom Design and UX Services

Why should you pull a design straight off the shelf and hope it works for what you need? Our custom web application development services mean you get exactly what you want, and it looks exactly how you want it to, building your brand and establishing your web presence.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Retain our services to ensure that your web application is always working. Our technical support staff will assist you in resolving issues and bugs so your application downtime is limited. Our Columbus web application development company monitor and report the performance of your app to ensure it’s operating at its peak.

Database Solutions

Easily access your information through your web application through database solutions built by us. It’s organized and design for ease of use and recalling information that you need to operate your business on a daily basis.

Backend and API

Unless you are building a custom web application solely for iOS users, an API (application programming interface) is a strategy that is best suited for Windows, Android and Blackberry users. In this strategy, the backend is built first, allowing websites and apps to be built on the same foundation for a cohesive brand recognition across platforms.

Progressive Web Apps Development

Progressive web apps operate with web browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, and accordingly, they are internet-based. Rather than using languages like Kotlin or Swift, they often use Javascript, CSS, and HTML. We understand how these apps are used and when they are the best options for clients.

eCommerce Web Applications

eCommerce continues to develop, and research suggests that 95% of purchases will occur through eCommerce by the year 2040. Accordingly, it is more important than ever to ensure that you have streamlined eCommerce web applications for your brand. Split Reef solutions can help you determine what the best options are for your needs and future growth.

Legacy App Modernization

Just like anything else in life, apps get old. Legacy apps may no longer work how they should, but that doesn’t mean the apps have no value or that we have to start from scratch. Some applications can be revamped and modernized to match current standards.

Web Apps Development for Enterprises

Enterprises increasingly use web apps to better their businesses and reach wider audiences. These web apps can make customers more comfortable on an enterprise’s website, and they add a level of professionalism. Split Reef’s past clients continue to motivate us to stay up to date on current tech trends, and we want to help our clients stay up to date as well.

CMS Solutions

Content management solutions are designed to help companies manage their information, such as multimedia files and documents. Using this service, clients can organize their content and use it more efficiently. Managing content is also useful in industries that require more regulation.

Industry-Specific Custom Web Application Development

Not all industries are created the same, which means that those in specific industries may have unique needs that others do not have. At Split Reef, we understand the value of shifting our tactic based on the industry a client is in. We have experience in various sectors, and continued work in these industries allows us to grow and evolve as the industries do.

Healthcare Web App Development

Like other sectors evolving with emerging technology, telehealth and internet-based healthcare are booming. Our healthcare web application prioritizes security, privacy, and professionalism.

Web App Development for Manufacturing Companies

Split Reef knows that manufacturing companies must manage many operations at once. Thus, we develop apps that can help manufacturers track and enhance all parts of their operations. For example, we can help manufacturers maintain their equipment better, analyze the efficiency of their operations, and keep better track of their inventory.

Real Estate Web App Development

There are many parties involved in the real estate industry, and with strong applications, the process can be easier for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents. We can help real estate agents attract clients and sell homes better with the use of technology.

Law Firm Web App Development

Reaching customers is a necessary goal of law firms, and having custom web development can help law firms stand out. Split Reef understands what law firms need to succeed.

Web App Development for Automotive Industry

Transporation remains a valuable part of people’s lives, and web applications can help this industry continue to offer more to customers. With the help of Split Reef, the automotive industry can help get more people going where they want to go.

Educational Web App Development

Educational systems have embraced technology, and educators and institutions must maximize learning through web development. Education builds skills and abilities, and we want to help promote more growth in education.

Retail & eCommerce

With the popularity of eCommerce, the capabilities of selling through are constantly evolving. We can help businesses become more efficient and appeal to customers through eCommerce web design.

Insurance Web App Development

The individuals and institutions involved in the insurance sector deal with a lot of information. Accordingly, it’s valuable to promote more efficient systems that allow those in the industry to accomplish more.


Split Reef understands the competitive and fast-paced nature of the financial sector. We help clients with banking software, money management systems, and trading programs.

Why is Web Application

Why Web App Development is Important for Business

There are many reasons why web app development can improve your business, but the three reasons below encapsulate why web app development is vital for a business. They show how web app development can transform how you interact with customers and potential customers.

Establishing Credibility

If you’ve ever used a website that looked old or had components that didn’t function properly, you probably clicked away. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is; if your website doesn’t look professional, no one will want what you are offering. When you have web app development that meets the quality of your business, customers take an interest.

Establishing Brand Identity

You have to show what sets your brand apart. You surely have competitors, and to reach customers, you have to establish a brand identity. Custom web development highlights your brand and shows what your brand represents.

Connecting with Customers

If you cannot connect to customers, there is no way that you will get new customers or maintain your relationship with the ones you have. Web app development helps you reach a broader audience. Furthermore, it sets the tone of what your business can do, giving your brand a more human image.

