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Ticking is a productivity app designed to improve communication between contractors and their clients. The client came to Split Reef, a Columbus web application development company, for help designing an app that would be responsive and functional on all mobile devices.

Mobile App Mockup Design

Split Reef Started with Mobile App Mockup Design

Mobile App Mockup Design

The first step in providing custom mobile app development is creating a mockup design. Split Reef created a mobile app mockup design to understand the functionality of the app.


Sleek Design

For effective custom mobile app development, the app must be aesthetically pleasing to the user.

Functional Interface

In order for the app to serve its purpose, it needed to have a functional interface that was easy to use.


The app needed to be responsive to whatever device it was being used on, whether that be an iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Fast Design

For the app to serve its purpose to the user, it must run fast and not have any lag time.

Custom Mobile App Development Services

Custom Web Application Development for Any Device

Split Reef was able to create a Ticking app that was functional and responsive on all devices. With the Columbus web application development services , Ticking sees downloads from users regardless if they’re using an Apple or Android product.

Functions Provided by Split Reef, a Web App Development Company

Calendar Views

Task List Views

Message Views

Group Views

An App for All Devices

iOS App Development Services & Android App Development Services

Split Reef, an iPhone application development company , designed Ticking to be used on iPhones so contractors could keep their tasks organized at all times. Split Reef is also an Android app development company and was able to make Ticking functional on Android devices as well.

Chat Function

Custom Mobile App Development for Chat

In the Ticking app, Split Reef was able to create a chat function that allowed for easier communication between contractors and clients. Tasks could be set up and notifications can ping through this feature.

Custom Web App Development

Split Reef - A Custom Mobile App Development Company

Split Reef was able to develop the Ticking app that is both functional and expertly designed to work on all devices.

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