Custom PHP Web Development Services Company

Custom PHP Web Development Company

Serving as a general-purpose scripting language suited to server-side web development, PHP web development services are a popular product that many companies use to create dynamic and innovative sites. While PHP used to be utilized for single-page “Personal Home Page” sites, it’s now evolved into a flexible and reliable server-side language. Split Reef is a custom PHP web development company that can take your vision for a new site and bring it to life with PHP development.


Benefits of Keeping Current PHP Version

As with all software and technology, keeping the latest version updated to your website is important in staying ahead of the curve and avoiding last-minute emergency maintenance. As part of Split Reef’s custom PHP web development services, we ensure that our clients’ PHP websites are running smoothly with the latest updates. Here’s why:


Language Features

We’re not talking about Spanish or French, keeping PHP updated means the scripting language is kept fresh, making it fast, simple, and platform independent. This also means the language allows Split Reef to perform error reporting to catch any bugs or security holes.


Improved Speed

Who doesn’t want their website to be sleek and lightning-quick? When visitors come to your site, they don’t want to wait more than a few seconds for pages and graphics to load. Based in Columbus and Jacksonville our PHP web development company keeps your site up and running as fast as possible with our custom PHP development services.


Lower Memory Usage

Servers are like technological brains. Sometimes, when a PHP code is not optimized, it can take up more processing space, lowering the memory space available, and slowing down the site. A PHP web development company like Split Reef keeps your PHP code current with custom development services to avoid this issue.


Security Updates

Through Split Reef’s PHP web development services, we ensure that your website is safe and secure by minimizing and eliminating security holes and weaknesses. By updating PHP languages used in website development, Split Reef has your security in mind.

What You Get with our Custom PHP Web Development Services


There’s no reason to opt for a cookie-cutter website that won’t let you stand out from the competition. Working with a custom PHP development company means getting custom services. From the frontend to the backend, everything is tailored to your specific taste.


Depending on what you need to operate on the internet, there’s an extension for that. We can extend the structure of your PHP website to include picture sharing, calendar views, digital signatures, Dropbox capabilities, file sharing, and more. The sky’s the limit.

Current Version

We can’t overstate how important it is to upgrade PHP websites to conform with newer versions. With Split Reef, we handle all of that for you, so you can focus on the finer details of your company.

Why is custom PHP development so popular?

Executed on Server

Because PHP development is a server-side scripting language, that means it’s executed on the server and then sent to the end-user — aka the website visitor. This means that the end user can’t see what you’ve got in your code; for security purposes.

Advanced Features

Because Split Reef is a custom PHP web development company, we’re able to implement advanced features that first-time PHP developers just don’t have a grasp on yet. Our expert team of PHP developers work at the core of our custom PHP development services to tailor-make websites with advanced extensions and security measures.


As a top tier php web development company, we also take care of routine and reactive maintenance. Time for an upgrade? We’ve got it handled. Site loading slowly? We’ll look into it and get it fixed with 24/5 technical support.

Low Cost

PHP websites are designed for high performance and reliability — at a lower cost. Split Reef works with clients to ensure that their websites are exactly how they want it, without breaking the budget.

Reliable. Flexible. Expansive.

PHP development services from Split Reef allows for clients to operate with a website built on a strong PHP framework designed specifically to their needs. With the amount of extensions and customization options available, you’ll be hard press to not like what you see.

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