AngularJS Web Development Company

AngularJS Web Development Company

AngularJS web development services result in web development environments that are easy to understand and quick to develop. The AngularJS framework allows for both responsive web and mobile applications across various platforms to be developed in a cost-effective way. No matter which you’re looking to create, trust Split Reef as your AngularJS web development company.


Why AngularJS For Web Development?

Offers More Flexibility

While AngularJS uses HTML as its template language, it has much more flexibility than standard HTML. It provides the ability to create single-page applications with dynamic views in a much more efficient way. It works seamlessly with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and it’s easy to integrate third-party features.

Extensible and Enterprise Ready

AngularJS is easily expansible and works with a number of different libraries. This extensibility allows complete customization of your project, ensuring it meets your every need. Developing with AngularJS is well suited for enterprise solutions, as it’s easily scalable, adaptable, and has a quick turnaround.

High Performance and Speed

An AngularJS web development company understands the speed and high performance of AngularJS. Compression or budling are techniques that allow AngularJs to promote high speed. Web pages won’t take as long to load.

Simple & Expressive

When web applications contain many components and complexities, AngularJS is a beneficial tool. It can manage intense web applications. It is these capabilities that make it so popular.

Cross-Platform Development

When frameworks do not allow cross-platform development, they create more work for developers. Thus, cross-platform development capabilities render AngualarJS more useful. Additionally, it also means that this framework is more efficient than other frameworks without cross-platform support.

Simplified MVC Pattern

An MVC pattern stands for Model View Controller, and it separates a program into three elements. It is used in web applications to keep the application’s logic distinct from user interface components.

Significant Experience

Our years of experience give us a familiarity with the framework that other companies don’t have. We understand the nuances of AngularJS. Accordingly, we can maximize its use.

Code Generation

Angular allows for code generation, which enhances projects. Our experts understand how to use AngularJS with confidence.

Data Binding

Data binding is a method that connects information with user interfaces. Using AngularJs, we can use data binding. This technique can be an important bridge in many applications.

Modular Structure

A modular structure, in general, refers to something you build using various individual components. Modulars can make it easier to build, and they can allow scaleability and be reused and then modified in other projects. This structure makes AngularJs cost-effective.

Custom AngularJS Web Development Services by Split Reef

Single Page Applications

You’re probably familiar with single-page applications, even if you don’t realize it. Single-page applications include Facebook, Paypal, Gmail, and Pinterest. AngularJs is a popular framework for these valuable applications, and our experts can use it with confidence.

AngularJS Consulting

If you think that you could benefit from AngularJS web development, you can schedule a consultation with us. We can give you some time to ask questions you may have and to give you our recommendations. This consultation is highly informative for our potential customers.

AngularJS Plugins Development

Plugins are a great way to make your application complete more functions. Using AngularJS plugins, we can make your app accomplish more. If you want certain functions, we can see if there’s a way to add plugins to incorporate those functions.

Custom AngularJS development

Applications are not one size fits all. You need applications that reflect the unique nature of your brand, and we can provide those applications. We take the time to understand the specifications you have and the special needs of your brand. Custom apps make a brand stand out.

Shopping Cart Development

If you are running an eCommerce business, you need to keep up with modern advances in eCommerce apps. We can help you establish applications that improve your customers’ shopping experience and your ability to sell your products. eCommerce continues to grow, so you need to grow with it.

Real-time Web App Development

We want to make an app just for you, and you can update data in real-time because we use two-way date binding. This allows convenience and autonomy.

Responsive AngularJS Web Development

Our developers ensure that your web applications work across platforms because we know how valuable that is to businesses. You don’t want a website that only works for certain people. We make sure that you reach as many people as you can through a responsive design.

Migration Solutions

We also have migration solutions to help you move an existing application from other platforms. We will then move it to the updated version of AngularJS.

AngularJS Support and Maintenance

We offer continued maintenance and support so that our clients can rest assured that if anything goes wrong with their applications, they have a competent team of developers who know how to address those problems. No tech lasts forever, and sometimes apps need updates to meet modern standards. That’s part of our role as developers.

