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When you have an idea for a mobile app and don’t know or don’t have the time to create it yourself, it’s time to turn to a mobile app design company like Split Reef. Through our mobile application design services, we offer our clients the full mobile app lifecycle, from ideation to mobile app mockups to successful launch.


What is Mobile Application Design?

Split Reef’s Mobile App Design Method

We employ industry-leading design tactics to deliver our clients beautiful and high-functioning mobile applications. Working closely with a mobile app design company like Split Reef means your company is getting top-rated designers to bring your idea to life on customer phones.


As the users of your app grow, so will the app. Your mobile application design by Split Reef includes an architecture that can grow and expand, without the setback of a costly redesign. We develop your applications in the cloud so when your user base starts increasing, your bandwidth does to, meeting and exceeding the demands of your customers.


How will your mobile app help your business? We keep this in mind during our mobile application design process to create an application that will build your brand, streamline business processes, save time and costs, or bring your company better customer engagement.


Apple iPhone or Android device? With Split Reef, you can have both. We design Android and iPhone apps with mockups to deliver the mobile application that you’ve been dreaming of. Our mobile application design experts are well-versed in the two platforms and create applications with both in mind.

Consistent Mobile Application Design from Split Reef

We believe that a mobile application’s design must be consistent throughout all the pages. Even when we’re drawing up wireframes and mobile app mockups, you can see the consistency that we strive for.



From panel to panel and page to page, we stitch together a cohesive design vision in your mobile application design process.



The same functionality across the board is important when putting together a mobile application. Users will expect and receive the same experience no matter where they are on the app.



Your company’s brand is important. Your mobile application is an extension of that, and a mobile application design company like Split Reef will make it consistent with your company’s core values.

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Top-Rated Mobile App Design Company

Minimize Cognitive Load

Only use what you need. Mobile applications with unnecessary elements easily get bogged down and end up crashing. With this in mind, Split Reef designs sleek mobile applications that seamlessly take on the loads of high user interactions.

Optimize User Flow

Don’t make users jump through many hoops in onboarding, checkout, or searching for products on your mobile application. With a successful mobile application design, users will be able to get to the core services your app provides, without having to switch panels or turn on push notifications.

Cut Out the Clutter

Unnecessary elements hold back a mobile application from reaching its true potential. Much like optimizing user flow and minimizing cognitive load, cutting out the clutter is important to a sleek and intuitive mobile application design.

Mobile App UX Design

Elements Designed Intuitively

You want your new mobile application to be a shining example of your company’s brand and its dedication to your valuable customers. A mobile application design company like Split Reef can make that happen. Through industry-leading mobile design tactics and comprehensive mobile app mockup design, we work with you to ensure that your app will better serve your company and your clients.

Design Research

Before heading into the task of designing your mobile application, Split Reef, a leading mobile application design company will research the latest design tactics and determine what’s best for your company’s vision. We do the research before handing over mobile app mockups and mobile app mockup designs.


A static mobile app is pointless. Users will be more engaged and spend more time with your app if there’s interactive properties that make it unique and interesting. Whether it be a game, a message board, or a way to search for your products or services, UX design will be translated through comprehensive Android and iPhone app mockups.

Clear Navigation

Don’t let users get lost in your app. With clear navigation bars and concise navigation menus, Split Reef will deliver an easy-to-use mobile application design so your customers will enjoy using it.


With feedback, we can tweak and make edits to your mobile application to better improve user experience and fix bugs that may pop up after launch. We can handle all of the stressful edits and updates needed to make your mobile application the best it can be.

Mobile App Design Cycle

While mobile applications are not all the same, the lifecycle of designing one is standard across the board. We use a dedicated system of creating mobile app mockup designs, user experience and flow, and wireframes to deliver breathtaking and intuitive mobile application designs to our clients and business partners.

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