Wordpress website speed optimization service

WordPress Speed Optimization Services

WordPress is one of the most popular web hosting sites. With ease-of-use features and plug-and-play design, many companies have found that WordPress makes managing their website easier. However, some may run into problems with WordPress website speed optimization and find that their website is running below standards. Our WordPress speed optimization services can help your site reach its peak performance potential.


Is Your WordPress
Website Speed Running Slow?

When you encounter problems with your WordPress page sapeed optimization, your business is negatively impacted. There are a bevy of ways that this could affect your wordpress website performance, and you may already see this happening:

Testing WordPress Website Speed

Dropping Traffic

If your website on WordPress isn’t optimized correctly, you may see a decrease in your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly web traffic rates. This could be because your un-optimized website is dropping in the search engine rankings, meaning visitors aren’t finding your site.

Increasing Bounce Rates

When visitors do find your Wordpress site, the slow-loading features and increasing wait time in traffic will cause them to leave quickly and move on to the next site. If you use WordPress speed optimization services, your visitors will stay longer to enjoy your optimized site.

Losing Customers

In e-commerce, if loading a product page or adding a product to their cart takes too long, customers will leave. You may even see current customers leaving your service for your competition’s because your website just isn’t loading or is loading too slow.

Checklist for Improving WordPress Speed and Performance Optimization

In WordPress website speed optimization, we use industry-leading strategies to improve your optimization. With our website speed optimization services, you can expect intuitive strategies to deliver valued results with uncompromised quality. Just a few of the ways that we ensure our customers have high-quality WordPress page speed optimization on their website.

Improved Coding

A heavy and messy code will greatly reduce your chances for proper WordPress speed optimization. Clean and optimized coding on your website means faster page loading and better server response time.

JavaScript and CSS

JavaScript and CSS are the muscles and skin of any website. They’re completely necessary in WordPress site design but having the code files unorganized will also mean longer load times. Compiling the files into respective and easy-to-access folders will help cut down on response time.

Correct Fonts

Fancy and exciting fonts may look good, but they negatively impact WordPress page speed performance. Using the correct fonts on a website will improve WordPress speed performance.

Optimized Images

Large images don’t just mean the pixel-by-pixel measurements. If an image file size is too large, it can mean your WordPress site speed optimization is affected. Using a responsive web design or compressing photo files is part of our comprehensive WordPress speed optimization services.

Selective Video Use

While videos are an easy and interactive way to convey information, weighing down a page with too many videos will slow down your site. Being selective with video and media use will improve your WordPress page speed optimization.

Using the Right Plugins

Sometimes, WordPress’s built-in plugins are a cool and easy way to interact with your site. But too many will increase server response time. Remove the unnecessary plugins for a better website performance.

Slow and Steady WordPress Website Does Not Win the Race.

With a slow WordPress site, your customers will turn away and head to your competitor. Optimize your site for high performance and lightning-fast speeds to engage users on their screens.

Our WordPress Site Speed Optimization Process

Want to know how we work our magic behind the scenes to make your WordPress site optimized? We use a variety of strategies and processes after a site performance audit to make informed and intuitive decisions on how to improve your website with our WordPress speed optimization services.


Latest WordPress Version

When we formulate our plan of attack to optimize your WordPress site, one of the first things we do is ensure that you’re using the latest WordPress version. As of now, the current version is 4.9.5., but the company releases updates frequently. An outdated WordPress version will impact your WordPress page speed optimization, so we like to start with the basics.


Use Updated Plugins

Just like outdated WordPress versions, outdated plugins will decrease your website performance. When we update your WordPress plugins as part of our WordPress speed optimization services, you can be sure that your plugins will work with your site, not against it.


Caching Plugin

Caching plugins means to store the frequently-used plugins in an easy-to-access cache temporarily. This creates a static version of your site that becomes easy to access, increasing your speed. With this, your WordPress page speed optimization increases.



Performing routine maintenance on your site will help increase its speed. With Split Reef’s services, you can focus on your day-to-day business operations and leave the maintenance to our WordPress speed optimization specialists.


Optimizing Images

Optimizing your WordPress site also means optimizing the images on it as well. Optimized images take less time to load, while still maintaining a high-quality photo.


Delete Old Post Revisions

Having old post revisions backlogged on your site will slow it down. As part of our services, we can identify which post revisions can be removed to help better optimize your Wordpress site.


Reduce Spam

There are some malicious people on the internet hellbent on spamming sites to slow them down and reduce their traffics. By implementing WordPress strategies like blacklisting words that appear in comments or limited the number of links allowed per post, we can reduce the spam on your Wordpress site and better improve your WordPress page speed optimization.


Turning Off Trackbacks & Pingbacks

Linking between blog posts on other sites and receiving alerts — otherwise known as pingbacks and trackbacks— for those links or comments will slow down your site. Pingbacks are automatically created and can be turned off to improve site speed.


Using CSS Sprites

A CSS sprite is a performance optimization technique that combines multiple images into a single image called a sprite sheet or tile set. Sprites reduce network congestion by reducing the number of downloads needed to render a web page.

Why You Need WordPress Speed
Optimization Services

At Split Reef, we know that your time is valuable, which is why we provide web page performance optimization to decrease load times and increase your digital impact. When you partner with us, you’re getting industry-leading strategies from a company that uses creative solutions to face everyday digital problems. Our intuitive process for page speed optimization services could include any number of steps that will help your website make a good first impression and improve your business’s reputation on the internet.

Increase Conversions

A WordPress site that’s optimized means your conversion rate is optimized. Better experience overall means your site visitors are more likely to convert to customers through the sales funnel. With WordPress site speed optimization, your conversion rate increases.

Improve SEO Rankings

Search engine rankings are the bread and butter of digital marketing strategies. Split Reef’s WordPress speed optimization services deliver a more robust suite of digital marketing services, meaning you rise in the rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Boost Your Sales

Increased conversions equals increased sales. When your website uses WordPress page speed optimization strategies, you can process online transactions quicker, and customers will return to your business for its ease of use.

Improve Mobile Experience

Most of the world lives on their mobile devices and smartphones. WordPress sites optimized for speed also include mobile devices as well. This means when a customer is accessing your site, they can easily navigate it on their phones or tablets.

Improve User Experience

How your visitors interact with the site is just as important as how it looks. When your user experience is heightened, customers are more likely to stay longer. WordPress page speed optimization is an incredibly crucial aspect of user experience.

Lower Bounce Rates

When customers stay longer, your bounce rate decreases. This is a measurement of how long visitors stay on your site. The longer they stay, the more positively your SEO and CRO are impacted.

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