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Split Reef’s Technologies

We use the latest industry-leading technologies for project development and design.

Optimize your online presence with Split Reef’s state-of-the-art mobile app development, responsive website design, web application and digital marketing services.

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Top-Rated Web Design Company Columbus, Ohio

Experts in Website Design & Digital Marketing

Our Columbus web design company can turn any boring website into an engaging business tool so you can reach more customers. As a website design company, we have years of experience in the industry and are always on the cutting edge of new design and development. Get the work and results of a big-time and fast-paced digital marketing agency in Ohio and Florida, with the service and attention of a local company. Our dedicated and professional digital marketing team is ready to take on any project, large or small, and offer high-quality, digital marketing services in Ohio and Florida. Our promise is to deliver highly measurable results.

As an unmatched Columbus digital marketing agency, we know that not every project is the same. What one company needs is going to be different from another. But what every company does need is the best digital marketing services in Columbus that you can find. With Split Reef, we provide only high-quality services in digital marketing. Whether you need social media, web design, search engine optimization or a full suite package of everything to make your business stand out on the internet, Split Reef has the digital marketing services to match your budget and exceed your expectations.

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An interactive Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Agency that wins.

When you think of web design & digital marketing services, what comes to mind? Do you think of someone who sends traffic to your website? Or do you imagine someone updating your website for fresh and relevant content? If you did, then you’re not wrong. But digital marketing services, performed by Split Reef, go far deeper than those superficial explanations.

When you partner with Columbus website design and digital marketing agency Split Reef, you’re also partnering with cutting edge technology and marketing strategies that your business needs to succeed. If you’re in a saturated market or just trying to get on the map, our website design & digital marketing services will help you rise the Google search engine rankings and allow you to turn website visitors into customers.
We are here to solve your digital marketing dilemmas and improve your website design. Our qualified team builds effective digital design through state-of-the-art web development.

Even if your social media and marketing plans are top notch, it means nothing if your web design is sloppy and unorganized. Employ thoughtful and responsive web design services as part of our digital marketing services in Columbus. Whether you want to be able to edit your pages yourself with WordPress or you want to sit back and let us handle more complicated back end content management systems, we can design or update your website to reflect the current trends and cutting edge of web design.

Complete Local Web Design Services - Columbus, OH
Our web design experts will ensure all of your text, graphics, and videos work on all devices. Use us as your website design company and we’ll make sure that your site tops the competition both in how it looks and how well it works. Trust our Columbus website design experts to turn your online presence into your biggest asset.

Get the Website You Want with Split Reef
Forget worrying about tedious coding and meticulous design. Split Reef’s web design services provide all of the tools you need to have a fully functional, interactive, and effective online presence. Our web design firm has countless years of experience in the industry, both creating and enhancing websites for companies like yours.


For Split Reef Columbus is our home. From the heart of the Midwest, we deliver consistently high-quality services, including:

Perhaps you need mobile and wearable device apps to reach more customers and streamline the sales process or a review and updates to maintain ADA compliance. Split Reef will help you determine exactly which services will prove most effective for your business.

Advanced Web Applications
Comprehensive Digital Marketing
Mobile App Development
Responsive Web Design
Professional SEO

Our Ohio web design company excels in identifying how specific web design features contribute to digital marketing results. This might be anything from how UX and UI design directly impact customer brand associations, to reputation management strategies hinging on compliance and secure e-commerce.

Split Reef delivers the full range of digital design, development, and marketing solutions. Whether you need custom web applications to introduce online purchasing options or improve e-commerce, or SEO and app marketing to increase traffic and conversions, Split Reef’s experienced programmers provide effective web development solutions.

Looking for responsive web design that keeps customers coming back for more or website speed optimization that eliminates user frustration? Split Reef brings the specialized experience of our highly qualified team to tackle any digital challenge.

Perhaps you already know exactly what you need, such as integration of third-party API, JS app development, or Google Ads management. Whatever your demands, Split Reef’s website development team brings the experience and digital tools to create exactly what you need.

From small-town Columbus, website design from Split Reef pulls in global traffic. Look no further for an experienced website designer: Split Reef is your source for the best digital solutions.

Website Design & Digital Marketing Solutions

To maximize traffic and make the most of every digital interaction, your business needs clean, clear web and mobile applications and a targeted online marketing strategy.

Our Columbus professional web designer is here to solve your digital marketing dilemmas and improve your website design. Our qualified team builds effective digital design through state-of-the-art web development.

Split Reef delivers quality digital design, development, and marketing services with measurable results. Invest in responsive web design and SEO services to bring your business to the next level.

