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Custom Mobile App Development Company in Jacksonville, Florida

Split Reef is a leading mobile app development company in Jacksonville, Florida. With an experienced team of mobile app developers, we offer custom mobile app creation to a number of businesses. The ever-growing dependency on mobile phones and devices means that it can be key to your business to have an app presence. Let’s get started on your mobile app together.


Custom Mobile Application Development with the Split Reef Touch

Custom iOS app development allows you to stay connected directly with your customers. And with our Android app development services, you can reach your customers no matter what devices they are present on.

We are both an Android and iOS app development company all at once. iOS and Android apps have seen a meteoric rise in the mobile space over the years. Custom mobile app development in Florida can be a fantastic way to help boost your business.

Fully Customized Mobile App Development in Florida Across the Board

Make a real splash in your industry’s app space with a Split Reef app that is distinctly you. Whether you want an iOS or an Android app, we are here to deliver precisely what you want and what you need. Our mobile app development services in Florida are exactly what you have been looking for.

We Embrace New Technology and Current Methodology as Mobile App Developers in Jacksonville, FL

As a hybrid mobile app development company, Split Reef is continuously keeping up with the shifting world of technology. The industry sees updates in the development languages, programs, and tools that are used in mobile app development. Our team of mobile app developers in Jacksonville, FL remain on top of industry changes and leading developments. This allows us to deliver the best mobile apps to you as you look to boost your business.

Kotlin for Mobile App Development

Kotlin is an open source, modern programming language that is statically typed. It puts an emphasis on features like safety, tooling support, and interoperability. This makes it excellent for cross platform mobile development. With the existing code, Kotlin allows us to modify the code to make it suitable for the preferred platform you want to see your app on. Kotlin also offers interoperability with Java and receives support from libraries like Android Jetpack. All around, Kotlin makes for excellent multiplatform application development.

Swift for iPhone App Development Services

Swift is the custom programming language for Apple. As an iOS development company, we use it when working on iOS mobile apps. Swift has a very modern approach and has a focus on safety. Apple built and developed Swift to be an especially fast and powerful language. Swift supports all Apple platforms as well as Linux. But the very broad community behind this open source language is also working to port Swift to other platforms as well.

Swift UI

Swift UI is a user interface toolkit that is used for iOS application development. It allows developers, like our team here at Split Reef, to build clean and modern applications. Swift UI supports widgets for the iPadOS, Always-On Retina Display support for Apple watches, and sports a number of accessibility improvements. Applications created through the use of Swift UI can also be further enhanced with a number of advanced app tools and features like list views and improved search experiences.

C++ for Custom Mobile App Development in Florida

C++ is known as a general purpose programming language and has remained a popular language since its initial creation. It can be difficult to learn, but it shares similar syntax to other programming languages. Highly versatile, we use this language for both iOS and Android mobile apps. C++ can also be used to create multiplatform applications much in the way that other languages like Swift and Kotlin can be. C++ also happens to be a fast language, ensuring that your application will run in a quick manner to better serve your customers.

Java for Android App Development

Java is a high level and very powerful programming language that is considered the base language for Android mobile applications. A vast number of applications have and continue to use Java since its release in 1995. It carries similarities to the programming languages C++ and C. Java also has a vast community of open source libraries and tools to back it as well. Java, as a general programming language, can be found in a variety of places today including mobile applications and game consoles.

HTML5 Utilized for Cross Platform Mobile Development

HTML5, or hypertext markup language, is a step above normal HTML. HTML5 mobile apps are typically built with the help of CSS and Javascript to deliver a fully functional application. Originally released in 2008, HTML5 is also cross platform supportive and is consistently evolving as a language. Its cross platform potential is supported by features that are designed with mobile devices like phones and tablets in mind.

Agile Methodology in Mobile App Development

Agile mobile app development is a methodology used by a hybrid mobile app development company to create apps. It helps to organize a number of things including planning methods, development, and testing methods.The Agile mobile app development consists of several short cycles which offers up risk minimization as well.

Our team of mobile app developers in Jacksonville, FL use this iterative methodology during app development. It allows us to break the process down into sub-categories that are then assigned to a particular team. The Agile methodology helps us to reduce risks, develop applications in a timely manner, and results in a high quality application for you at the end of the process.

This modern methodology paired with Split Reef’s customized work is guaranteed to deliver a final application that suits your needs perfectly.

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Already Have a Website? Consider Scalable Enterprise Mobile App Development for Your Business Next

When it comes to taking the next step for your business, the mobile app space should be a consideration. Our team of mobile app developers in Jacksonville, FL are experienced in a range of Android and iOS app development areas. We can deliver a striking mobile app that suits your wants and needs, no matter the industry.

We wear multiple hats at Split Reef. Ranging from a healthcare mobile app development company to creating apps on the broader scale of enterprise mobile app development. We deliver custom mobile app development services for Jacksonville companies that boost your business in the right direction.

What Benefits Android and iOS App Development Can Bring To You

As an Android app development company, we know how effective a mobile app can be to a business owner. Here are a few ways that a Split Reef mobile app can impact your business.

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Direct Communication

Through a custom mobile app, you can directly share information and updates. Your customers will have direct access to you and what you have to say.

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Enhanced Visibility

Alongside your website, your custom mobile app will help to extend your reach! A large portion of mobile users spend their time on apps now. Split Reef can make your app a prime place to display your business that allows you to stand out.

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Increased Sales

Mobile app revenue crossed well over the 800 billion dollar range in 2021. A mobile app allows your customers to have even easier access to your products in the palm of their hands.

Custom iOS App and Android App Developer in Florida for Your Business

Split Reef’s team of custom mobile app developers in Florida are ready to create what you need to take your business to the next level.

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Work With A Leading Mobile App Development Company in Florida Like Split Reef to Expand Your Business

Split Reef is proud to offer mobile app development services for Jacksonville business owners. No matter your industry, a mobile app can help to improve your customer service and boost your brand recognition.

Our custom Android and iOS development will open up new channels for you.

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