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Have an app idea that you’re dying to get into users’ hands? App development can take a long time, but with experienced developers and Google cross platform mobile development software like Flutter, that time can be shorter than ever. As a Flutter app development company, Split Reef’s knowledgeable staff will help you develop your app, making sure you reach market as fast as possible.

Flutter App Development services can help your business grow quickly and easily. Flutter is fast becoming a popular toolkit for app development for a number of reasons. Its bevy of features makes it a robust and powerful solution for just about any application.


What is Flutter?

Flutter is a Google cross platform mobile development toolkit used by developers worldwide. Many app development languages and toolkits only support individual platforms, meaning a different version of the code needs to be made for each supported operating platform. However, since Flutter is cross-platform, it is much faster and easier for a Flutter app development company to support a wide range of platforms.


Flutter’s source code is open, so users can get a better understanding of how it works. This means more detailed support from a Flutter app developer. Our Flutter app development services offer expertise whether building a new app or modifying existing code.

Designed for Fast Rendering

Split Reef’s Flutter app development services simplify the app creation process by making use of built in widgets that offer tons of functionality. Easily customize User Interface, and modify native platform-specific features for the best, most responsive user experience.

Easily Tweak the User Experience

Flutter’s “hot reload” feature helps streamline some normally time-consuming processes. A Flutter app development company can view changes and make tweaks in a fraction of the time they would take in other app development suites. Minor interface adjustments become easy, helping to offer the best user experience. And bugs can be found and squashed efficiently too. When recompiling for a hot reload, Flutter just looks at libraries where code has changed, to reduce time spent recompiling for slight changes.

Cross Platform Development

Split Reef can help with Flutter app development services, allowing you to realize your vision. Our expert developers will work with you to create your application, complete with cutting edge features, as well as intuitive interface and functionality that users will want to keep using.

Using Google cross platform mobile app development, your idea can get into the hands of as many users as possible. Using one codebase, users on different platforms can have access to your application. Flutter apps can easily support desktop, mobile devices with minimal effort.

Easy Upkeep

In addition to a quicker initial development time, having one codebase also makes software upkeep easier. This drastically reduces the amount of time and resources needed for a Flutter app development company to add new features and to find and fix bugs in the code.

Target a Wide User Base

Rather than require specific code for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS, a professional Flutter app development company can design a powerful, feature-rich application that runs smoothly and frustration-free for your intended audience, regardless of device.

Thanks to the Google cross platform mobile development toolkit, support for a number of platforms is simple, without needing to make the concessions typical of hybrid or web app development. Flutter offers the native app experience, so you can get the best performance from your users’ devices.

For quick, efficient, and high quality Flutter app development services, contact the team at Split Reef. Our Flutter app developers have the necessary knowledge and experience to turn your app into a reality. Or our Flutter app development company can help you determine how Flutter can be used to improve your existing app with its unique benefits, into software that behaves exactly how you want it to. Contact us online or call us at (614) 721-2854 for our Columbus, Ohio branch or (904) 900-0773 for Jacksonville, Florida to see how we can work for you.

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