Tools & Technologies We Use for Web Development

Web development has so many potential tools and technologies that developers can use, and all the technology available has merits and drawbacks. We weigh the pros and cons, and we try to determine how to get the best results the most efficiently. We use a technology stack that creates solutions incorporating back-end and front-end operations.
Some of the technology we use includes:

  • VueJS
  • MongoDB
  • Lavarel
  • Node JS
  • ReactJS

We commit to continuing to learn and grow as web developers because the tech available is always shifting. Our business can not survive if we do not grow with the changing norms and embrace new technologies. When there are new tools and tech we can use, we take the time to understand what the tech can offer and determine if it’s a good fit for our company and the skillsets we value.

Less Coding Overall

Quick turnaround with AngularJS web development is possible because it requires less time spent coding. Here’s why:

Developers are not required to write their own pipeline

The data model is simple and getter/setter functions are not needed

Developers do not need to give data manually into the view because of AngularJS’ data-binding feature

Directives are separate from the app code, so integration is easy

Developers can manipulate the data in the view level with filters, without the need to change controllers

AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem, which allows the developer to specify dependencies as parameter to the controller. This way the specified dependency doesn’t need injected manually, saving time.

Think for the Future with AngularJS

Since its creation in 2009, AngularJS has continued to grow not only in popularity, but capability. It’s a great solution for those looking to develop mobile and single-page applications. Trust Split Reef to be your AngularJS web development company, and see your business idea become reality.

Easy Testing

The more complicated the structure of the code that was written, the more complicated it is to test. Due to the dependency injection that is built into AngularJS, testing is much easier. There are also additional tools that can be used, such as Karma, Jasmine, and Angular-Mocks. These tools are easy to set up and run, ensuring the code that is written functions great and won’t break.

Industry-Specific Angularjs Web Development

AngularJS Development for Healthcare

Healthcare is no doubt one of the most important industries of all. Furthermore, healthcare has a special need for security and privacy that we strive to give in our AngularJS development.

Education AngularJS Web development

Education builds the future, and we want to be part of building that future. We have worked with educators and educational institutions to craft web development that speaks to their goals and the goals of their students.

Real Estate AngularJS Web Development

Real estate agents and other professionals in the industry need to reach customers and set themselves apart from competitors. Real estate is often highly competitive, and strong web design can make it a little less competitive.

Travel AngularJS Web App Development

Travel businesses get people where they want to go. We get the travel businesses where they want to go by using AngularJS to create robust and high-performing apps.


Transport is a valuable industry that drives many other industries. Our developers understand the needs of those in transport.

Banking and Finance

The world of finance can be fast-paced and intense. It’s important that developers working on applications for banking and finance projects understand the nature of these industries.


AngularJS framework has a lot of perks that make it good for web development. For example, it is a top choice for those looking for single-page apps. It also allows for faster app development and quick load times.

There’s a big range for what this development may cost. The size of the project and the features, for instance, influence how much effort has to go into making an application. Our experts can help you get a better idea of what your project may cost.

Our process includes the following steps:
  • Initial consultation and quote
  • Discussion of project and project goals
  • Determining the terms of the project
  • Project design
  • Development process
  • First draft of the project
  • Second draft of the project
  • Finalized project
  • Maintenance

Even if you want only small changes, choosing AngularJs services from our company can help you ensure that you get what you want. We can help you understand the changes you can make throughout the process.

AngularJS is a framework that promotes speed and efficiency. It allows developers to work more smoothly and creates fast-loading pages. There are many other reasons why AngularJS can be advantageous, too.

Yes, you can migrate an existing website or app to angular.

Our AngularJS web development services stand out from competitors because we not only have experience in the industry, but we have a continued interest in developing our skills and being the best AngularJS company out there.

We will keep you updated throughout the project so that you can see what progress is being made at each step.

Again, this depends on the nature of the project and how complex it is, but if you contact us, we can give you a clearer determination.

Client Testimonials

Split Reef has designed a seamless User Experience, Creative and desirable Functionality. The entire project was dealt with dedication, attention to detail was offered at each phase of the project from Discovery, Design, Development, Testing and Delivery. Their ability to offer great flexibility for added development, transparency in communication and understanding our needs sets them apart from several web development agencies. We were never treated like clients but more like friends and family! We are very satisfied with how our project is handled.

—IBEXeye Ophthalmic Instruments

As a first time app developer, Split Reef had their hands full with the project I brought to them. Although still in development, I am confident that the final product that Split Reef will develop will be exactly what my company needs. Split Reef has come along side me in this process and made my vision for this app come to life and I can't wait to see where we go in the future. If you are thinking about partnering with Split Reef, I can tell you that your vision will be realized and your needs met.

—Adam Kronshagen
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