Android Native App Development Company

Android Native App Development Company

Native mobile apps are created in a specific programming language that correlates to the platform it will run on. For Android operating systems, native applications have fast performance and a lot of reliability. About 75% of all mobile devices in the world run on Android, making it the most popular mobile operating system. Android boasts a variety of mobile devices, brands, and operating systems. But all native Android app development results end up on Google Play, the main marketplace for Android applications. Our Android native app development company offers superior Android native app development services so clients can be sure to see their mobile app shine on the majority of devices in the world.


Hybrid Vs Native Mobile App Development Services

Mobile applications can be developed using one of two methods: native or hybrid. While both are similar in appearance and design, one method includes one code while the other includes two separate codes. Let’s take a look.

Native Mobile App Development

Native Android application development include writing code for the application in platform-specific language. But native apps are able to access the built-in features of smartphones like the camera or microphone without relying on plugins. Because they are native to the platform they’re released on, native Android applications also include better performance compared to hybrid. Split Reef is an award-winning Native Android app development company, contact our Native Android application development company today for your mobile application.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid applications can be handy in some mobile application development cases. Hybrid applications are designed to work across platforms, so it doesn’t matter if your app is being downloaded by an Android or Apple phone user, it will work either way. However, hybrid applications have to rely on plugins to access certain features or achieve certain functionality. We @Split Reef know for mobile application development services at affordable price & effective project delivery.

Advantages of Native Android
App Development

While the initial cost of Android native application development can be high, there are plenty of benefits that outweigh any negatives that come with native app development.

Better Performance

Because native mobile apps are coded to direct interact with APIs without depending on middleware or plugins, native apps are faster and more responsive. Contact our Native Android application development company today for your mobile application.

Complete Support

Because native Android app development works directly with the Android platform, native apps get better support from app stores and the overall marketplace. Native apps get immediate access to Android feature updates and tend to comply better with the Android app store. Split Reef is a leading and award-winning Android native development company.

Interactive and Intuitive

The user experience for native Android applications are far superior to hybrid applications. Without the need for plugins or middleware, the app has more wiggle room when it comes to graphics, animations, functionality and more. Built on software development kits, native apps have a more consistent look and feel.

Approval Means Compatibility

Native apps hosted on the Android app store are more often compatible with a wider spectrum of Android mobile devices. Because Android is an open-source platform, plenty of mobile phone companies have created their own version of a smartphone, and a native app will work on most, if not all of them.

Languages Used in Native Android Application Development


One of the most popular programming languages, Java is used in a variety of web and mobile applications. When native Android app development uses Java, it results in robust, secure, and user-friendly applications.


Believe it or not, C++ has a slight speed advantage over Java when it comes to Android native app development. As C++ usually has no standard user Interface, the user-interface code is written in the native language and C++ used for the business logic.


A relatively new language developed by Google, the company that hosts the Android app store, Kotlin is modern, expressive, and has security built into its language.

Complete Support. Better Experience

When you use Split Reef’s Android native app development services, you’re guaranteeing that your application is compatible with 75% of mobile devices used around the world. Can’t argue with that, right?

Benefits of Java Programming Language in Android Native App Development


User- and Designer-Friendly

Because Java is relatively simple, it’s vibrant in nature and results in a superior UX/UI in the end application. It’s able to support high-resolution graphics and motions, making it a popular application programing language.



There’s so much you can do with Java, and because the language promotes performance and error checks throughout development, the application is developed with little to no errors.



Java has been around for a long time. Any major security issues that may arise in the Java programming language have already been detected and fixed. Native Android application development in Java results in secure applications that protect users and developers alike.

Working with a Native Android
Application Development Company

If you want to launch an app on the Android app store and have it been successful, then consider the Android native application development services by Split Reef. With Split Reef, clients not only see their vision of a functional and beautiful app come to life, but they do it with the help of a trusted, respected, and experienced team of native Android application development experts. Contact our Android native development company today to get started and get your app out there with elegant coding and amazing user experience.

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