Custom API Integration Services Company

Custom API Integration Service Company

At the root of information technology infrastructure lies API — application programming interface. Custom API integration is designed to help businesses gather and plot data, connect cloud services to software tools, and even increase productivity across the board. It’s not just for IT businesses; you’d be surprised to find out that API integration services are used in almost any department in any large company, and you need an API integration company to help.


What is API Integration?

The Basics:


API integration services allow for two applications to talk to each other, similar to a messenger that delivers requests for you, and then gives you the response.


While there are over 16,500 APIs in existence, getting those APIs to work with one another, work with your server, and eventually work for your team, is the most important part.


Without knowing it, customers utilize API integration when they go to a website to book a flight, make a reservation, apply filters on searches, and look for products to buy.

API Integration: Not Just for Customers

It’s for employee convenience as well. Split Reef works closely with companies and clients in order to deliver amazing custom API integration that seamlessly increases productivity, improves customer satisfaction and interaction, and helps your business run better.

Need a High-Quality API Integration
Company to Boost Your Business?

That’s where Split Reef comes in with custom API integration and API integration services. Our team can help you build an API that does everything you need it to do from scratch, or better yet, the Split Reef experts will integrate existing APIs, knocking out what you don’t need and only integrating the ones that you do.

Utilizing an API from a big company like Google can mean a beautifully functioning API, but there’s no customer support past Google forums and online message boards. Using a web app development company like Split Reef means you get custom API integration, and 24/5 technical support.

The Different Types of API

Understanding different API integration services will help you better understand which type of custom API integration will best work for you. Split Reef can build an API that works specifically for you or help you redevelop your existing custom API integration for top-quality integration services.

Simple Object Access Protocol API

Also known as SOAP API, this type of API is aging out of use. Because of its usefulness in legacy application projects, it’s still utilized in some web-centric services. Information is delivered in XML form but is considered heavyweight protocol for heavyweight architecture.

Remote Procedure Call

This is the earliest form of API, which is executed on a block of code on another server. In this form, the client controls everything as the API calls data up and down the code. Its modern counterpart is gRPC, which makes simple interactions quickly with HTTP/2.

Representational State Transfer

Created in 2000, REST API is a client-server application that makes data readable by representing it through easy formats, like JSON or XML. REST API integration services make it much easier for customers to create appointments without knowing all the information necessary.

Why Custom API Integration is
Important for Your Business

Your business relies on customers to keep it afloat, right? At very least you have a platform that needs to be accessed by clients and customers in order to use your services. Imagine that you have services on your website and database that can be accessed by customers or clients to place orders for items, book reservations for hotels, secure an airline flight, or search for available items in your store. An API is the messenger between the customer and your website, deliver information and applying filters for customers in order for them to purchase, book, reserve and search effectively.

Split Reef creates custom API integration and offers custom API integration services for companies to ensure seamless communication between their database and their customers. Even in-house, company employees need flawless API integration services from a reputable API integration company like Split Reef for employees to stay on task and call back the data they need to get the job done.

Custom API Integration Services from Split Reef

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From testing to implementing to integration, Split Reef covers all the bases with high-quality API integration services. Mobile apps, web apps, and websites can all benefit from custom API integration from Split Reef. Our API integration services experts are ready to help you through auditing and implementing custom API to help drive business growth, increase productivity, and interact with customers looking for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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