Node.JS Development Services

Node.js development services provided by Split Reef programmers deliver high-performance, secure websites and applications that drive our clients’ business success. No web design company can fully meet its clients’ needs unless it is also a Node js development company.


What Is Node.js?

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source, free runtime environment for JavaScript. This allows us to offer Node js web development services to create scalable, sustainable, and resource-efficient apps.

Because there are a wide range of libraries and frameworks available, a Node js web development company can provide the most efficient solution for a broad variety of business goals. In fact, major websites such as Netflix, PayPal, IBM, the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and LinkedIn are powered by Node.js.

performance is key

As a constantly evolving web programming resource that lets companies take full advantage of JavaScript, Node.js simply makes websites and digital apps work faster and with the greatest consistency. It is also free, allowing the Split Reef team to produce cost-effective and high-ROI solutions by taking and adapting pieces of code from the Node.js library.


Ensure Accessibility

Node.js programming facilitates the creation of custom smartphone and tablet apps. Thousands of specialists from around the world contribute unique modules to the Node.js library on a daily basis. Making expert use of this invaluable resource enables the Split Reef team to both adapt off-the-shelf apps and build apps from scratch that meet the exact needs of our clients. Our Node js app development company can build apps and webpages that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.


Attain Speed

Apps and web tools programmed with Node.js employ a unique architecture to ensure that webpages, graphics, videos, and forms do not stall when loading, streaming, or processing. And, definitely, if you want to engage in real-time, web-based communication with your customers and business partners, you need a talented Node.js development company in your corner. Relying on the Node.js development skills of Split Reef is half the battle; counting on Node.js capabilities to make sure customers can navigate and use your online offerings without delays and frustration is the other half.

Since Node.js is powered by V8, this primarily JavaScript runtime is able to compile and execute JavaScript at remarkably fast speeds. This means that your Node js web development company can build highly scalable and fast network applications that can handle tons of simultaneous connections with high throughput.


Bolster Security

As a Node js development company, Split Reef can deliver web tools and apps with built-in cryptographic capabilities that increase the overall security of our clients’ webpages, linked websites, and servers. The modular nature of programs created with Node.js, and the constant growth of the Node.js library, make updating cybersecurity features simple and seamless.


Count on Reliability

A final benefit of taking advantage of Split Reef’ Node js development services comes from seeing improvements in the accessing, sorting, storing, and retrieving of data from databases affiliated with websites and apps. Data reliability matters greatly for ecommerce.


Scale Easily

Node.js is capable of scaling better than most of the other common frameworks. In fact, it was designed to build apps that are highly-scalable apps through an event-driven model and non-blocking I/O. This makes it suitable for real-time and data-centric apps.

When you hire a Node js development company, it means that you can easily scale with fewer resources. Allowing you to scale when and where you need to, it means that you can achieve more with less without sacrificing performance.


Node.js Is Lightweight

Node.js can run on a single thread in a way that other web technologies cannot because it uses a basic event-driven architecture. As one of the most efficient server-side frameworks available, the lightweight structure of Node.js means that your app might load two to three times faster.


Easier Updates and Maintenance

Because of it’s modular approach to applications, Node.js allows developers to create easier, smoother, and incremental updates by leveraging microservice architecture. On top of that, the independent and loosely-coupled services make it so system maintenance is a piece of cake.


Still much loved by developers around the world, Ruby on Rails has a well-developed and rich infrastructure. Here at Split Reef, we love Ruby on Rails! However, for any real-time apps that are meant to run on a variety of devices, Node js web development services should be considered. Node.js also outperforms Ruby on Rails in terms of scalability and performance.


Unlock the full potential of your business website and its related apps by contracting with Split Reef to create, maintain, and service Node.js web tools and programs.

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