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The CBD industry continues to develop, and it has become one of the most exciting industries. If you are part of this industry, it’s time to show a little love to your website and make sure your website showcases your brand. Our CBD website design company wants to help our clients boost their presence.

CBD and Hemp Oil Website Design

You probably have noticed how big the CBD industry has gotten in the last few years, and projections anticipate that it will continue to make massive strides. While it’s still fairly new, it’s predicted that the industry will already be worth $20B by 2024, which means that right now is a great time to establish your CBD company, and if you want to keep up with the competitors that are going to enter the market, you need to have a robust web design that shows what your brand represents and why people should choose you.

Website Design for CBD Product

It’s exciting that CBD has had such a boom. However, with any boom, there’s inevitably going to be a lot of competition. Of course, that doesn’t mean your brand doesn’t have a chance. All it means is that you have to invest in making your website stand out so that you can establish your brand as a top brand in the CBD industry. No one wants to use a website that doesn’t work well or looks bad, and we make sure that the quality of your digital presence matches the quality of the goods you offer. Split Reef is a CBD website design in Columbus, OH, that doesn’t leave any of the details to chance, and we help you put your name out there.

The CBD Website Design Services and Goods We Offer

Having a range of services allows us to cater to the needs of our clients. These techniques are just a sampling of the many techniques that we offer. We strive to give our clients a complete and enriching experience.



SEO, or search engine optimization, ensures that your website has high rankings on search engines. This high ranking is important because most people prioritize the top results on a search page, and they often don’t ever make it to the second or third pages!


Build Your Brand Identity

Every brand needs a brand identity, which is why we use our skills to help you showcase what makes your brand what it is. This brand identity is something that customers want. They don’t want to just buy a product. They also want to buy an experience and a feeling that comes with that brand experience.


Content Creation and Optimization

Content is one of the parts of your website that can be optimized. It can be optimized to include keywords and attract the audience you want to attract. Split Reef can help you add content and improve current content.


Technical SEO

Our CBD website development company knows the power of technical SEO. For websites to be ranked highly on a search, they need to have certain technical characteristics. For example, you want to have a website with a responsive web design that loads fast. These technical components are necessary for top ranking, along with other SEO techniques.


Voice SEO

Voice searches have become more popular, and they continue to be useful tools, so we make sure that voice search results are as good as your typed search results.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design means that your website can be viewed on a variety of screens, such as a laptop or a phone. This design is important because it allows all users to have engaging and useable interactions. It also helps with your SEO.


CBD E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce solutions are much needed, and Split Reef’s website design for CBD products can help companies improve their e-commerce and prepare for more customers and revenue. If people cannot have a smooth purchasing process, they won’t purchase, so Split Reef helps our customers make buying easy and convenient.

Why Choose Split Reef

Don’t just choose any CBD website developer. Split Reef can offer you the highest quality services at an efficient price. We want to see our customers succeed, and we will do the most we can to make sure that happens.


The CBD industry is new, but we have been web designing for years. Additionally, we work with clients in the CBD industry who help us understand the unique needs of CBD companies.

Tracked Results

We track our results so that we can show you how our techniques are working and adjust your strategy as needed. Using data is necessary if we want to be sure that our projections match reality.


Communication is one of our most important attributes. We keep our clients updated, and we work with them rather than just working for them.


We know all the tried and true methods in the industry, but we also understand that there’s a lot of need for creative solutions to problems so that we can outshine competitors. We can give you a top designer for your CBD ecommerce website.

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