Custom Web Application Development Company

Custom Web Application Development Company

When you utilize our customer-first custom web application development services, you’re getting an application that’s designed to specifically meet your needs. Off-the-shelf applications may not have all the bells and whistles you need to move your business into the future, and custom applications work well from mobile devices to content management systems and even ecommerce solutions. Whether you’re an organization looking to upgrade inventory management or need a better way for clients to pay their dues, a custom web app development company like Split Reef can develop and design it for you.

Custom Web Application Development

Customized Web Application

How do we Develop Customized Web Applications?

Split Reef is an experience custom web application development company in Columbus, Ohio & Jacksonville, Florida that caters to diverse industries and the vast number of business needs.We use the software engineering processes like AngluarJS, CSS and ColdFusion to create custom web applications for our valued clients. With an obsession for detail and decades of experience among our custom web app development team, we implement the latest technologies and environments to deliver high-quality products.
Throughout the process, we use our QA team, UI/UX designers and custom web developers to create and design intuitive applications with a clean code. That means if there are changes to be made, our custom web application development company can quickly edit the code, saving you time and money.

Planning to Develop a Custom Web Application?

A custom web application that’s tailored to your need increases workflow productivity and bolsters your business growth. Split Reef as a custom web application development company can help you meet your business objectives. Why not get started?
We can help you ideate, design and develop your custom web application.

The Process of Creating a Custom Web Application

When you sign on with Split Reef’s custom web application development services, you’re signing on with professionals who know how to deliver what you need. Our process may seem drawn-out, but we leave no rock unturned when it comes to meeting the demands of your business through our custom web applications made in Columbus, Ohio & Jacksonville, Florida .


Analysis and Audit

What does your business need? Our custom web application development expert sit down with you and your team to discover your unique needs and use that information to better inform our design tactics. When you present to us your favorite web applications that are missing the mark, we build upon that knowledge to bring you a custom web application that checks all the boxes.


Research and UX Work Flow

Our custom web application development company dive deep into research to discover the best strategies that will make your custom web application the best it can be. Don’t be discouraged if it seems to take a while, we’re just working hard on figuring out how to improve user experience within the custom web application development services.


Prototyping and Design Testing

Sometimes there’s more than one solution to your custom web application development needs. At Split Reef, our custom web application development experts develop multiple designs, then narrow down the options for you. Our prototypes are still robust and can give you an idea of what we can do to help your business grow with a custom web app.


Choosing the Right Tech

There’s a bevy of different programming environments and languages that we can use to develop your custom web application. Our custom web application development company research and test the technologies available to us and choose the best ones to help us create beautiful and functional custom web apps.


Creating Database Architecture

Databases organize data that makes it easy to query, sort, manipulate and retrieve so that when web applications are used, they function, simply put. Our custom web application developer carefully build and create databases that collect, store, retrieve, sort and graph your data through your custom web application.


Custom Web Development

This is arguably one of the most important steps in designing a new custom website application for a company. In development, we piece together all of the previous steps to program and build the custom web application to meet your specific needs.


Application Testing

Before delivering your new custom web application, our company send it through rigorous testing to ensure it’s the best quality product. This means sussing out errors that need correction and ensuring that the data is secured safely within the application. Our custom web application development company also ensure that it works across multiple browsers and can handle stressful loads of data and usage.

Custom Web Application
Development Services of Split Reef

Mobility Services Strategy

Mobility doesn’t just mean working from home or on the road. Whenever you step away from your desk for a meeting or lunch, your custom web application is still accessible from a tablet or smart phone. Our custom web app development company implement this strategy for our web app development so that you don’t have to be tethered to your computer to use it.

Multiple Custom Web Services

Critical and common are sometime times the same thing. GPS and location based web services along with e-commerce (Shipping Rates) web service are highly critical to the efficacy of many companies today.

Custom Design and UX Services

Why should you pull a design straight off the shelf and hope it works for what you need? Our custom web application development services mean you get exactly what you want, and it looks exactly how you want it to, building your brand and establishing your web presence.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Retain our services to ensure that your web application is always working. Our technical support staff will assist you in resolving issues and bugs so your application downtime is limited. Our custom web application development company monitor and report the performance of your app to ensure it’s operating at its peak.

Database Solutions

Easily access your information through your web application through database solutions built by us. It’s organized and design for ease of use and recalling information that you need to operate your business on a daily basis.

Backend and API

Unless you are building a custom web application solely for iOS users, an API (application programming interface) is a strategy that is best suited for Windows, Android and Blackberry users. In this strategy, the backend is built first, allowing websites and apps to be built on the same foundation for a cohesive brand recognition across platforms.

Custom Application Technologies

Master of All New Tech for Custom
Web Application

As a professional and experienced custom web app development company based in Columbus, Ohio & Jacksonville, Florida we stay up to date and on-trend for all the latest technology trends. When we sense that the industry trends are changing, we quickly pivot our strategies and employ only cutting-edge practices and technologies to bring the future of custom web application design to our clients.

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Our Custom Web Application Development Work

Peruse our gallery of web application works to see how we’ve helped our business partners achieve success through organized and intuitive web application design. Through thoughtful development and a rigorous process of testing and design, Our custom web application development company has delivered effective results in custom web app development to our customers time and time again.

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