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What is a progressive web app? This is a question that a lot of people in development ask, since they are a relatively new phenomenon in web app development. Our progressive web app developers at Split Reef will tell you that a PWA is a web application that combines the modern website format with the benefits of a mobile application experience.


Are Progressive Web Apps the Future?

Offline Access

With the right progressive web app development company, you can access your PWA whether you’re at home or travelling for work. As long as the PWA has been downloaded to your device, it can be used without an internet connection.

Fast and Streamlined

Speed is the cornerstone of a PWA experience. The best progressive web app builders, like Split Reef’s progressive web app development team, will be able to integrate streamlined experiences into your PWA so it’s lightning speed is available no matter what.

User Experience

No glitches, no problem. High-performance PWAs mean user experience is heightened. During progressive web app development, we blend the benefits of static web applications with native mobile apps without the glitchy pitfalls of either.

Utilizing The Best

Top Frameworks for
Progressive Web App Development

The foundation and framework for a PWA is just as important as its functionality, purpose and design. Deciding which framework to use for your progressive web app development project is a matter of personal preference mixed with familiarity. There are three main frameworks that progressive web app builders use to create intuitive and robust PWAs.


Ionic is a slightly newer framework built from a relationship with the creators of Angular. Its flexibility makes it a popular framework to use by even the best progressive web app builders. Ionic covers all the bases when it comes to setting the foundation for a PWA, and it can be easier to get started, meaning project can be completed faster.


Polymer is a library created from JavaScript and HTML that builds web components. For progressive web app developers, it’s an easy choice because Polymer works in the web browser and consistently updates with new web browser updates as well; it’s always using the latest technology on the web. It was first released by Google in 2015 and PWAs built in Polymer work well with Google Chrome and extensions.


Angular is one of the most popular and well-known frameworks, used in a variety of development projects, not just for PWAs. It’s an open-source front-end framework that allows browser-based applications the capability to reduce the amount of JavaScript needed to make web apps function while extending HTML’s syntax.

Lead the digital world in innovative design.

Progressive web apps are the future of web application development and design. Make your mark with a cutting-edge progressive web application product.

Effective Progressive Web App Development Services

There are a few main requirements that have become the standard for determining the success of a progressive web application. Any progressive web app builder will tell you that a PWA needs to be all of these three things, no exceptions:


From screen to screen and feature to feature, PWAs are fast and effective in connecting users to the content they requested. The use of cache systems makes this type of web application popular among developers.


Progressive web apps load nearly instantly, even when network connection is shoddy. Split Reef is top rated Jacksonville & Columbus based progressive web app development company that understand how important it is to always be able to access an application or website, no matter what. PWAs provide that reliability and our builders deliver it.


Because PWAs feel and act like native apps, they are popular among digital consumers. With Split Reef’s progressive web app development services, keep your users engaged with app-like feel and interaction without compromising quality and functionality.

How PWAs Help Companies Like Yours

Why use a PWA for your company? When you partner with Split Reef, an experienced progressive web app development company in Columbus and Jacksonville, your new project will help you connect better with customers and bring your website and business to the forefront of the digital realm. Progressive web apps are the future, so let us bring your company into the future with our progressive web app development services.



It looks and feels just like a mobile app. In progressive web app development, builders create engaging and functional applications to keep users motivated for longer. It’s the convenience of an app with the structure of a web app.



Not only to progressive web apps install on devices faster than traditional native apps, but they also allow users to “keep” apps that they find useful without the need for an app store.


Platform- and Device-Agnosticism

Connect to any system or device. PWAs are not constricted under the confines of Android or iOS app requirements. Build whatever you’d like in your PWA and release it to the world without using a third-party app store.


No Updating Issues

PWAs are always up to date. Because it works within the web browser, it can utilize instantaneous updates, even without a reliable network connection.


Offline Operation

No matter the network, no matter where you are. PWAs are connectivity independent. Service workers can work offline or on connections that are spotty.


Push Notifications

Send updates and messages directly to your users’ devices. When they install your PWA, they’re installing a direct message line to your app, even when it’s not in use.


Enhanced Security

PWAs are served via HTTPS to prevent snooping and ensure content hasn’t been tampered with.

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