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When you make use of our custom Shopify theme development services, you are going to get a theme that truly fits what you're looking for. When you are building your Shopify store, you are going to want a theme that delivers many aspects in a streamlined and effective manner for your customers. Going with any basic Shopify theme is not the way to go. Custom theme development can bring a special touch and a truly standout theme that will set you apart from your competitors.
As a Shopify ecommerce development company from Jacksonville, FL, Split Reef has the experience and the team to deliver a striking theme for you and your business.


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Shopify Setup and Product Importation

Since we will be hard at work developing your unique theme, there are other things to consider when it comes to Shopify as well. Adding products, setting up a payment gateway and a shipping gateway are serious items to consider. With our team's expertise in Shopify development, we are able to provide services that will help get your store setup and configured properly.

  • Adding products with images and categorization tags

  • Setting up your payment and shipping gateway

Shopify Setup and Configuration

As a Shopify web development company from Jacksonville, FL, we offer reliable Shopify setup and configuration services for your online store to be ready in a timely manner. Our shopify theme development company wants to make sure you are set up and ready to go with your new Shopify theme so you can continue business as usual. Thorough Shopify setup and configuration is an important part of the development services we offer.

Shopify Migration

We completely understand the importance of having a completely functional ecommerce store. We offer complete and seamless migration of an old ecommerce store into Shopify through a moving process that will not lose any important data and resources. With multi-channel features available through ecommerce stores on the rise, we will be sure to migrate all of your important data and information into Shopify. Completely migrating your existing store into Shopify is a process we can undertake as an Jacksonville ecommerce development company, so there is no worry on your end.

Shopify Theme Development

With our talented team of developers who have extensive experience in creating Shopify themes, you can be rest assured that your custom theme will stand apart from the crowd. With the option of custom features, providing mobile-centric theme designs and layouts, to responsive themes, we will create a customer-focused design to bring your theme into reality. Whether you are looking for something extremely modern or a site with more of a minimalist taste, our team can deliver the perfect theme for you.

Shopify Support and Maintenance

Once your Shopify store has been completely developed, we offer support and maintenance services that will keep you up and running smoothly. Whether you're in need of a quick fix in regard to the back end or if you're looking to upgrade any work done by our team, Split Reef from Jacksonville, FL will be able to handle the work for you.

Make Shopify ecommerce work for you.

Split Reef's Shopify ecommerce development services are here for you. Whether you are looking for full on migration services or you want to utilize our custom theme development, our team is here to provide a full suite of services for you to pick and choose from.

Features and Benefits of Split Reef Shopify Web Development


Experienced Shopify Developers

Our custom Shopify web developers based out in Jacksonville, FL have extensive experience working to build dynamic Shopify themes for ecommerce stores. We truly know how to design a website. We deliver on exceptional design that really highlights your business but will also help to raise you above the crowd on Shopify.


Quality Assurance

Our Shopify development services are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We are always certain to be up to date on the latest guidelines and industry standards, and we instill these into every project we work on in our custom theme development. We have a proven track record of providing quality work in terms of Shopify web design, and we continue to put our best efforts forward in our ecommerce development.


Search Engine Optimization

As with any web design service we may offer, search engine optimization is a key factor in the custom theme development process. We want to make sure that your potential customers are finding your shop when it comes to a Google search. Using keywords and phrases, we really want to make sure your business is at the top of the rankings. Whether you're starting a new business or moving to Shopify with an established business, SEO optimization will certainly play a key role in bringing in new customers.


Third Party integration

Shopify marketplace offers a variety of add-ons to stores in the form of payment gateways, shopping carts, APIs, and more. Our Shopify developers from Jacksonville, FL are able to help you seamlessly integrate these useful and varied features to your ongoing store. Whether you are you have previous experience with a particular add-on or you're looking for something new, we can easily integrate any add-on into your shop.

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Split Reef's Shopify ecommerce development services are here for you. Whether you are looking for full on migration services or you want to utilize our custom theme development, our Shopify developers are here to provide a full suite of services for you to pick and choose from.

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