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Agee Clymer is a Personal Injury, Social Security, and Workers Compensation law firm located in Columbus, Ohio. After noticing a need for a better-designed website that is both responsive and search engine optimized, the client came to Split Reef for help achieving their goals.

Responsive Website Design

Gain More Website Visitors

Split Reef was able to provide responsive website design services for Agee Clymer. Through strategic design, fluid graphics, and concise information, Agee Clymer’s website visitors are now able to access a fully-functional site whether they’re using a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Our ability to provide responsive website design services as a law firm web design company helped Agee Clymer become a leader in the online space for its respective industry, beating out its competition with Google indexing over 1,000 keywords on the site.

SEO Services

Reach More Clients through Search Engine

As a Columbus SEO company , Split Reef has been able to help local clients increase their position in Google’s search rankings. Through optimization of the website’s design, content, and links, Agee Clymer has climbed in the search rankings with the site appearing high in search results related to lawyers in the area. We’ve also helped the company gain more backlinks pointing into their site, with an increase to over 29,000 backlinks and 1,239 referring domains. Our experience as a law firm internet marketing company helped us develop law firm seo that not only created a better website experience for Agee Clymer site visitors but helped grow the business exponentially.

Increase New Business from Website Traffic

Split Reef’s team of experienced website designers, developers, content writers, and SEO consultants know what they’re doing when it comes to law firm internet marketing. We’re proud to serve as an internet marketing company in Columbus, Ohio helping our neighbors make their websites better. With Agee Clymer, our experience helped the client’s organic search keyword rankings increase exponentially over time, with less than 1,000 keywords in 2015 to more than 2,000 today. We are a seasoned digital marketing company with the know-how to optimize web pages, content, and web design for law firms like Agee Clymer.

Wordpress Page Speed Optimization

Improve Page Optimization to Increase Conversions

It’s important that websites have pages that load quickly and completely load to keep website visitors from leaving the site. Split Reef provided Agee Clymer with Wordpress speed optimization services to provide the best user experience. In addition to these services, Split Reef also offered Wordpress web development services to round out design and work out development kinks. As a result, Agee Clymer was able to see an increase in goal completions from 30 in November 2016 to 140 in August 2019, a more than 400% increase.

Agee Clymer Utilized Split Reef for Law Firm Internet Marketing Services Including:

Responsive Website Design - To make the site available on all types of devices

SEO Services - To increase site visibility to those using search engines like Google

Wordpress Page Speed Optimization - For a fast-loading site to keep visitors engaged with the website

After implementation, Split Reef led Agee Clymer to an increase from less than 2,000 organic search visitors in November 2016 to almost 20,000 in July 2019.

Increase Conversions

Law Firm Digital Marketing

With a combination of Wordpress speed optimization, Professional SEO services, responsive website design, and other law firm internet marketing tools, Split Reef was about to increase the number of form submissions completed on Agee Clymer’s website by simplifying the process and developing a sleeker, streamlined form design. This translated to an increase in potential clients which ultimately resulted in business growth for the company.

As a result, Agee Clymer was able to see an increase in goal completions from 30 in November 2016 to 140 in August 2019, a more than 400% increase.

Top keywords

Disability Attorney
Medical Malpractice Lawyers
Worker Comp Lawyer
Social Security Disability Lawyers

Client Testimonials

“Split Reef did a professional audit of our web design and digital marketing strategies and helped us realize that we needed an update. We love our new site, and the consistent content means that we can focus on our incoming clients while they handle our digital SEO strategies with top-level professionalism that matches ours.”

Agee Clymer Mitchell & Portman Law

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