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You’ve got something to sell, don’t you? Don’t let your product sales be affected by third-party portals and sketchy payment options. As one of the best e-commerce development companies, we design and implement e-commerce for businesses that need it. It’s secure, it’s reliable and it’s all yours. We design and develop

Planning with an
E-Commerce Project Framework

Planning ahead and preparation is one of our strong suits as an e-commerce web development company. When we plan timelines and give you estimates, you can be sure that we’re providing the most accurate information in regard to your custom e-commerce website development.

planning points
Planning Points

Scope Management

When you sign on for our e-commerce web development services, our team begins outlining and determining exactly what we’ll finish in the project.

Time Management

Whether the project will take two weeks or two months, we deliver accurate timelines for finishing a custom e-commerce website development project.

Cost Management

No hidden fees tacked on at the end. Our estimates are accurate and even flexible. When we start to hit the cost cap of a project, we’ll let you know.

Quality Management

We don’t let time constraints or budget get in the way of producing high-quality e-commerce websites. Everything we deliver is the best product it can be.

Determining your E-Commerce
Website’s Success

E-commerce website development services also include an audit of your website’s performance. We implement premium strategies and tactics to ensure that when your custom e-commerce website development project is done, it’s performing at its full potential. This means your customers will enjoy your new e-commerce website as well. We look at six different characteristics to measure its success.


Can customers access your product and purchase it through their smart phones and mobile devices? This will greatly increase your sales in the e-commerce realm as many people use their mobile devices to make purchases online.

Search Bar

Customers want to be able to quickly type in the product their looking for and see the results. Keyword searches need to be accessible by visitors to your site.

Payment Methods

PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard and more. It’s not just about credit cards anymore. Many people enjoy using convenient services like GooglePay and ApplePay and want to be able to input their payment information with just a touch of a button. We implement these methods as part of our e-commerce web development services.

Live Chats

In custom e-commerce website development, live chats are enabled so visitors can connect with your business to ask questions and resolve issues. Whether you want to be able to make suggestions, answer questions or address shipping and damage issues, do it all on a live chat.

Product Navigation

Quickly link your related products to one another to create a network of suggestions to your customers. If your website has poor product navigation, then it becomes more difficult to close sales and create a larger customer base.

SEO-Friendly Website

As an e-commerce website development company, our services are closely connected to search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies. We build websites with SEO in mind and e-commerce as a functionality.

Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Brick-and-mortar is no longer necessary. Stand out with a digital storefront that showcases your products with a quick and secure checkout. It’s online shopping made easy.

Technical Planning by an
E-Commerce Website Development Company


When it comes to databases in e-commerce website development, we use industry-leading technologies to ensure that when you want to organize products, track transactions or check the status of a customer order, you can easily access the information through a database. Our e-commerce web development services can help keep your information easily accessible through a robust and sturdy database.


Your information is important. Your customer’s information is important. Even your product information is important. Keeping all of this locked away and safeguarded against hacks, threats and malware is crucial in custom e-commerce website development.


Regular updates and routine maintenance ensure that not only is your website secure, but it’s also functioning. Retaining the services of an e-commerce web development company is also retaining a schedule of updates, checks and services to your site.

6 Important Points in
E-Commerce Web Development Services

When we start your custom e-commerce website development project, there’s six main points that we keep in mind. Every e-commerce website development company worth their salt will be able to help you identify these six steps when you start dreaming of your new e-commerce web design.


Knowing Your Customer

Identify your targeted demographic. Is it a niche community for a certain hobby or are you selling services that could entice anyone in a broad industry like vehicle, home décor or office supplies? Researching your demographics habits and characteristics can help develop your e-commerce site.


Choosing the Right Development Platform

During custom e-commerce website development, it’s important to choose which platform will support your e-commerce needs. Some plans are expensive, and you don’t own any development while others are free and feature-rich while being customizable and offering full ownership.


Choosing the Hosting Platform

In e-commerce web development services, websites need a more comprehensive and safe hosting platform than regular hosting plans can provide. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but with the right e-commerce web development company, that process is simplified with friendly advice and accurate recommendations.


Partnering with the Right Team

This is where we come in. As one of the best e-commerce development companies, we operate at the intersection of ingenuity, creativity and technology. Split Reef’s e-commerce web development team delivers real results. We can take your vision and make it a reality.


Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

It’s not enough to just design and develop an e-commerce site. We make sure that it’s functional and without bugs before launch. At Split Reef, we understand how important it is to deliver effective and high-quality products, which is why we do the same for our clients as an e-commerce web development company.


Effective Marketing

Let your customers know they can make payments and purchase products right from your website. They’ll be more than happy to know that you’ve kept their ease-of-use and convenience in mind when revamping to or launching an e-commerce website.

Design Matters

Custom E-Commerce Website
Development and Design

On the back-end, everything can look great and function well. What matters is how it looks to your customers. If poor graphics and slow-loading pages are weighing down your website, then visitors may leave your site and turn to a competitor for a product or service. Design your e-commerce site with Split Reef’s e-commerce web development services.

Clean Design

It looks good and it functions perfectly. Our development team implements a perfect mix of artistic design and technicality to deliver clean, seamless websites.

Easy Checkout

Don’t make it complicated for customers to pay and checkout. With just a few clicks, their order should be completed and the product on its way.

Good Image Quality

No more blurry images. Showcase your products with high quality images as part of our e-commerce web development services.

Easy to Load

Each page should appear and load quickly and seamlessly. Visitors can be impatient and will easily leave your site should it take too long to load products and graphics.

Effective Marketing After Custom
E-Commerce Website Development


If you have a subscriber base, tell them that your new website will have e-commerce capabilities. It’s an easy and quick way to get the word out about your e-commerce website and generate leads.


Search engine marketing utilizes a budget to produce leads generated through paid advertisements such as on Google or Facebook. Even Twitter and Instagram can be used for promoted content to broadcast your business through social media.

Google AdWords

Through a strong message and researched keywords, your marketing money can be spent generating leads through paid AdWords. Although it’s not organic, these leads still generate income and can help your business grow.


Search engine optimization on the other hand uses internal copy writing and content to generate organic leads and visitors through strategically placed keywords and phrases to rise in search engine rankings and increase visibility.

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