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How to Hire A Certified Developer for Your Shopify Store

  • June 30, 2020
  • Split Reef
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Online stores are more popular than ever. Are you currently looking for a Shopify certified developer to work with you on your Shopify store? In this short guide, we will take you through the steps on why and how to get a developer for your Shopify store.

Why You Should Hire A Certified Shopify Developer

There is a myriad of things that you need to worry about when it comes to an ecommerce business, whether yours is already established or you are just starting out. You need to establish your site, marketing, managing inventory, and sourcing products.

You do not necessarily need to add worrying about developing a Shopify store or theme on top of that. This is where a Shopify certified developer comes in. Hiring a developer will allow you to spend more time building up the other areas of your business. You can focus on the back end of things while a developer handles the ecommerce and website.

Shopify certified developers have specialized knowledge in creating Shopify websites, so they are able to bring an extensive understanding of things like Shopify payment gateways, inventory systems, and navigation into the process. Top eCommerce Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush

How to Get A Developer for Your Shopify Store

When looking for a Shopify certified developer in Ohio or elsewhere, here are some simple questions to keep in mind when looking for a developer.

  1. Does the developer have a clean site themselves? Is a portfolio listed clearly that shows examples of their work and other sites that they have built? This shows that the developer has experience in creating and developing Shopify stores and gives you a visible idea of what they can create for you.
  2. Do the websites look professional and unique? As an ecommerce business owner, you want to make sure that you stand apart from the crowd. A Shopify certified developer should be able to clearly display their unique and varied work. This ensures that you will not be getting the same site layout as another business owner.
  3. Are the developers approachable and responsive? When working with someone who will be handling something as important as your website design and layout, you want to make sure they are communicative! With a Shopify certified developer, you will want someone who can implement your ideas and needs into the development process seamlessly.

Hire A Certified Shopify Developer

When it comes to hiring a Shopify certified developer, Split Reef is a perfect option for you. As a Shopify certified developer in Ohio and Florida, we have an experienced team of web developers that have specialized knowledge in Shopify development.

We offer a whole suite of services that will make the development process completely seamless and hassle free. Whether you are looking to revamp an existing shop or get started with your entirely new business, Split Reef has the expertise to assist you.

Some of the services we can offer include:

  • Shopify Theme Development: As a Shopify development company, we have plenty of experience in creating original Shopify themes for our clients. You can work with us knowing you will have a stunning, customer-focused site once we are done.
  • Shopify Migration: Got your ecommerce business currently hosted elsewhere? We can assist in migrating your store into Shopify. This includes complete migration of your store, ensuring that all important data and resources are not lost in the move.
  • Shopify Support and Maintenance: Once the development process is completely done, we are still here for you. We offer support and maintenance services to make sure that your store on Shopify is still running smoothly on a consistent basis.

So when you are looking to hire a certified Shopify developer, Split Reef is here for you! Contact our eCommerce website development company via email to get started!

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  1. Shopify is great for eCommerce website designers and nondesigners. Use one of our free or premium online store templates, or custom design your own theme

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