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Why You Need To Include Video Testimonials on Landing Pages

  • August 29, 2022
  • Split Reef
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Video testimonials can create a better connection with your customers and potential customers. While these videos require more effort and investment, they strengthen your landing page, and they can help you grow your business. If you’re not convinced, the following perks of having video landing pages will transform your business. You will also learn how you can start the process of adding video testimonials.

Why Are Video Testimonials Important?

From making you more credible to highlighting the heart of your brand, video testimonials add a visual and interactive form of connection to your landing page.

Easy Form of Engagement

One of the best reasons to add video testimonials is that they allow you to engage with your audience in a way that doesn’t require them to invest that much effort or energy. Having to read a lot of text can feel overwhelming to potential customers, so having videos can convey the same information in a way that’s more accessible to more people. After a long day, people don’t want to work too hard when they’re shopping, so simplifying the process can help. Research shows that people pay better attention to video than other types of media. Thus, it gets the attention you need to succeed.

Increases Credibility

When you have customers who are willing to be filmed talking about their experiences with your brand, you become more credible. You show that your product really does have the results you claim it does. It’s reassuring to see other people having positive experiences, and it can ease any concerns that a person may have about a business. NG Data suggests that people retain 65% of what they watch, which is significantly greater than text testimonials.

You Humanize Your Brand

Having real people speaking about your brand humanizes whatever you have to offer. People like to connect with the items and services they buy. They don’t want to feel like they are merely dealing with a nameless, faceless corporation. Written testimonials can accomplish this to some degree, but video content highlights the human connection even more by putting faces to your testimonials.

More Conversions

Many researchers have discovered how impactful landing pages are in conversions. For example, Forbes has suggested that when you have videos on your landing page, you can improve your conversions by eighty percent. That’s a huge increase, and it suggests that the effort to create landing page videos will pay off.

More Leads

Because video testimonials make brands seem more genuine and trustworthy, they can be important tools in the lead generation process. Good landing pages lead to more leads, and video testimonials are a huge part of making a strong and persuasive landing page.

It Helps Your SEO Strategy

For SEO, videos can help you get your website at the top of searches. Video content actually improves your organic search ranking, so even before anyone lands on your landing page, they are directed to your website through your videos.

How to Get Testimonials

Now that you see the value of video testimonials, you may be wondering how the process of actually making those testimonials works. The process isn’t as easy as turning on a camera and having someone say nice things about your brand. You’ll want to pack the most value as you can into your video. You have a short time to make an impression, so use that time wisely.

Find Useable Customers

You’ll want to find customers who match the image of your brand and who will connect with the customers you want to reach. This person should be someone who has a long connection with your brand and not just someone who has newly found your product or service. The level of connection that a customer has with your brand will show in your video. Choose someone your audience can relate to. Think of the problems that your potential customers have and how your product has solved those problems for your existing customers.

Reach Out

When you have an idea of the kind of customer that you want to put into your video, start to reach out to potential candidates and see if they are willing to complete a video testimonial for you.

Motivate Subjects

You can motivate video testimonial candidates by offering perks for their time and commitment. You can give gifts, discounts, or other special offerings.

Get It in Writing

When you have come to an agreement, send a formal letter to confirm their involvement officially.

Be Patient

If certain customers don’t want to participate, don’t push them into complying. Be persuasive, but remember that you want subjects who are enthusiastic about making the content, and it’s better to wait until you find the right candidate than to try to force your first available candidate into working.

Making the Best Video Testimonials

Having the right people for your brand is the first step, but you also have to ensure the quality of the video itself.

Use Footage Wisely

The placement of the video on the page matters. You’ll want to give it a prominent spot on the page. It’s usually good to keep it in the center and towards the top.

Show Positive Experiences

Highlight the positive results that your customers have experienced. Showing how their lives have changed is a great option. You’ll also want to establish a little about who your client is, and this step will help humanize them.

Be Concise

Don’t drag the video out. Keep your information concise. Give quality and needed information, but a customer’s attention won’t last more than about a minute and a half.

Make it Genuine

You don’t want your video testimonial to feeling forced or staged. Film your video to feel genuine. You can do this in a variety of ways. For example, filming the video in the right location can help it feel more genuine to viewers.

Hire Experts

Many people don’t know much about making videos, and in these cases, professionals are an excellent choice. They can help you put your video together and put it together in a way that fulfills your goals.

Do Video Testimonials Increase Sales?

Research suggests when you have reliable testimonials, buying intent increases by 92%. Thus, video testimonials can lead to even more sales. When you have videos on your landing page, you captivate people, and you get the attention that might otherwise be lost. As a result, sales are bound to follow.