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Jones Metal Products

Responsive web design & Digital marketing

Jones Metal Products is a West Lafayette, Ohio based company that provides products and services for space and defense systems, alternative energy systems, and petrochemical technologies. Split Reef, a Columbus web development company and digital marketing agency fully overhauled their website and took the reins of JMP’s marketing.

Split Reef redesigned Jones Metal Products' entire website from top to bottom to create a foundation for the best possible SEO outcomes. A fully responsive website design was created by our team of experienced and creative experts to ensure that JMP has a dominant web presence that can be easily viewed on any device.

SEO Services

When it comes to SEO, Jones Metal Products wasn’t starting from scratch. Split Reef was able to take a site that was already receiving decent search rankings and radically improve its overall SEO.

In the last six months, Split Reef transformed JMP’s website and succeed in:

Increasing overall web traffic by 31%
Increasing new users by 30%
Increasing organic search by 28%
Increasing goals by 34%

Improving SEO

Our professional SEO services help companies all across the country achieve real, concrete SEO results. With services that are completely customizable to your brand, we can help you reach and surpass each and every goal you have.

A Digital Marketing Agency That Gets Results

A lot of Columbus SEO company and digital marketing agencies will simply throw a few keywords into your web copy and claim they’re helping to boost your search rankings. At Split Reef, we provide real, quantifiable results to help you gain more traffic, more customers, more leads, and more revenue.

Top Keywords Previous Ranking
June 2020
Current Ranking
Jan 2021
hydroforming 8 2
aerospace hydroforming 7 1
hydroformed aluminum 10 1
vacuum heat treatmnt 12 1
hydroforming steel 13 3
heat treating aluminum 23 1
diy hydroforming 26 1
aircraft sheet metal fabrication 31 1
sheet hydroforming 36 4
nadcap certified suppliers 120 1
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