iOS & Android App Performance Optimization Services

iOS & Android App Performance Optimization Services

Your existing application was a great idea! However, its performance is sub-par and your app users are complaining about how slow it is and its failure to load graphics or images. You’ve gone over the code countless times and can’t cut any more corners to make it better. If this sounds familiar to you, then you need iOS & Android app performance optimization services. With application performance optimization, your application is cleaned up and its performance potential is maximized for customer enjoyment and extending your business’s brand.


Top 3 Tips for iOS & Android Application Performance Optimization


Think Globally

Even though you may be building an application for a specific audience and demographic, it’ll be accessible by anyone in the world. Intended and unintended users are able to leave reviews after downloading and using your app, which is why application performance optimization is so important. Make sure app functionality is your top priority to make a big splash on the global app market.



One application won’t be able to do it all while also running efficiently. You have to be prepared to make compromises and trade-offs in the interest of application performance optimization. A smooth and sleek application that does exactly what it’s intended for will garner much more attention and positive reviews than an application that promises the world but can’t load images and graphics quickly.



Release a beta version to low-level mobile devices and then download it on your own mobile device and try it out as a real end-user would. Even go out into the world and try the app out on a variety of network connections, taking note of any lags and stutters so you can go back and address them.

iOS App Performance Optimization Services

Optimizing your iOS application for the Apple Store is a sure-fire way to increase brand exposure, get positive reviews, and engage with your customer base. Having an optimized iOS application is extremely helpful in making sure your product is successful. Here’s a few ways that Split Reef does pro iOS app performance optimization.

Manage Memory

With the release of iOS 5 came ARC: Automatic Reference Counting. Using ARC helps developers identify memory leaks in order to remove them. As soon as objects are deallocated, ARC removes them, greatly improving memory and thus, application performance.

Opaque Views

When there are views that have no transparency defined, their opaque property should be set to “yes,” in order to allow the system to optimally draw your views. As part of Split Reef’s pro iOS app performance optimization services, our iOS app experts will be able to optimize the views on your application.

Main Thread Optimization

The main thread of your application’s code should never be cluttered with heavy code. The risk of doing all of your app’s work on the main thread is that if your code does block this thread, your app will appear unresponsive. That’s a quick route to one-star reviews on the App Store.


Because a lot of applications rely on third-party sources, it’s easy for those applications to become bogged down when a mobile device loses connection. Reducing the file size and speeding up the download time on both the server- and client-side is a way to optimize an iOS application.

Android App Performance Optimization Services

Apple’s main competitor, Android, uses Google Play for users to access applications to download on their tablets and mobile devices. Because there are so many different mobile device brands that operate on Android or use Google Play, it’s important to have an application that can be downloaded across different operating platforms. Here’s how Split Reef may optimize Android app performance.

Unnecessary Objects

When you allocate more objects in your app, you’ll force garbage collection and create hiccups in the user experience. Creating short-term memory objects during development will optimize Android app performance.


Split Reef will optimize your Android application performance by switching objects from virtual to static, if those objects don’t need to be accessed after formation. This will increase calls from 15-20%, making your app faster.

Native Methods

Developing your Android application in Android’s native code doesn’t necessarily result in an optimized application. Use whatever programming language that will optimize your application’s function for Android app performance optimization.

Maximize Your Application Potential.

By using iOS and Android application performance optimization services, you’re setting your mobile app for success. With Split Reef, you’re optimizing your business through an optimized mobile app. Why wait until more problems arise? Get it started today.

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It’s important that your application performs well, right? You want the most positive reviews from the people using your app to make their lives better every day. With Split Reef, you can ensure for yourself that your mobile application is optimized for performance and user experience. Contact us today to get started.

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