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New Web Design Trends of 2020

  • March 3, 2020
  • Split Reef
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Web design is a constantly shifting landscape. New web design trends in 2020 will make use of new technologies to offer a great user experience. But which trends are helpful?

To stay on top of the game, Split Reef follows new 2020 web design trends to help offer the best information and services to our customers. Our Jacksonville web design company pride ourselves in keeping up with current web design trends, and 2020 promises to be an exciting year for web design.

Faster Speed, Better Load Times

Technology is increasing, meaning faster hardware and more widespread use of powerful devices. As a result many web design trends for 2020 will likely focus on speed, using new technologies to reduce loading times for all types of web content, including streaming video and multimedia.

A big source in web design inspiration in 2020 will be giving users the most quickest, most reliable service. After all, one of the easiest ways to improve user experience is simply to offer them a responsive site that does what is expected as fast as possible.

Bigger focus on cyber security

As we grow to rely more and more on technology, more of our day-to-day interactions take place entirely in the digital world. Banking, money transfers, and even signing of legal documents can take place in cyberspace, meaning a larger potential risk of cyber crime. As a result, a web design trend of 2020 will be better cybersecurity.

While an increase in technology gives criminals opportunities, it also opens the door for innovations in security. Therefore a lot of web design inspiration in 2020 will stem from developers striving to use more innovative methods to keep user data safe.

Progressive Web Apps

New innovations in technology mean new app opportunities as well. 2020 web design will likely makes use of Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs which can be installed to a user device much like a native app. PWAs may not have all the power and access to a device’s features as a native app, but still stands as an attractive new solution to many web design needs.

Artificial Intelligence

No longer relegated to the world of science fiction, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and will likely be a big trend of 2020 web design. AI is extremely useful in recognizing customer behavior, and giving a personalized touch, which can improve the overall user experience.

Due to the technology’s versatility, sites ranging from eCommerce to news blogs and everything in between can find a use for AI, making it one of the most exciting web design trends of 2020.

More Focus on a Mobile Experience

More and more web browsing is taking place on mobile devices rather than desktop or even laptop computers. This is another huge source of web design inspiration in 2020. Along with faster load times, simple things like how content is laid out on a page are considerations to take seriously. Smaller paragraphs, drop down menus and other aspects help make the most economical use of space on a smaller screen.


New technology also presents new ways for websites to be accessible to as many users as possible, including those with disabilities. Accessible web design in 2020 means wider spread use of things like video subtitles and transcripts or text-to-speech interfaces. ADA compliant web design

Greater accessibility also means re-examining the purpose of a web page. Developers should consider what users want, and take derive web design inspiration in 2020 from trying to make achieving that task as simple as possible.

For web design tips, as well as development support, site speed monitoring, and more information on 2020 web design trends, contact our Columbus web design company. Call us today at (614) 721-2854, or explore our site to learn about all the services we can offer to help your site.

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