SEO company Columbus, Ohio

SEO Company Columbus Ohio

Increase your search rankings and attract more business with Split Reef. Split Reef is an SEO company located in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you’re looking for optimized content, link building strategies, or all-around services, these professionals are your Columbus SEO experts. Split Reef can help you increase your number of clients through Split Reef’s use of best SEO strategy. As a SEO company we understand how to help our clients get the most out of their resources and knows the nuances of using SEO in the area. We have a list of past and present clients who have given us new insight and better approaches to utilizing SEO. Whatever Columbus SEO services you need for keywords research, optimized content, onsite SEO, link building strategies, we can help, and if you aren’t sure what you need, we’ll help with that too.

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How Our Professional SEO Company Help Brands

Get Proven Results from Using Columbus SEO Services

Whether you’re located in Ohio or across the country, our Columbus SEO consultant will work to make sure your site reaches more people with SEO consultation, technical audits, on-page SEO, link building, online reputation management, email promotions, and growth analysis. Among our professional SEO services, we also help companies establish their digital presence and develop their brand on the internet through a full suite of services that you can’t miss out on.

Review Analytics - SEO Services Columbus, Ohio

Web Analytics

Being a top Columbus SEO company, teams come from diverse backgrounds and markets for only the best in digital marketing. Before they present any strategies, there is a meticulously review of your website, analytics and webmaster to make sure the plan presented is the best plan for you.

Business Goals by Columbus SEO company

Develop Business Goals

Whether you have a local business or are looking to expand from another market, our SEO company can help you achieve high rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We work closely with clients to create responsive web solutions that meet their goals — whether it’s finding a new audience, building online visibility or generating sales leads.

Keyword Analysis by Columbus SEO Expert

Analyze Keywords

Keyword analysis is one of the most important steps in your SEO strategy. Our team of Columbus SEO experts will research current keyword trends, analyze what your competitors are doing to drive traffic to their websites, and use that information to determine the words that will best bring visitors to your website.

Quality Link Building services provider

On-Page SEO

When pages are optimized for SEO, they attract more traffic, and they increase your odds of having more sales. We can audit your website pages and optimize those with On-page SEO process. We know how to best use on-page SEO to maximize your online presence.

Landing Page Optimization Columbus, Ohio

Landing Page Optimization

The content created not only includes the keywords that will bring people to your site, but is carefully placed on the landing pages most relevant to the person’s search query. So, these SEO services in Columbus will drive people to the page that will most likely lead to business for you.

Quality Link Building services provider

Quality Link Building

Our SEO company ensures content is serving its purpose both on your website and across the Internet by using link building strategies. Our Columbus SEO experts take relevant pieces of content and contribute them to other sites to both drive visitors to your page and increase your search rankings.

Technical SEO Columbus, Ohio

Technical SEO

Our Columbus SEO company understands that secure browsing is valuable. Users don’t want to use a slow, laggy website. We can help you protect your website. We can also help you make your website more useable and faster.

Quality Link Building services provider

Local SEO

For many businesses, local SEO can make an impactful difference in how customers they get. We can help your business get higher on the local rankings so that when people are looking for a service near them, they find you. Local business SEO can get people in through your door.

Landing Page Optimization Columbus, Ohio

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile optimization is making your business more compatible with Google My Business. We can help you make the best possible business listing, and we make sure that you have all the important components. Using SEO, we can improve your Google Business Profile.

Content Development

Content Development

Stale websites that don’t get updated don’t get visitors. Spruce up your web copy and keep a blog curated by our professional SEO services team to bring customers who looking for advice in your industry to your website and keep them there with engaging content.

Content Development

Paid Marketing

Keep marketing costs low and see the correlation between advertisements and your increased visitor numbers. With pay-per-click advertising, you’re only paying for what actually works.

Content Development

Social Media Marketing

The interactions that truly matter are the ones on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Let us worry about the retweets and post shares while you focus on creating your amazing product.

