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Best Face Recognition Apps for iPhone

  • July 18, 2019
  • Split Reef
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Due to the big reveal of Apple’s newest iPhone model – iPhone X –  the world is buzzing with talk of the new facial identification feature. The idea is that unlocking your iPhone will now be as simple as allowing it to scan your face, and it will be able to make an accurate identification. Best iPhone Application Development Company.

It doesn’t seem like long ago that Touch ID was the next best thing in mobile device security, but now the field has expanded tremendously.

Even though this facial recognition technology may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, it’s actually not all that new. In fact, Android devices have been using it for a while.

The idea to develop a face recognition app has been around for some time, and several attempts to pull it off have already been made by companies besides Apple.

However, the Apple face recognition app will likely blow the competition out of the water in terms of quality. Everyone is hoping the iOS face recognition app will be a success, but only time will tell if the days of typing out lengthy passwords are truly a thing of the past, thanks to the Apple face recognition app.

Which existing face recognition app is Apple’s top competitor? Even if the iOS face recognition app is expected to trump existing applications on the market, many of us would probably like to know which app is setting the bar.

Here are the top 3 contenders for best iOS face recognition app:

1. TrueKey

One of the perks of TrueKey that is very appealing is that it allows you to set a secondary identification method. So, if the facial recognition technology isn’t working and you can’t unlock your phone, you can fall back on your secondary identification method (something like fingerprint biometrics or an old-fashioned manually entered password).

2. FaceVault

FaceVault is the first app that brought facial recognition security measures to iOS, as Android rolled it our first. The application cannot be used to unlock your phone, but it can be used to secure compromising images. So, an authorized user is the only person who can gain access to view certain photos on your phone if you secure them using this face recognition app.

FaceVault also lets you unlock your phone using a pattern-based code if the facial scan doesn’t yield the correct results.

3. Your brand new facial recognition app!

Even though these apps have managed to function decently well on iOS devices, they still leave much to be desired. The market for facial recognition apps is about to explode with the new facial recognition security measures of the iPhone X.

For this reason, it’s strongly encouraged that anyone who has an idea for a new Apple face recognition app move on their idea fast! Now is the time, because the opportunity to stand out will soon be over.

Beat the rest of the world to the punch and contact Split Reef about developing your iOS face recognition app before the market becomes saturated with similar products.

Split Reef has the development expertise to make your custom mobile application dreams a reality. Contact us today and we will help you roll out the face recognition app you’re envisioning.

One thought on “Best Face Recognition Apps for iPhone

  1. Apple phone comes with one of the fastest face detection features. If the user wants then they can use any third party face detection app for free from the app store. There are many third-party apps are present in the market but according to me, the best one is TRUE KEY, Facevault etc.

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