AngularJS Web Development Company

AngularJS Web Development Company

AngularJS web development services result in web development environments that are easy to understand and quick to develop. The AngularJS framework allows for both responsive web and mobile applications across various platforms to be developed in a cost-effective way. No matter which you’re looking to create, trust Split Reef as your AngularJS web development company.


Why AngularJS For Web Development?

Offers More Flexibility

While AngularJS uses HTML as its template language, it has much more flexibility than standard HTML. It provides the ability to create single-page applications with dynamic views in a much more efficient way. It works seamlessly with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and it’s easy to integrate third-party features.

Extensible and Enterprise Ready

AngularJS is easily expansible and works with a number of different libraries. This extensibility allows complete customization of your project, ensuring it meets your every need. Developing with AngularJS is well suited for enterprise solutions, as it’s easily scalable, adaptable, and has quick turnaround.

Less Coding Overall

Quick turnaround with AngularJS web development is possible because it requires less time spent coding. Here’s why:

Developers are not required to write their own pipeline

The data model is simple and getter/setter functions are not needed

Developers do not need to give data manually into the view because of AngularJS’ data-binding feature

Directives are separate from the app code, so integration is easy

Developers can manipulate the data in the view level with filters, without the need to change controllers

AngularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem, which allows the developer to specify dependencies as parameter to the controller. This way the specified dependency doesn’t need injected manually, saving time.

Think for the Future with AngularJS

Since its creation in 2009, AngularJS has continued to grow not only in popularity, but capability. It’s a great solution for those looking to develop mobile and single-page applications. Trust Split Reef to be your AngularJS web development company, and see your business idea become reality.

Easy Testing

The more complicated the structure of the code that was written, the more complicated it is to test. Due to the dependency injection that is built into AngularJS, testing is much easier. There are also additional tools that can be used, such as Karma, Jasmine, and Angular-Mocks. These tools are easy to set up and run, ensuring the code that is written functions great and won’t break.

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