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How AI Can Impact Mobile App Development and User Experience

  • July 15, 2022
  • Split Reef
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Artificial intelligence in mobile app development is increasingly vital for companies looking to improve user experience and create a better brand. AI is already all around us. Smart TVs, virtual assistants, and facial recognition are all examples of AI that’s already in use. AI is so useful because it has immense capabilities to learn and use feedback to make improved future decisions. AI processes information in ways that humans cannot, allowing it to unlock special properties and increase productivity.

What is AI?

AI, known as Artificial Intelligence, is an exciting technological development, and it is the idea that computers can operate without human interference. AI can do a range of tasks, such as answering questions, sending texts, or even solving complicated problems. It provides future potential, such as optimized self-operating machines and smarter apps and personal devices.

AI Types

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t just represent one type of intelligence, and it can be used in a myriad of manners. There are four main types of AI. Not all these types are in current use, so some of them might seem quite futuristic, but many of these technologies may be closer to the mainstream than you may think.

Type 1

The first type is reactive machines, which is a type of AI that determines what the best option is of all the potential options. For example, Deep Blue was a chess program made by IBM. In the 1990s, it was used to beat Garry Kasparov, a world-class chess player. These types of machines do not have memories of past experiences.

Type 2

Limited memory machines are reactive machines, but they have some memory of past experiences. However, they do not permanently keep their memories. This tech can be found in things like self-driving cars.

Type 3

Theory of mind systems refers to artificial intelligence that gets to know how a person is thinking, what they believe, what they want, and what they intend to do. It uses this information to determine how it should react. This type of AI is not presently used, but developers have started to study how these processes could work.

Type 4

The last type of AI is a long way from being created, and it is self-aware AI. These AI develop emotions and are aware of themselves and their own existence. While this type has not been developed, many AI experts believe that it could exist.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Impact Your Business?

AI is becoming more necessary for businesses because of its immense power. It’s expected that the AI industry will be worth sixty billion by 2025, and because of the role it will play in the global economy, by 2030, the global GDP related to AI will be nearly 16 trillion. You don’t need to look into the future to feel the importance of AI. Currently, most purchases online are made via AI suggestions. There’s no doubt that AI is crucial if you want to keep up with market changes, but only forty percent of companies have used AI to increase their sales and improve marketing strategies. You don’t want to be part of the percent that fails to utilize or optimize artificial intelligence.

Improve User Experience

It’s hard to get users to enjoy an app, but AI can make that easier. AI allows an app to adapt to the needs of individual customers to point people towards what they’re looking for. AI better understands buying behavior and user data, and this understanding allows your app to speak to that information.

Makes Repetitive Tasks Easier

Humans can do a lot of the tasks that AI does, but these tasks are repetitive, and going through the process each time is slow. Humans don’t thrive when they are doing monotonous tasks, so by allowing AI to do it, these tasks become faster and save humans for tasks that increase productivity.

Recommendations Based on Users

You’ve likely already seen this future in play. For example, Netflix uses a framework that suggests content to users who might most likely engage with that content. It uses data to find suggestions that appeal to users’ past behaviors. Research suggests that this Netflix framework is worth a billion dollars each year. While not all businesses can expect this kind of scale, AI can be useful for anyone looking to increase their business.

Solve Problems with Automation

Machine learning allows AI to adjust its behaviors and solve problems along the way.

Understand Users Better

AI uses data to understand users better, and this understanding is invaluable for sales.

Improved Customer Retention

When you have personalized apps through AI, customers are more likely to stick around because your app will feel like it speaks to the needs of your customers.

Make More Profit

Companies that use AI make more profit. 76% of companies have improved their sales because of AI.

More Accurate

The human judgment leaves a lot of room for human error. While AI may struggle because of human programming, AI can increase how accurately information is used.

Ethical Concerns

With new technology, there will always be ethical concerns that arise. Many people fear that AI will promote inequality. For example, because humans program AI, AI could be programmed with racist input, or it can be used against certain races. While one of the perks of AI is fairness in its application, AI isn’t always fair, and human biases can seep into AI programming.

Additionally, AI raises security concerns. AI can be used for unethical purposes and cyberwarfare. Additionally, AI may act without a moral conscious and act based on programming without considering ethical issues. Evil forces have access to AI just as good ones do, so it can be applied in many harmful ways.

What if robots take over? This fear may seem like the thing from science fiction books, but the singularity is a valid concern, and it is the idea that artificial intelligence could become smarter than humans, and with that intelligence, AI could spiral out of our control.

These are just some of the concerns that anyone who wants to use AI needs to recognize. There are many ethical concerns related to AI; however, these concerns should inform responsible use of AI rather than demonizing all uses of AI. The mindful use of AI allows for growth and a better world.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

There are many functions that you can use artificial intelligence to complete.


Chatbots allow companies to connect and give personalized information to potential customers. They can also use these bots to get valuable feedback.

Face Detection

Face detection, and other biometrics, are already widely in use. Your phone or other devices may already use facial detection as a security measure. This information. Best Face Recognition Apps for iOS and Android

Image Recognition

Identifying images is highly beneficial. Shopping apps are increasingly using this feature so that users can use a picture of a product they want, and image recognition can help the user find similar products. Similarly, apps can identify medical problems through a picture, or gardening apps can identify plant varieties using this tech.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is another prominent application of AI. Voice assistants like Siri or Alexa are common examples of voice recognition in use, but other mobile apps can use this feature.

Machine Learning

Forecasting is an essential tool that machine learning allows. Machine learning allows AI to adapt to new information and make better predictions going forward.

Why You Need a Mobile Application Development Company

AI is one of the most exciting concepts in mobile application development because of the power and many options that it gives businesses. AI can improve user experience and help you reach your desired customers and retain the customers you get. A mobile application development company can help you keep up with modern technological changes and meet and surpass your business goals.