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Do Law Firms Need SEO Services?

  • July 28, 2020
  • Split Reef
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As a law firm, you might be asking yourself this question: do law firms need SEO services? And this is a completely valid question to think over. As a lawyer, you might not instantly think that SEO is applicable to what you do and to your law firms’ website. But internet marketing for law firms can be instrumental to your business and how potential clients find you.

Why SEO Services for Law Firms is Important

SEO services for law firms are a key part of having a website and pulling in new clients. Search engine optimization serves as a seamless way to interweave targeted keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business into your web copy. Whether your law firm specializes in divorce law, criminal defense, or a variety of areas, SEO can really make all the difference for your site.

Most people access information through the use of search engines, and SEO is a huge factor in the kinds of results that will be seen in these searches. SEO is a particularly useful way to pull new visitors into your site when they are searching online. And those new visitors can become potential clients through the different content that has been curated for your law firm’s site.

For example, SEO for law firms may include using key phrases related to location, what services you offer, the kind of experience your team has, or even questions that can be posed in blog content like “Why Having a Living Will is Important”. This kind of targeted keyword and phrase use is going to make your website and your website’s content appear higher in search rankings, pulling in visitors that are looking for that particular kind of information.

SEO Strategy for Lawyers

When it comes to SEO strategy for lawyers, some important factors to keep in mind are:

  • A large majority of people looking for legal advice use search engines.
  • Many visitors who land on law firm’s websites look to take action.

Keeping these two factors in mind are going to be extremely helpful when taking stock of your SEO strategy. If you do not have the know how in relation to SEO, that is completely alright! There are experts out there that are able to work on SEO strategy for lawyers specifically.

Working with an agency that specializes in SEO services for law firms is one way to ensure that your law firm’s site is making use of the best SEO practices out there. SEO agencies are able to take over the SEO services for law firms so you do not have to worry about keyword and phrase research, curating content for your site, and delving into analytics to make sure that your site is performing as well as it can.

SEO Services for Law Firms

When it comes to the question “do law firms need SEO?”, the short answer is yes. You are going to see a huge increase in visitors when you or the agency you work with invest time in your SEO strategy and these visitors are all going to be potential clients!

If you choose to work with an agency, some SEO services for law firms include:

  • SEO consultation
  • Link building
  • Social media
  • Content development
  • Pay-per-click advertisements

These are all SEO services that are aimed to boost your efforts as a law firm in achieving your digital marketing goals and pulling new clients to your site.

If you are looking for an experienced agency that specializes in SEO services for law firms, reach out to us here at Split Reef via email to get started!

One thought on “Do Law Firms Need SEO Services?

  1. Hi Sasha, Great content for law firms getting to understand SEO. I like, how you have covered agency attributes for them. If you are open to suggestions, post a part 2 of this, it is helpful & your content is strong. SEO is something no-one can get away with in 2021.

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