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What Does SEO Stand for in Web Design and Development?

  • September 6, 2021
  • Split Reef
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Did you know that as much as half of all website traffic comes from search engines? On top of that, the first result that shows up on a Google search gets more than one-third of the keyword traffic, and 91.5% of the traffic goes to sites on the first page of results.

What this means is that if you want more traffic to your website, you need to get yourself on those search engine results pages.

While that might seem like an impossible feat, it’s actually entirely possible with SEO-friendly web design.

What does SEO stand for in web design and development, you ask? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

What Does SEO Stand For in Web Design and Development?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In the most basic sense, SEO is the process of enhancing and improving your website so that it has increased visibility in search engine results pages. When people search for terms that are relevant to your business, you want to make sure that your product or service shows up at the top of the page.

The more visibility your web pages have in search engine results, the better chance you have of increasing traffic to your site and attracting more leads and customers.

SEO can be applied to your website, content, and off-site optimization (through link building). However, having an SEO-optimized website is essential for SEO in these other realms to work effectively.

How Can SEO Friendly Web Design Help Your Business?

When you hire an SEO-friendly web design company to make your website, they’re enhancing your on-site SEO to ensure that you’re high ranking in the results of relevant search terms.

When you have an effective on-site SEO strategy, it helps search engines analyze both your website and your content so that it can connect searchers to your site in response to appropriate queries.

On-site SEO isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type thing. This is because Google is constantly updating its algorithms to help better serve the needs of its users. What this means is that as the Google algorithm evolves over time, so should your on-site SEO.

As mentioned previously, search engines are a major driver of internet traffic in this day and age. Positioning yourself on the first page of Google or Bing results can radically change how much action your site is getting, which means that you’ll end up with more leads and more customers.

Back in the day, you might be able to simply make a website and assume people will find you. That simply doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to stay competitive in the battle for top spots on search engines, you have to have an on-site SEO strategy that evolves over time.

Are You Looking For an SEO Friendly Web Design Company?

When you hire a web design company to build your website, it’s essential that you find a team that integrates on-site SEO into the package. Having a sleek and sharp-looking website is great, but it’s not worth much if you don’t have any traffic.

At Split Reef, we can customize our services to meet your needs. No matter what your budget is or what industry you are in, we can make sure that your brand has a strong position in the digital world.

If it’s time for you to enlist the help of an SEO-friendly web design company, contact us today!

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