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Gain attention and brand recognition with Split Reef’s social media marketing services in Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida. Through our robust and comprehensive social media marketing services, you’ll stand out among the digital sea of fishes and catch the right audience attention to bring them to your amazing company.


What Is Social Media Marketing
and Why Do We Need It?

As more and more people flock to the internet for forums, connecting with one another, and sharing media, more and more businesses have interjected themselves in the chatter of social media. As intrusive as it may sound, being a business on social media leads to higher sales, more meaningful customer interactions and a wider, global customer base.

How Our Social Media Marketing Agency Helps

Grow & Build Presence

Starting out small is no big deal. From the first follower to the 4,000th follower, Split Reef helps build your brand’s digital presence on the web through our professional social media marketing services.

Save Time

If you don’t have the energy or even the time to figure out the best way to reach your audience on the web, hand over the reins to a social media marketing agency, and we’ll dedicate our resources where you can’t, saving you time to focus on your business.

Target Audience

Our social media marketing experts determine the best audience for your business to target through social media marketing services to help focus our efforts for maximum results and a better social media presence for your brand.

What A Social Media Marketing Agency in Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida Will Do for You

Not only will signing on with a social media marketing agency save you time and resources better spent elsewhere, but our expertise on the web and listening to the chatter of your customers benefits your business. Through our full suite of social media marketing services, you will see the growth of your company and your global customer base.


Increase brand recognition and exert your brand’s presence in the digital realm with social media marketing. Not only will it help you spread your mission and values to your customers, but it will also cement the vision you’ve had for your company on the web.


Having an online web presence means almost nothing if you don’t have the social media accounts and activity to back it up. Reach clients and customers across the world from you and stand out with thoughtful and insightful social media branding and marketing.


Immediately respond to social media customer complaints with tracking alerts and searches. Or give a loyal customer who had a raving review an extra discount next time they do business with you. Using social media marketing services helps connect you with your most valuable resource: your customers.

Increase Traffic

Including links in posts is proven to help drive internet traffic organically. After signing on for social media marketing with a Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonvile, Florida business like Split Reef, you’re sure to see that web traffic to your site increase.


From followers to loyal customers. Telling your brand’s story through social media marketing means customers make an emotional connection from your product to your business.

Improve Sales

Drive sales and increase revenue by creating a sales funnel that starts on social media. Social media marketing is a valuable resources for finding customers that need your product, whether they know it or not.

Slow and steady does not win the race.

With a slow WordPress site, your customers will turn away and head to your competitor. Optimize your site for high performance and lightning-fast speeds to engage users on their screens.

8 Steps for Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Let us handle the tweets and posts.


Set Goals

Not just any goals, but realistic ones. You’re not going to gain a million followers in one day, but with the right social media marketing agency, you will begin to see an uptick in engagement and following that will grow every day.


Understand Audience

Knowing and understanding your target audience is important when crafting your posts. If you’re a manufacturer that sells to retailers, then it’s no good to direct all of your posts to an end user base.


Determine Relevant Metrics

Depending on your industry and business, it may be better for you to see success in likes and retweets/shares rather than site visitors and conversion. Having a social media marketing agency like Split Reef will help you determine what you should be tracking.


Target True Engagement

Making connections with followers and potential customers is important in social media marketing. Being able to find out what they want and how to achieve that is important in reevaluating marketing strategies and business operations.


Work with Influencers

Approaching an account with one million followers in France may not be the best idea but finding a micro-influencer with 20,000 or more in a niche market will help boost sales and increase brand recognition.


Create Suitable Content

Having a calendar of future organic and curated posts will help you determine what content is best for your audience. Tune in to Split Reef’s social media marketing services and see how we create relevant content for business social media.



Being time bound sounds bad, but it’s just a way to see your social media marketing goals and reach them at a certain point before evaluating results and moving to the next media campaign.


Track Results

Seeing metrics and understanding the results of a social media marketing campaign is one of the last steps in a campaign’s cycle to determine its success. Trying out different tactics to find out what works and what doesn’t to keep content fresh and relatable to customers.

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