Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

For many businesses across a number of different industries, mobile apps have become an essential aspect of their business. In order to give your customers the best possible experience across multiple platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Android, these applications must be able to seamlessly function no matter the platform.

For this reason, hiring a cross platform mobile app developer is a must when it’s time for your business to create an app. This way, all of your clients and customers can have access to your apps tools, resources, and more.


Custom Cross-Platform
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Split Reef is an experienced cross platform app development company that can create a near native look and feel for hybrid apps. We support businesses with multiple-platform mobile solutions.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development services

Why Should You Choose a Cross Platform Mobile Developer?

It can feel overwhelming when you start looking for the right approach to app development. There are advantages to both native and hybrid apps as well as drawbacks that have to be taken into account. The available resources you have and the project requirements might dictate that one solution is preferable to the other.

Cross platform app development can be a good choice if you have a limited budget and you’re looking to enter the market on a short timeframe. This way, one single development team can develop your custom app that will function on multiple platforms and produce the same user experience as native apps.

The Advantages of Hiring a Cross Platform Mobile App Company

Faster Development

Developing a cross-platform mobile app means that developers are largely working with one codebase that handles both Android and iOS. This means that they don’t have to create separate projects for each platform and can be built as a single project.

With cross-platform app development, it’s possible to reuse much of the code between the different platforms. This means that the entire project can be done much quicker than creating separate native apps for each platform.

Lower Costs

According to some estimates, you can save about 30% by opting for cross platform mobile app solutions rather than separate native solutions. Since you are hiring a cross platform mobile app company for one project rather than two or more, the developers can create the app faster and reuse much of the same code between platforms. This results in a substantial cost savings for the business.

Consistency Between Platforms

There are a number of differences inherent to both Android and iOS when it comes to both design and navigation. However, many of these UI differences are dealt with by default in cross platform development. On the other hand, there can end up being differences in implementing functions even among a team of developers with great communication.

What this means is that it’s easier to build a coherent brand identity using cross platform apps rather than native apps.

Wider Audience

When you’re first considering developing a mobile app for your company, one of the major initial challenges is determining whether to start with an iOS application or an Android app first. It can be frustrating to realize that no matter which option you chose you are cutting out potential customers.

If you choose a cross platform app from the get-go, it means that you can reach a wider audience right away.

Reusable Code

One of the biggest benefits of cross platform mobile app development is that it’s possible to produce one codebase for both major platforms simultaneously. If you choose a native approach, on the other hand, code has to be written separately for each platform.
Being able to reuse a significant portion of the code between platforms means that your app can be developed faster and for less money, while also providing a more consistent user experience and brand identity.

Top Rated Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company

If you are searching for the best cross platform app development company with an experienced team dedicated to developing functional apps that are compatible with all platforms, you’ve come to the right place. At Split Reef, we pride ourselves on our ability to help businesses thrive and grow through the creation of cross platform apps.

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