Landing Page Optimization Columbus, Ohio

Increased Credibility

We want to make your business look competent. Through optimization, we can make you stand out from your competitors. It is our goal to show potential clients that your business can offer quality services.

Establishing Your Brand Columbus, Ohio

Establishing Your Brand

Our Columbus SEO company doesn’t stop at content development and link building, our SEO experts will also work with you to establish your brand voice and reach more people on the Internet.

professional SEO Services Columbus SEO

What is the importance of focusing on SEO?

As more and more people turn to the Internet looking for information on products and services, implementing search engine optimization strategies helps you stay ahead of the competition so you can be the first result a potential customer sees when searching on a search engine.

As one of the best SEO companies in the industry, we boost our clients’ efforts in achieving their digital marketing goals. Among our professional SEO services in Columbus, we also help companies establish their digital presence and develop their brand on the internet through a full suite of services that you can’t miss out on.

Results Driven SEO Process

How SEO works step-by-step?

Technical Audit

During a technical audit, we analyze your website to see if there are any technical issues that we need to address. If there are issues with speed or function, that’s an indicator that you aren’t going to get the results you want without change. Your website’s technical well-being impacts your SEO success.

Keyword Research

We do keyword research to determine what keywords you need to use to appeal to the audiences that you want. We can then help you utilize those keywords. Keyword research allows us to better understand how to continue our strategy.

Competitive Research

We like to evaluate what other businesses in your sector are up to. When we look at the top-ranked competitors, we can see what they’re doing right. This information helps us further customize our plan. We can then more confidently help our clients.

Goals Setup

Once we have the background information, we can start creating goals. Split Reef generally knows what goals we will recommend, but we also want the process to be collaborative. Thus, we discuss goal setting with clients.

Location Demographics

Understanding the demographics of the area is important when you are trying to pull in people from that area. Thus, we must understand who your potential clients are. This information is just another tool we use to customize our strategy.

Content Strategy

We can help you create a blog and other content that uses keywords. This content will follow the strategy that we have created for you. We will guide you through this process and ensure your content continues to work as expected.

Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page is one of the top factors that will determine if people will further investigate your business and become customers or if they will pass you over. Thus, we put effort into ensuring you have a strong landing page. This landing page should lead to increased customer turnover.

Link Building

Link building essentially means creating connections through other sites. It is the idea that someone might click on a link from another website to then go to your website. Backlinks send people back to you, and creating quality backlinks can make a profound difference.

Weekly Blog Publication

Staying up to date with content is an important part of maintaining a healthy website and improving SEO. We can help you create this content in a way that reflects your SEO strategy. This process will help you remain relevant.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Using tracking tools, we can stay on top of relevant keywords and create an improved SEO strategy. Our deep understanding of how these keywords work helps us promote the best possible results.


Reporting is a necessary part of the process. We have to continue to analyze the data and tweak our strategy as needed. If you aren’t getting results, we need to determine why, and if you are getting results, we want to see what’s influencing those results.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings with our Columbus SEO Company

Whether you’re looking for local SEO agency in Columbus or need help building your online presence to increase your search rankings anywhere in the world, Split Reef is here to help. These proven and tested SEO services have helped clients keep up with the Google algorithms and secure new business time and time again. Contact a Columbus SEO consultant at Split Reef today.

Industries We Serve

Split Reef Provides Industry-Based SEO Services in Ohio

There are many SEO services that have particularities related to the sector they are in. We have experience in many fields, and we have learned the nuances of each of these fields.

Law Firm SEO

Law firms SEO often rely on local SEO to find local clients. Thus, local SEO is a beneficial option for legal firms.

Real Estate SEO

When people are looking for a house, they don’t want to have to look that hard for a real estate agent. Split Reef will use Real Estate SEO services to help people find you with ease.

Healthcare SEO

Healthcare is a sector with unique needs and an important mission. We can help focus that mission and show it off to new clients.

SEO for the Automotive Industry

People always need to go places. With SEO, we can help them go right to your automotive company.

