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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising takes the guesswork out of direct-to-consumer online marketing. PPC also guarantees return on investment because, as its name indicates, advertisers pay only when a person clicks on the link or graphic shown. Looking for a PPC management agency in Columbus Ohio? Our skilled and Google Ads certified team can design, deliver, and manage your PPC campaigns to help you grow your business.


Google Ads Certified Pay Per Click Management Company

Realizing the full benefits of PPC advertising requires mastering copywriting, conducting detailed data analyses, and understanding both traditional advertising strategies and cutting-edge online tactics involving services like Google’s AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Looking for a Columbus PPC agency that's local, easy to work with and has the experience to really help your business? We're the team to go to.

Select Your Audience & Budget

PPC advertising delivers three powerful benefits:

  • Advertisers choose who sees their ads.
  • The designated audience consists of people inclined to buy the advertisers’ products or services.
  • Companies that show ads to web and app users only charge advertisers when customers click.

These features eliminate the scattershot effects attained by print, television, radio, and billboard advertising. With PPC, advertisers don’t waste money advertising to people who will never seek out a business’ products or services.

Based on Keywords & Tied to SEO

Split Reef’ long and successful track record as a Columbus website development company specializing in search engine optimization equips us well to fill your business’ need for a pay-per-click advertising agency in Columbus. We can track the data and crunch the numbers to inform each client which AdWords they should reserve, which keywords they must include in ad copy, and which third-party websites and apps ad clickers arrive from. Making use of these Columbus pay per click management services focuses digital marketing efforts in ways that ensure engagement and boost the conversion of site visitors into paying customers.

Experimentation Rewarded

The fact that money invested in PPC never goes to waste cannot be stressed often enough. Google, Facebook, and other pay-per-click ad services do set prices for the keywords that determine ad placements, but each display is free. Companies establish PPC accounts, and charges come out of those accounts when people act on the related ads.

An attentive and inventive PPC management services provider like Split Reef will help clients identify underused keywords, flag new keywords with a high probability of increasing placements and attracting clicks, and advise on when to increase or decrease budgets for particular keywords. This sort of experimentation -- adapting quickly to customers’ preferences and market changes -- pays off and is simply not possible with traditional forms of advertising.

Never Miss a Click

Keeping up with Google Ads management and other aspects of PPC advertising is a daily task. Since the business of business is business, you and your staff have actual customers and clients to serve. Trust the pay-per-click advertising team at Split Reef to handle the digital marketing.

Acting on Data

Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and the other PPC platforms report clicks within seconds. Each recorded click also comes with information about which website or application the potential customer was using, the identity of the ad he or she clicked, and historical information regarding how often that ad gets clicked. The Split Reef PPC management team processes all this information, summarizes it for the client, and recommends ways to capitalize on successes.

Creating Ads That Work

As a full-service Columbus pay per click advertising company, Split Reef pays attention to every aspect of putting together high-quality ads. We assign professional copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing consultants to each PPC management project team. We also consult continuously with each client to collect and incorporate real-world insights about customers and competitors into the digital ads and online marketing campaigns we develop.


Businesses looking to attract and sell to customers online get the most bang for their buck from pay-per-click advertising. Ensuring that bang is particularly forceful becomes more likely when a business hires Split Reef to deliver PPC management services.

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