Custom mobile app development company

Custom Mobile App Development Company

Split Reef is a leading custom mobile application development company offering custom mobile app development services for iOS, Android and other platforms. People depend on their mobile phones and devices for work and play, which means your business should be right there with them when they need to access your services or spend time on your mobile application. Our custom mobile app development services mean you’re connecting with customers, wherever they’re connected.


Customized Mobile Apps Development Specifically for Your Business

Don’t bother with cookie cutter companies that hand you off-the-shelf mobile designs. With Split Reef, get exactly what you need and exactly what you’re looking for in a custom mobile application.

New Technologies
for Mobile Apps Development

Technology is changing every day. As a custom mobile app development company, Split Reef stays ahead of the game and uses industry-leading tools, resources and development language to create robust and intriguing mobile applications. Our team of custom mobile app development service experts are experienced in a variety of languages and environments so we can deliver your new mobile app that boosts your business.


This is Apple’s custom programming language that is for all iOS devices. It’s an open language that can be learned and used by anyone. We implement it in our iOS custom mobile app development services when building customer mobile applications.


Java is considered the base language for developing Android mobile applications. Developed in 1996, it’s a high-level, robust and secure programming language and platform that’s widely used by developers and programmers in custom mobile application development services.


C++ is a general-purpose programming language that uses similar syntax as other languages, making it difficult to learn, but easy to master. Its versatility makes it easy to build beautiful apps for both Android and iOS mobile applications.


Aka hypertext markup language, HTML5 includes audio and video facets that HTML does not. An HTML5 app is built in conjunction with CSS and JavaScript languages to achieve full functionality.


Kotlin originated at JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, in 2010, and has been open source since 2012. It is focused on interoperability, safety, clarity, and tooling support.


PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor and is an open-source scripting language that only recently became available for mobile application development in 2012.

PHP Java HTML5 Swift Kotlin C++

Why is an App Better Than a Website?

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites. Our team of custom mobile app development service experts are experienced in a variety of languages and environments so we can deliver your new mobile app that boosts your business.

More Personalization

Ensure that your web copy is fresh, relevant and up to date with your industry’s standards. Whether you need an entire site re-write or just strategically placed SEO keywords to bolster your search engine ranking, our experienced copywriters will craft elegant and understandable copy that matches your business.

Ease of Sending Notifications

Connect with your customers through a screen, whether the app is open or not. Send push notifications straight to their phone to garner more time on your mobile app and entice your customers to use your services.

Mobile Device Features

Whether it’s on and Android or iOS platform, you can create applications with our services that add features to mobile devices. GPS, MP3 or MP4, alarms, video calling, and other features can be reinvented for your new application.

Custom Mobile Application
Benefits for Business

There’s plenty of ways that a mobile application helps your business, but building your band, providing value to customers and connecting with users is just a few ways that using Split Reef for your custom mobile app development company helps.

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Direct Communication

No need to send follow up or spam emails to notify your users of changes or updates. Tell them right in the application when they open it. Texting is easier, anyway.

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Increased Sales

With a simple click and saved payment information, customers can easily buy products and pay for services through their phone. In-app purchases amounted to $37 billion in 2017. Get your share of the revenue through our custom mobile app development services.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

When your competition zigs, it’s time for you to zag. Get ahead of the trends and focus on connecting with your users and potential customers with an app that they carry in their pocket. It’s easier for them to use than opening a computer when they need your services.

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Improved Visibility

Your website only shows up on search engine results, but now your custom mobile application can as well. Improve your reach with a mobile application that

Custom Mobile Applications for your Business

With Split Reef, get exactly what you need and exactly what you’re looking from a custom mobile application development company.

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Grow Your Business with a Custom Mobile Application Company like Split Reef

Improve Your Customer Service

Connect with customers wherever they have internet access. They can request help or services through your application, and you can respond securely and easily.

Boost Brand recognition

Create an empire from your brand with custom mobile app development services that make it easy for you to be recognized in your industry.

Provide Value to Customers

Loyalty programs exclusive to mobile applications means your services are used whenever they need it. Customers can interact with your business and product knowing that they’re getting points or rewards in return.

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