SEO for Painting Companies

SEO can help painters connect to people who need their services. Local SEO can put these companies on the map.

SEO for Lawn Care

Lawn care companies must appeal to people in their area. Accordingly, local SEO can do a lot of good for these companies.

SEO for Roofing Companies

Many roofers rely on word of mouth to get customers. We can help them increase their reputation and digital presence using SEO.

SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies deal with a lot of logistical concerns. Split Reef helps them focus their messages and strengthen their brand identities.

SEO for the Financial Sector

Our firm knows that the financial sector has unique prospects. We strive to keep up with the fast-paced and intense nature of this sector.

2023 Best of Ohio

Split Reef Named 2023 Best of Ohio Award Winner in Columbus by UpCity

Named by Upcity as a top company for Best of Ohio, Split Reef has proven itself as a local power for those looking for local SEO solutions. UpCity vets companies for credibility and provides useful reviews. They promote more transparency so that customers can more comfortably choose companies to help them.

Top Clutch SEO Company Ohio 2024

Top Clutch SEO Company Ohio 2024

Split Reef has been named one of the Top Clutch SEO Companies in Ohio for 2024. This award recognizes our team's dedication to delivering exceptional search engine optimization services and achieving outstanding results for our clients. As a leading SEO agency in Ohio, we are honored to be recognized among the top companies in our field. This award motivates us to continue providing the highest level of service, innovative strategies, and data-driven solutions to help businesses succeed online.

Split Reef: A Strong SEO Service Provider

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings with Professional SEO Agency in Columbus, Ohio

Our previous and current clients can attest to the success of our efforts as a professional SEO company. With targeted keywords and the industry’s best practices, we’ve created long-lasting and satisfying professional relationships with our clients. When you’re ready to climb to the top of search engine rankings, you can give us a call and we’ll be ready for your project.

SEO Services FAQ

How Is Local SEO Different From Regular SEO?

Local SEO and regular SEO have the same goal of getting a business higher in search rankings, but they have a different scale. Local SEO focuses on directing local people to a business. For some companies, local SEO appeals better to their goals.

What Types of Businesses Can Use Local SEO?

Certain types of businesses rely more heavily on local traffic to get customers, and these businesses are usually more location-specific.

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Local hotels and other lodgings
  • Legal firms
  • Medial and dental services
  • Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Animal care (vets, groomers, etc.)
  • Real estate

What Is Google My Business And What Does That Do For Me?

When you make a listing for your business on google, you can improve your SEO results through that business profile.

How can online reviews help for SEO?

As Columbus SEO experts, our firm understands the connection between online reviews and local SEO. The number of reviews and how positive the reviews are can impact your SEO ranking. Furthermore, reviews help customers determine if they want to give you business once they have found your brand.

Is it smart to use the Yext listing managing tool to take care of my listings?

Yext can help companies stay organized, and it will use AI instead of searching for keywords. It can help businesses better understand how to reach customers.

How exactly does Local SEO help us to generate more business leads?

Local SEO increases your ranking on search engines, which means that more people are likely to see your business, which can result in more people clicking on your website.

Can your SEO company guarantee success?

Our Columbus SEO agency cannot guarantee success, and any Columbus SEO services that guarantee results are not being upfront. What we can do is give you the best services possible and use the strategies that are most likely to succeed. We understand what tends to work, and when it doesn’t work, we can shift our strategy to promote other leads.

How would we know if we’ve successfully won over our target customers in Columbus?

Part of our SEO services in Columbus, Ohio, is tracking the progress we have made. We use analytical tools to determine whether you are getting more clicks and how high your turnover rates are.

Why should I pay for Local SEO service?

The investment you make for these services will reap more sales for you, so you can more than pay for these services with what you will earn in the future because of local SEO.

How many people use local search and maps?

Brandify has determined that 77% of people they asked used Google maps to find businesses near them. The second-highest platform for finding businesses was Facebook, which only represented 38% of respondents. Other search engine results were lower but still prominent.

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