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Trucking Company Website Design Services

You need a top trucking company website design if you want to stand out as a trucking company. Trucking companies often struggle to recruit and get quality drivers for their fleet. A website is a great tool for recruitment and also shows your customers what makes your brand a top-notch choice for trucking needs. Think of it this way: 94% of initial impressions people have about a brand are based on web design. Thus, your webdesign will impact how you are viewed within your industry.


Custom Web Design for Trucking Companies

Our trucking company website design services give you all the major components your website needs to look good, function smoothly, and attract your intended audience.

Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Trucking Websites

People love to use their mobile phones for information, which is why any modern website must be responsive and vieweable on mobile and other devices.

Website Maintenance & Support

Your website and its health are a long-term project. Overtime, internet trends and algorithms change. Additionally, what is best practice today, won’t be best practice tomorrow. Therefore, we maitenence and support are a must in website design for a transportation company.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

The website builder for your trucking company at Split Reef will ensure that your content and web design increase your search enginge rankings. We can accomplish this through several tactics like building a high speed website and using keywords in targeted SEO copywriting.

Website Security

Keeping your data and information secure is essential, and we make sure that your website doesn’t compromise information.

Website Redesign Services

If you have an existing website, we can help you by auditing that website and determining what is strong on that website and what we’d like to address to improve your website.

Advantages of Hiring a Trucking Website Design Company

When you hire webdesigners, you get a lot of business perks that have a ripple effect, impacting your company in more ways than you might intially anticipate.


Faster Speed Increases Site’s Performance

People hate to look at a website that’s slow. Additionally, search enginges do not like websites with slower speed.


Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Our websites are always responsive! You can view them anywhere, anytime, and the experience will be user-friendly.


Improves Search Rankings

Part of search enginge rankings is the quality of a website. We also help our clients optimize the content on their website to reflect what search enginges prioritize.


Ensures High-Functionality

Split Reef makes websites that work smoothly. Our testing process is detail-oriented, and we make sure there are no errors on your website before the launch. If any issues arise, we troubleshoot them.

Our Process to Design the Website for a Trucking Company

Our clients feel at ease when we review our cohesive framework for developing websites for our transporation company clients.


Your Vision and Goals

One of the most important parts of any design is understanding what the client needs and wants. The vision you have for your brand has to be communicated by your website, so we sit down with our clients, and we help them identify their brand values, goals, and vision for the future. Thinking about not just what you need now but what you want for the future helps us build a website that can function smoothly and help you build your future.


Website Wireframe

We create a website wireframe for our clients, which is basically a blueprint for what we are going to do on a web design project. After the wireframe, we make a mock-up, which gives a more detailed look into how the final product will look.


Trucking Website Design

The design process is the heart of what we do. We take the page we have imagined and designed, and we bring it to life. This process takes time, energy, and ingenuity, but it’s amazing to see a company’s website become a powerful branding and marketing tool.


Launch Your Website

Once we have finished web design, we make sure that everything works smoothly. We can then help you launch your website. It’s always an exciting day when we get to launch a website.


Support and Maintenance

We don’t just leave you haging once the website has been launched. We understand that you may have other concerns and needs after the bulk of our work is done. Websites require maitenance, and we offer those services so that you are always up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of any maintenance fees will depend on the type of maitenance that is required. Some websites will need more labor-intensive maitenance than others. We can discuss all of this with you, and help you understand the long-term developments you’ll need to keep in mind.

Trucking companies must keep up with canditate recruitment and other brand intitiatives to build a strong human instructure and gain the income to invest more into the buisiness so that they can grow or at the very least maintain their fleet. Split Reef’s trucking company website design in Columbus, OH, offers all the services trucking companies need to have robust websites.

Our company offers trucking web design in Columbus, OH, and trucking company web design Jacksonville, FL, which are the two hubs of our business.

The price of any website will vary greatly. Some projects cost several thousand dollars, but the range is huge because certain companies have more complex needs, while other companies have simpler needs and don’t need as many pages or features. Websites are not cheap, but a good website will always more than pay for itself.

A new website gives you the chance to boost your online presence and reach not only potential clients but also potential recruits. It can also increase your brand recognition and create a sterling reputation for your brand in the transportation industry.

Trucking company website design is an important tool in any trucking business’s toolbox, and Split Reef has shown our skills to our many clients in this industry. Not only do we work diligently on each project, we acknowledge that each project has special requirements. Additionally, we offer a transparent approach to web design by keeping clients updated and listening to suggestions and input. We are the experts on web design, but you are the expert of your own company, and the infromation you share is important to our design process.

Responsive web design means that users can use whatever device they have and have a smooth, attractive expereince. Without a responsive web design, mobile users may struggle to view images, read content, and browse the website.

Quality website design takes weeks or several months to complete. The length it takes to finish your website will depend on the current components of your website, the features you need, and how much work our team will need to put in to get your website where it needs to be.
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