Website Speed Optimization Services

Website Speed Optimization Services

When someone comes to your website pages, the last thing they want to do is sit and watch a loading symbol spin around for more than a few minutes. If your website is not optimized for speed and performance, you may see your visitors only stay on your site for a few moments before closing that window. When they close that window, your opportunity to turn that visitor into a customer is gone. Learn how to optimize your website with Split Reef’s page speed optimization services.


Optimizing Website Page Speed

Make Your Website Internet Friendly

Your website is your first impression on the internet. Your business’ reputation with customers and client bases is on the line when they visit your website. When pages don’t load or images aren’t appearing correctly on your website, it’s time to for web page performance optimization.

Optimizing your website speed means better SEO, higher ROI and better CRO. Website speed optimization services are inherently intertwined with digital marketing strategies. When you have a website that works seamlessly and loads correctly every time, you have a better chance of transforming a simple website visitor to a meaningful business connection.

Our Website Speed Optimization Process

At Split Reef, we know that your time is valuable, which is why we provide web page performance optimization to decrease load times and increase your digital impact. When you partner with a top website speed optimization company like Split Reef, you’re getting industry-leading strategies from a company that uses creative page speed optimization solutions to face everyday digital problems. Our intuitive process for Wordpress speed optimization services could include any number of steps that will help your website make a good first impression and improve your business’s reputation on the internet.


Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is a network of servers that will bring web content to users based on where they’re located. Instead of sending every server request to a single server, thus increasing wait and load time, the web user’s request is sent to a server that is located nearest to them. This helps lighten the load and increases web page performance optimization.


Moving to a Better Host

If your website is currently hosted on a shared server, it may be the reason why your website isn’t loading fast enough. Using a virtual private server (VPN) or a dedicated server will help increase website speed performance.


Optimize Image Size

Giant file-sized images will slow down the loading of your webpage. As part of Split Reef’s website speed optimization service, we can create a responsive web design that will adjust the images on your site based on users display properties. This strategy allows for the images’ quality to remain uncompromised.


Reduce Plugins

The more plugins, the more resources needed to run them. Some plugins may be necessary features on your site, but if you remove the ones that are just smoke and mirrors, your website can begin to perform better.


Minimize JavaScript and CSS

Just like with plugins, the more JavaScript and CSS files there are, the more requests the server has to fulfill to run them. Try grouping all the JS and CSS files into their own respective groups. There are tons of tools out there that will help you, but Split Reef will take care of it in our page speed optimization services.


Website Caching

This is the process of storing a recently updated version of your website so when multiple users are trying to access one page, the server will present that version until your website can load completely. This will greatly improve web page performance optimization.


Implement Gzip Compression

Gzip will compress your files into a zip file, and when a user accesses it on your website, all the contents will be shown. This reduces server response time, thus optimizing your website speed. Your files will be compressed before sending it to the browser, making it easier to access and view.


Database Optimization in CMS

A content management system is like the backend of your website where you can upload files and text to update your site. Some CMSs are packed with plugins, which make response time slower. Using a database and CMS optimization performance is part of our website speed optimization service.


Reduce Web Fonts

While they are very popular, web fonts reduce the speed of page rendering from the server. Using modern formats or already-existing character sets will help optimize your web speed, since web fonts will add extra HTTP requests and decrease speed.

Lighten the load for your web product.

Put your best foot forward with a speed optimized website. The right graphics and images will highlight your company and also entice your users, without bunking up your bandwidth.

Website Speed Optimization Test

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed analyzes the content of a web page then creates suggestions for making that page faster. It’s a common free website speed optimization testing tool used by web page speed and performance optimization companies like Split Reef. We can help you decipher your results and implement the suggestions made by PageSpeed.


Pingdom will compile a performance history of your website and deliver data-driven recommendations to improve your web page speed and performance optimization. With Pingdom, there are platforms for speed testing on Android and iOS, as well as free plans and paid professional monitoring plans.

Performance Budget Calculator

Imagine your website’s content load as an income. If you only have 600KB of space available on your website for it to run optimally, how will you use that space? Performance Budget Calculator will help you determine how much you’re using with files, codes, video and more and show you if you’re exceeding your “budget.”

Why is My Website Speed Slow?

Before you begin your website speed optimization services with Split Reef, take a moment to consider why your website speed might not be optimized. The problem may lie in different issues compiled into one big problem. When you sign on with Split Reef, we can audit your website’s speed and performance to better understand what the problem is, then create innovative solutions for your web page performance optimization.

Network speed optimization

Network Problem

Your network may not be able to handle the images, CSS, HTTP requests or other resources needed to run the website. On the other hand, you may be experiencing a network problem that must be addressed by an IT specialist to resolve and troubleshoot issues.

Database speed optimization

Database Issue

Your content management system may be weighed down with plugins and not optimized for your website’s peak performance potential. Our premium page speed optimization services will identify where your CMS could improve, thus greatly increasing your web page speed.

Web Hosting speed optimization

Slow Web Hosting

If your web hosting system is shared by other users or isn’t private, you will most likely experience slow web speeds. Switch to a VPN or a hybrid physical server with a cloud-based server to experience better web page performance optimization.

Image optimization

Big Images

While breath-taking images will help improve visitor experience, large file sizes can severely affect website performance. Compress the files without compromising quality or opt for our responsive website design services to create images that automatically resize and adjust based on user display.

Get Premium Results

Why Optimize Website Speed?



Point blank: what will your application do? What do you hope to achieve with it; will it help you streamline productivity or be a stream of revenue? Who are you targeting for users? These are questions you have to answer before you begin working with any website speed optimization company so you can narrow down your needs and begin to focus on the functionality of your application.



Creating organic searches starts with an optimized website. Not only does it have to look good, but it has to be quick in loading as well. When you have a slow website, you may be docked on search engine rankings, and your potential customers will not be able to find you on the internet.



When you use Split Reef’s page speed optimization services, you’re guaranteeing that your visitors will be able to use your website and enjoy it as well. If you want moving graphics and eye-catching photos, optimizing your website speed is important in achieving those goals.

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