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You have a great idea for an iPhone app that you want to see. But you do not know the ins and outs of Apple app development yourself. So how do you go about bringing your idea to fruition? You can put in the time and effort into learning how to create it yourself. But the Apple app development process can be complicated at the best of times. And this is where Split Reef comes in. As an iPhone app development company in Florida, our team has the experience needed to create stunning mobile apps.


iPhone Development Services in Florida

Our custom iPhone app development is suitable for a range of industries and purposes. From business owners wanting to connect with their customers to your idea for the next stand-out app, we have you covered. Our team of top iPhone app developers in Jacksonville, FL are ready and waiting for you.

With your app idea in hand, you need a trusted iOS app development company in Jacksonville, FL to handle the work. The Apple App Store often has requirements that need to be met on both the development and launch fronts. Our Apple app development process can meet the App Store’s requirements, no matter the type of app.

Customizable Apps from an iPhone App Development Company in Florida

Our iOS app development services in Florida are here to help bring your idea to life. Ranging across Apple mobile devices, we can bring your product, business, or idea to the head of the App Store.

You want to reach and connect with your audience. And our team is here to provide you custom iPhone app development to row your business.

A Brief Look at Our iPhone App Development Technology

Our team of top iPhone app developers in Jacksonville, FL have a wide variety of tools and resources at their disposal. Handling the development of the front and back ends to crafting the programming that powers an app, custom iOS mobile app development is a process. Here are some of the languages and technology that our team uses to provide our iOS app development services in Florida:

Swift App Development

Apple is known for having their own version of things and that is no different on the programming language front. Swift is the custom programming language that is used for all iOS devices. As a Swift app development company, Split Reef’s team implements this language into our services seamlessly.

Flutter App Development

Flutter, initially launched in 2017, is Google’s open-source technology. It is used to create mobile, web, and desk applications with one singular codebase. Flutter iOS development allows any object to be a widget. Flutter has long term support from Google and a flourishing community of developers.

Native iOS Development

Native iOS development is all about creating applications specifically for the Apple iOS. Native iOS applications often have the best performance and offer an extra layer of security. Native applications for iOS also created by using the iOS platform’s main programming language. This allows a native iOS app to perform in a very quick and responsive manner. And with that responsiveness comes the benefit of a very unique user experience. As an iPhone app development company in Florida, our team knows how to pull out the best of native iOS development.

The Custom iPhone App Development Process

The custom iPhone app development process consists of a number of steps. Steps range from the initial idea that you bring to us to creating the actual architecture and backbone of the application.

Having an idea that can be fleshed out into a unique app is the first part of the process.

We ensure that we are following the Apple App Store guidelines to the letter. This makes for a clear line from idea to final launch.

With a focus on design, your app needs to be both functional and appealing to your audience.

Using the various software available to us, our iOS app development services for Florida are used to create your app.

Third party integration can provide extra custom solutions to your app by bringing in outside data or features.

The Benefits of Working on Your Custom App with an iOS Application Developer

When it comes to seeking out your custom iPhone app development, working with Split Reef brings a host of benefits. With years of experience behind our team, we stay on top of industry changes in technology, resources, and tools. This helps us to provide you with the best of the best as an iOS app development company in Jacksonville, FL.

We work to dig into your app idea, outline your goals, and come up with a solution that fits your needs. With Split Reef behind you, you have the full support of our team of top iPhone app developers in Jacksonville, FL.


There’s An App for Every Business

With Apple app development only increasing over the years, we have the resources and tools to help you with several ideas. As an experienced iPhone app development company in Florida, we can work your ideas into a functional final application.


Not A One Size Fits All App

Here at Split Reef, we know that there is not a singular approach to each app that we work on. No matter if we are working with Kotlin iOS development or Flutter iOS development, the end result will be unique. The final application will be robust, secure, and tailored to fit your needs.


Security for Your Application

Security is a top priority for us. As a small but trusted iOS app development company in Jacksonville, FL, we take your information seriously. We have strict security across the board for our iOS app development services in Florida that you can put trust in.


High Scalability

By working with us, you are signing up for a fully customized and scalable final product. Every project is different and should have room to grow and change over time. Scalability allows us to change the product to fit your budget, schedule, and other key factors.

Fully Customizable iOS App
Development Services in Florida

As top iPhone app developers in Jacksonville, FL, we take care of your ideas for your app from start to finish. Our team can take your idea, ranging from wearable to Internet of Things, and create a complete app for you.

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