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AngularJS is quickly becoming the most popular mobile app development framework in the field. Acting as an action-packed JavaScript framework, AngularJS for mobile app development makes development quick and simple. But who has time to learn a new framework? Split Reef, an AngularJS mobile app development company, already has the tools, experience, and expert staff to make your next mobile app idea a breeze.


AngularJS Mobile App Development Services

Using AngularJS in mobile app development services allows us to expand on the functionality of HTML and manipulate libraries, making everything a lot easier. Testing, binding, and using AngularJS on other platforms also means better turnaround and high-quality results for our AngularJS mobile app development clients.

Native Applications

NativeScript has built its framework to work in tandem with AngularJS, allowing full integration for AngularJS mobile app development. Because NativeScript is built to develop native iOS and Android mobile apps, it works well with AngularJS, creating a powerful software architecture.

Ease of Use

AngularJS for mobile app development is all-inclusive. When implemented for front-end development, developers can easily inject JS code into the software framework, creating spectacular UI/UX designs without compromising on budget or scope.

Using it With Ionic

For cross-platform mobile apps, some AngularJS mobile app development services will include Ionic, an HTML5 framework for hybrid mobile apps. Using these two frameworks together results in a web-browsing-like application compatible with both iOS and Android.


When updates occur, everything is affected at one. No more need for downtime and taking mobile apps offline to update everything. From UI to servers, AngularJS’ three-way data binding keeps everything in sync.

Split Reef is the leading AngularJS development company based in Columbus and Jacksonville producing robust, highly interactive and data-driven custom AngularJS mobile and web applications.

Benefits of AngularJS for Mobile App Development

There’s a reason why AngularJS has risen in popular since Google launched it in 2009. Because of its flexibility, customizable options, and cross-platform functionality, AngularJS for mobile application development is a go-to choice when creating and launching an app. But that’s not the only reason why developer steer towards this framework.
We are a popular AngularJS web and mobile app development company in USA with competency to develop AngularJS based website and mobile applications.



With two different types of testing framework — Jasmine and Karma — testing AngularJS mobile applications is no longer a long, drawn-out process. Split Reef, a top-tier AngularJS mobile application development company, uses these two frameworks to ensure that the end of AngularJS mobile application services results in a high-quality product you can be proud of.


Reusable Logic

Angular separates code, data, and UI logic so it can be easily reused later on multiple different platforms, while still remaining customizable. This is one of the more important reasons AngularJS mobile application companies use it, as there’s no reason to develop different codes for desktop, iOS, and Android use.


Mobile UI

Because of its JavaScript-like framework, AngularJS for mobile app development results in beautiful, functioning, and intriguing mobile user interface. End users are more likely to stay on the mobile application with an easy-to-use-and-interact-with UI built with AngularJS.

Ready for the World of AngularJS Mobile Apps?

Dynamic and daring without the drama. AngularJS mobile applications are quickly becoming the go-to benchmark of native mobile applications. Anything built with AngularJS from our AngularJS mobile app development company will fit the bill with what you need in mobile application development.

Working with an AngularJS
Mobile App Development Company

For efficient and exemplary AngularJS mobile app development services, your company needs a team that’s experienced and communicative; flexible and accommodating. For high-quality AngularJS mobile app development services, contact Split Reef. Operating in Columbus, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Florida, markets, Split Reef is able to turn your mobile app idea into a powerful tool for your business and its customers. Or, our AngularJS mobile app development company can update your existing mobile app with an AngularJS framework to make a functional and beautiful piece of software tailored exactly to your needs. Contact our angularjs mobile app development company today to get started.

Examples of AngularJS
Mobile App Development Services

User Reviews

For example, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb compile and store celebrity information and movie reviews, sometimes in real-time. Mobile applications that store user-generate reviews and information — another case being Yelp! — requires a robust and flexible framework to hold all that information.

Real-Time Updating Apps

For information that needs real-time updates, AngularJS for mobile application development is one of the best choices. AngularJS allows to real-time updates and graphics-driven apps to really shine.

User-Generated and Content Portal Apps

Websites like Upwork and require users to generate their own profiles and client-facing information. Frameworks for the mobile versions need to be able to hold that information and quickly compile it when it’s called. AngularJS for mobile app development has the capacity to do this with ease.

Video and Content Streaming App

Streaming applications must have a reliable streaming workflow of video capture, encoding, transcoding, packaging, delivery and playback. AngularJS app development services deliver all of this neatly wrapped in an easy-to-use and user-friendly application.

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