2021 Top Web App Development Companies Columbus, Clutch Award

Named one of Clutch’s top web app development companies in Columbus, Split Reef has shown to be one of the prominent companies in the field. Clutch is dedicated to helping people find the best businesses for their needs, and being chosen as one of those firms is an honor and highlights the quality service Split Reef provides.

GoodFirms Badge

2021 Top Web App Development Companies Columbus, GoodFirms Awards

Another honor that Split Reef has received is being one of GoodFirms’ top web app development companies in Columbus. GoodFirms uses verified reviews to determine what companies stand out. It is their mission to highlight the best companies in their sectors and promote those companies. This award validates all the work that the team at Split Reef has put in to set themselves apart.

What Makes Split Reef a Leader in Custom Web App Development

We have competitors, but there are plenty of features that set us apart from those competitors and show our work ethic.

Split Reef is a leader in custom web app development due to its commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Here are some key factors that make Split Reef stand out in the industry:


Team of Experienced Developers

Our team of developers has been working in the field for years. We make sure that our developers not only have a masterful understanding of developing, but we also make sure that they stay up to date on industry standards and changing practices. Without skilled developers, a client’s vision cannot come to life.
Split Reef has a team of experienced developers who are skilled in various programming languages and platforms. This allows them to tailor their solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.


Faster & Better Web App Development

Split Reef never promises immediate results, but we do work efficiently, which means that we never make clients wait longer than we need to. We don’t cut corners, but we do strive to give customers timely products. Web app development is a long process, but we can work faster due to our skill and commitment.


Superior Support

We know that customers should never feel as though they are in the dark about their own web development product. We want our clients to rest assured that their web development is in good hands. We accomplish this goal by offering ongoing support, communication, and listening. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be there to help customers through.


Client-Centric Approach

Split Reef puts its clients first, taking the time to understand their business needs and goals. They work closely with clients throughout the development process, providing regular updates and incorporating feedback to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.


Quality Assurance

Split Reef has a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures that each solution they deliver is fully tested and meets the highest standards of quality.



We are always looking for new and innovative ways to solve complex problems and create cutting-edge solutions for its clients.


Timely Delivery

Split Reef understands that time is of the essence in the business world, and they are committed to delivering projects on time and within budget.

Custom Application Technologies

Master of All New Tech for Custom
Web Application

As a professional and experienced custom web app development company based in Columbus, Ohio we stay up to date and on-trend for all the latest technology trends. When we sense that the industry trends are changing, we quickly pivot our strategies and employ only cutting-edge practices and technologies to bring the future of custom web application design to our clients.

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Custom reactjs Application Development Company
Custom new-tech Application Development Company
Custom jquery Application Development Company
Custom Application Development Company
Custom php Application Development Company
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Custom lamp Application Development Company
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Custom javascript Application Development Company

Custom Web Application FAQ

Custom web application development is a process that allows developers to create applications for your business that can help you streamline your website, improve functionality, and gain more customers.

When you contact us, we can help you understand what you need for your specific goals, but you may need some other components like a secure web host or an SSL certificate.

Split Reef uses a wide range of languages and technologies to accomplish our goals. Some of what we use includes:
  • Kotlin
  • Wordpress
  • Firebase
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Drupal
  • Swift
  • Laravel
  • And many more!
For a better idea of the technologies we use, visit TECHNOLOGIES page.

The answer to this question can range greatly. The length of your custom web application will depend on the type of application you want and your specific needs. You can contact us for a consultation to learn more.

Our team stays in close collaboration with clients, and we continue to update you as necessary. Being communicative ensures that we’re all on the same page throughout the process.

Again, the exact amount will vary based on the nature of your project and how much work the developers will have to do, and it’s hard to give an estimate without a consultation.

Web application management is the continued upkeep of web apps, and it includes security measures like creating firewalls and malware scans. We also like to check up on the functionality of your application and keep your architecture up to date.

Client Testimonials

Split Reef has designed a seamless User Experience, Creative and desirable Functionality. The entire project was dealt with dedication, attention to detail was offered at each phase of the project from Discovery, Design, Development, Testing and Delivery. Their ability to offer great flexibility for added development, transparency in communication and understanding our needs sets them apart from several web development agencies. We were never treated like clients but more like friends and family! We are very satisfied with how our project is handled.

—IBEXeye Ophthalmic Instruments

As a first time app developer, Split Reef had their hands full with the project I brought to them. Although still in development, I am confident that the final product that Split Reef will develop will be exactly what my company needs. Split Reef has come along side me in this process and made my vision for this app come to life and I can't wait to see where we go in the future. If you are thinking about partnering with Split Reef, I can tell you that your vision will be realized and your needs met.

—Adam Kronshagen

Our Custom Web Application Development Work

Peruse our gallery of web application works to see how we’ve helped our business partners achieve success through organized and intuitive web application design. Through thoughtful development and a rigorous process of testing and design, Our custom web application development company in Columbus has delivered effective results in custom web app development to our customers time and time again.

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