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Split Reef is an AMP website design company that wants to help our clients in impactful and lasting ways. For businesses who are looking to improve their mobile websites and make users more able to engage on mobile platforms, AMP website development is a crucial and transformational tool.


What Is AMP Web Design?

Surely, you’ve experienced a moment when you’ve clicked on a mobile link, and you’re taken to a slow, dreadful experience trying to read an article or see a product. You want to click away just to end the awful web browsing experience!

There are certain things you want when you are using your phone to find information or good. You want to graphics to have good quality. If the web pages aren’t speedy, you become impatient. Yet, some websites have the tendency to be slow and don’t match the user experience you want. These websites can become visually overwhelming, have annoying ads that are hard to click out of, and they can drain your phone’s battery. The user quickly clicks away, not wanting to deal with all that. You don’t want your brand to have that problem.

AMP was created by Google to solve some of these issues. Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, tries to overcome some of the challenges that come with mobile browsing because no one wants the user experience to be terrible. AMP is an HTML or Javascript open-source framework that can make web pages on mobile devices load nearly instantly.

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Why Use AMP Websites?

There are many benefits that people get when they use an AMP website. These benefits showcase the versatility and usability of the AMP framework, and there are many practical applications that may interest businesses who are wondering what kind of website they want to have.

The good news is that AMP isn’t hard to apply, and it doesn’t take a lot of steps to use, so without having to do a whole lot of work, you can appeal to mobile users. Ultimately, AMP allows speed and comfort for normally slow and annoying web browsing tasks. You can keep good content without having to sacrifice good speed. This all causes users to be more likely to stick with your content and come back to your website.

Some things AMP is good at includes:
  • Creating lightweight pages that load quickly
  • Faster than HTML alone
  • User-friendly pages that allow users to load lots of content
  • When you use AMP, you appeal to users no matter what device they are using to browse
  • AMP pages result in a ten percent increase in web traffic
  • It helps websites maintain their ad revenues
Why Split Reef is the Best AMP Web Development Company

Split Reef is a top AMP development company that wants to help businesses make sure they have a fast and useable mobile experience for their users. Having a robust website can help you transform your website and scale it as desired. Split Reef stands out because we have extensive expertise in this field. Throughout the process, we communicate with our clients and make sure they are satisfied with the progression of their website. Additionally, we are innovative in our approach. We use our education and experience to help us come up with new, more effective solutions to old problems.

What Makes a Good AMP Web Development Company?

A good AMP web development company will offer you a range of services that appeal to all the components an AMP website needs to succeed. Split Reef offers various services to help businesses accomplish their goals. Our process is designed to help us facilitate communication with our clients and promote efficiency.


At Split Reef, we can audit your current website and determine both the issues that you are dealing with and the developments that you need to get your business where you want it to be. We listen to your specific needs to make sure that we are adequately addressing the path you want your business to take.


Once we have completed our audit, we can then create a strategy to use AMP to help complete your business objectives. We will make sure that your strategy is useful across devices.


Split Reef’s team will then focus on designing a website that fits the strategy we have outlined. We will create prototypes and mockups as needed.


Once the design has been completed, Split Reef developers can get to work and build a website that offers high-quality, efficient development. This process is the heart of what we do to design your web development.

Deployment and Support

We don’t just develop your website and say goodbye. We help you deploy your website, and we provide ongoing support to figure out any issues that may arise. If you have any problems, we want to make sure that you don’t have to sort them out alone.

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