Our in-house team understands that web performance drives business success. If your website isn’t performing, your business suffers. Of course, developing a high-performing, visually stunning website is a process. Our team will work with you to apply our specialized experience to your unique situation.

Split Reef specializes in e-commerce, law firm, real estate, medical, or automotive websites that outpace industry competitors. Our goal is to provide the most impact based on your budget and any other relevant considerations. But custom website design isn’t just about this moment.

At Split Reef, we understand that your business needs scalable web solutions that will grow with you. Depending on your business needs, the development process may involve several iterations, introducing new applications, or moving to a new platform altogether.

Our expert project managers will walk you through this process, ensuring we have the information we need to craft the best possible web design for you. Our programmers deliver more than just polished, professional digital design layout.

At Split Reef, our Columbus web design team follows the golden rule of web designing: begin with performance. For even the most complex websites, development begins with understanding what action the code must accomplish.

From this solid framework, Split Reef provides speed optimization, custom app development, responsive solutions, and fluid UI and UX design. Our Columbus web design team wants your business to be the best it can be.

Why Choose Split Reef for Web Design?

As a busy downtown Columbus digital marketing company, Split Reef recognizes the demands on your time and budget. Our perspective allow us to develop and lead you through an affordable, customized, and multi-faceted online strategy.

We strive to provide the same care and attentiveness to each client that you give to your own business. Whether you need website speed optimization, brand development, custom integration, or any other website development solutions, Split Reef is here to help.

We develop creative, innovative digital marketing strategies and appealing, responsive digital applications and websites. At Split Reef, we understand that every business is unique. Our goal with every website development project is to produce an online platform that drives results for your business. Achieve digital design that works for you!

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Contact Our Website Design Company in Columbus, Ohio

Located in the heart of Columbus, web design and development are what we do at Split Reef. Our Columbus web development company understands the increasing demand on businesses for professional web design. Columbus, Ohio, is the perfect location from which to reach all our clients. We serve everyone, from local businesses to companies across the globe.

Your customers and clients, current and potential, interact with your company’s digital face more than any other. As such, custom web design and development are crucial to retaining and expanding your customer base. Fortunately for you, Split Reef excels at delivering mobile first web design services to a wide range of companies, from small businesses to corporations.

Whatever the unique demands of your business, Split Reef will conceive an effective digital approach. Improve your bottom line and increase your customer’s access to your valuable product with our website development company.

Website Design & Development FAQ

The best way to create a business website is to hire a web development company to design exactly what you need. Split Reef provides effective and custom web design in Columbus and throughout Ohio for any business.

The time required for website development depends on how complex you want the website to be. Our Columbus website designers are highly skilled and experienced in developing custom solutions quickly and efficiently. We do our best to accommodate a timeline that will get you generating online results as soon as possible.

Absolutely! Split Reef provides web design and redesign services for a range of web platforms.

Yes, we provide marketing support services to help you manage your online presence.

Simply give us access to your existing digital platforms and our team will work with you to determine exactly what you need.

Yes! Split Reef offers a high quality of SEO services to increase your ranking.

Yes, social media presence is a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy.

The short answer is, it depends. Split Reef will work with you and your budget to develop a website that works for you and your wallet.

You keep the copyright to your website, no matter which agency you use.

Web design helps create your customer’s perception of your brand. This makes it a critical element in developing a complete digital marketing strategy.

The visual impact and functionality of a website, including its user-friendliness, are the result of web design. Web development is the technical process by which web design is achieved. That is, web development involves the digital coding and programming language that supports the website. Without quality web development, it’s impossible to create effective web design.

Effective digital marketing agencies provide a wide range of services that contribute to creating a marketing strategy for your business. These may include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), social media and website marketing and strategy, targeted email outreach, rebranding, content optimization, and building quality links, among many other services.

Client Testimonials

If you need your company’s website to stand out from all the others, then this is the right place to go. Our experience with Split Reef has been one of the best you could ask for. They have an amazing team, and their ideas will blow your mind. I would certainly recommend this company to anyone who is interested in web design, raising online visibility, moving up in search results, and help with social media management.

—Homewood Corporation

The team at Split Reef has been handling my law firm's website, online marketing, and SEO for a long time. We are very happy with the results they have helped us achieve in online presence and new business development. I would highly recommend Split Reef to anyone looking for a top-notch digital marketing partner.

—Pete Friedmann

I have found that Split Reef has been a step above the others. They have learned our business quickly and have customized their approach to fit our needs. Our hits on the website and leads have far exceeded my expectations and it feels like we are just getting started. Highly recommend to everyone.

—Dan Erb, Jones Metal Products Company
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