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How to optimize speed of WordPress Website?

  • March 13, 2022
  • Split Reef
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Speed Puts You Ahead

The rate at which your website loads impacts how much engagement you get. When you have a faster website, more people will use that website, and search engines will rank sites that load faster higher. As a result, the speed of your WordPress website is something you must pay attention to. There are many website speed optimization services and tips that you can use to enhance your website with very little stress.

Use Google PageSpeed

When making a website, many people mistakenly assume that their website is fast based on their personal experience of using that website; however, your website will often operate for you more quickly than it will for other people who visit your site. Thus, it helps to have a resource that can point you in the right direction about the speed of your WordPress website. Google PageSpeed can give you vital information about how well your page is loading. You want to aim for a score of at least 90, and if your score is less than 50, your website is in significant trouble. There are also several other WordPress speed tests available.

How to optimize the speed of a WordPress website?

If your website is slow, don’t worry. It’s not that challenging to start WordPress speed optimization.

Old Plugins, Slow Speed

Make sure that you update your plugins. When you have old plugins, they often run slowly, and then they slow down the speed of your entire website. Make sure that all your plugins are efficient because if they aren’t, they will slow your website down.

Use Video Hosting Services

Use websites like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube when you want to put videos on your website. It may be tempting to upload video or audio files through WordPress, but doing that can severely slow down your speed, and it will be costly to you because you will have to pay for bandwidth. You can still embed your videos once uploading them to a video host, and you can save yourself a lot of hassle in the process.

Put Comments on Pages

Getting a lot of comments means that your website is getting a lot of engagement, which is usually a good thing, but these comments can slow your WordPress website down. Thus, you will want to “break comments into pages” if you are getting a lot of comments.

Find a WordPress Caching Plug

When multiple users use a WordPress website, the website can easily slow down because on WordPress, every time a user looks at the page, it has to be re-created. Caching can speed up your website because it shows the version it created to later users, which saves time and keeps your website running quickly.

Choose a Good Webhost

When you choose a shared hosting web host, this means that you share your server and the resources of that server with all the members of that server. Accordingly, if one of the websites on that server gets a lot of visitors, it could slow down other websites.

Optimize Images

Make sure that your images are optimized so that their file size is smaller without greatly reducing the quality of those images. You can optimize your pictures using photo editors. When you decrease the image size, it won’t take as long for the images to load.

Optimize Background Tasks

Often the things that slow your website down are the ones that you don’t see. WordPress regularly engages in several background tasks. For example, one task that can be burdensome is background plugins, so you’ll want to make sure such tasks take place during hours when your website isn’t that busy.

Update WordPress

If you don’t keep WordPress updated, your website is bound to fall behind. Make sure that you keep updating your WordPress because WordPress often adds changes to enhance user experiences and fix any bugs.

Speedy Website, Happy Viewers

When your website is speedy, people are more likely to browse it and spend more time seeing what you have to offer. No one wants to wait several minutes for a webpage to load. People live busy lives, and by having your website match that pace, you can give yourself an advantage.

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