At Split Reef, our services are completely customizable. You can utilize any service we offer, a la carte, to make your company successful. If you love your website and just need help with conversation rate optimization, we can help you with that. Maybe your website content is directing plenty of traffic, but your web application needs updated and redesigned. No matter the industry, no matter the budget, we employ our cutting-edge strategies to bolster your business’s presence in the digital world. Take a look at some of the services we provide and contact us today.


Innovative solutions to bring your projects to life

Creating a new mobile application? Want to launch your company’s beautifully designed website without a hitch? With our custom web application development services, we can bring your vision for digital branding and web design to fruition, all within your budget. Split Reef stands at the intersection of technology and creativity to bring out-of-the-box and comprehensive solutions to all of our clients.

No project is too complicated. Our team is ready with a toolbox of development, design and digital marketing services techniques that deliver real results to companies that partner with us. Whether you need a consult or a full digital makeover, we’re here when you’re ready to give Split Reef a call and get started with bringing your ideas to the forefront of the internet.

Development Services

Highly technical staff with years of experience.


Web Design & Development

We know how to design a website. As a top-rated responsive web design company, we can deliver an exceptional design that not only stays true to the spirit of your business, but makes you stand out among the crowd.


Mobile Applications

Everyone lives on their phones these days, which is why when it’s appropriate, you have a seamless and fully functional mobile application to complement your website. Let your customers access your services when on the go and watch their loyalty to you grow.


Custom Applications

We don’t force our clients to fit into a mold of web or mobile application design. Every project is approached with fresh eyes and a new perspective of creativity to bring high-quality customer web application development services every time.

Services that you will never match with another agency and company, one-stop solutions for your growing company.

Split Reef’s web design services are unmatched in quality, customer service and maintenance. When you’re handed a shiny new website, you need someone there for you when it needs updated, blogs need posted and when things go wrong. That’s why we offer 24/5 technical support; you’ll never speak with a robot on the phone. One of our tech-savvy team members will work with you to swiftly resolve problems and create new updates when needed.

As one of the best responsive web design companies in both the Columbus, Ohio and the Jacksonville, Florida areas, we understand what makes a good website. But a successful business needs more than just a website with all the bells and whistles — it also needs exceptional digital marketing and high-quality SEO practices to back it up.

Digital Marketing Services

Perfect solutions for the greatest achievements.

Search Engine Optimization

When potential customers make a Google search with key words and phrases, you want your business at the top of the rankings. We can help you rise through the Google search engine rankings with high-quality and Columbus SEO services.


Conversion Rate Optimization

You want your website visitors to turn into customers. With our conversion rate optimization services, Split Reef will help you transform those passive clicks and visits into real sales and closed deals.


Social Media Marketing

Many of your customers may thrive off of social media, which is where you can make meaningful connections with potential customers. It’s not all about making meaningless posts and using random hashtags, we know our way around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and can bring that success to your company.

Design Services

High-quality business solutions since 2013.


Strategic Consulting

You may think that your business is operating at peak performance, but there’s always room for improvement. With Split Reef’s fresh eyes and new perspective on your company, we can show you how to optimize the inner workings of your company for a brighter future.


Product Consulting

Perfect your products and services by ensuring they’re presented in appealing ways to potential customers. If what you’re offering isn’t good, the people won’t come. We can help you determine where the fallbacks and pitfalls are in your product and services offerings.


UX and Design Consulting

User experience and the design of your website is just as important as the content. Is your website up to snuff to create customers from visitors and keep people looking at your product? Split Reef will let you know.

Scalable solutions for
your business.

With Split Reef, your budget isn’t going to hold you back from partnering with us to make your project successful. Whether you need a full website overhaul or a small tweak to optimize it for search engine rankings or conversion rate success, we can provide a full suite of services for you to pick and choose. We love to build in phases and we never force you into annual or quarterly contracts.

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