Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance Management Solutions

Local, state or national. It doesn’t matter, as Split Reef is ready with top-quality compliance management services to help your business be accessible by anyone and have the robust security needed by your industry. Researching the requirements for compliance is frustrating — leave it to our compliance professionals, and we will deliver your regulatory compliance solutions with ease.


What is Regulatory Compliance Management?

Some businesses are legally required by their local, state or federal government to have their website comply with certain security and website standards. For example, when a customer has their credit card information stored online, that business must have the proper regulatory compliance software solutions in place to protect customer data from theft. There is a myriad of different standards set forth by councils and governmental organizations that apply to different businesses.

At Split Reef, we take the guessing out of compliance to deliver cutting-edge regulatory compliance solutions in the form of well-designed websites tailored specifically to your business needs.

Types of Compliance
Management Solutions


In 2002, the United States passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that protects shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices. This sets deadlines for compliance and establishes standards for all public companies in their finance and information technology departments. With Split Reef’s compliance consulting services, we can build the infrastructure needed for governance-required auditing and reporting processes.

General Data Protection Regulation

Although GDPR is a European Union law that protects EU citizens and sets a new standard regarding their rights, it still is relevant to United States companies and other organizations based outside of the EU. It sets the guidelines for how customer data is exported outside of the EU, making it an example of how companies and websites should protect their customer/client data and information.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act set forth guidelines to protecting patient health information by healthcare providers. Whether it is on a database, a web site or a mobile application, there are strict and attentive guidelines to meet in order to be HIPAA-compliant. Compliance management services for healthcare companies include information security policies, private IP addresses, antivirus solutions and unique authentication factors among other items to ensure HIPAA compliance.


Financial institutions are required to place Dodd-Frank compliance measures in their processes to protect consumers and prevent economic recession. The act, passed in 2010, targets banks, mortgage lenders and credit rating agencies. There’s a long checklist of 16 requirements that financial institutions must follow in order to be compliant, but Split Reef’s compliance consulting services can help your organization determine its laurels and identify where improvements need to be implemented.


There are 12 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council that safeguards customer payment information on websites, mobile applications and web applications. Failure to comply can costs companies heavy fines or complete termination of credit card processing privileges. With our regulatory compliance software solutions, you can sit back and watch the money come in, knowing that you’re covered and meeting these strict guidelines.

Federal Information Security Management

Government agencies must conduct yearly reviews of IT security programs under this United States act. In these regulatory compliance management requirements, agencies must identify threat levels and have security controls in place for information systems while also assessing the effective of their threat management tactics. It seems like a lot to handle, but our compliance consulting services makes it easy to identify areas of improvement and bulk up IT security measures.

Key Features of Compliance
Management Services

What do you get when you sign on for Split Reef’s compliance management solutions? We handle everything from audits to protocols to help your business operate within the guidelines of compliance that relate to your company. With our compliance consulting services and management solutions, you’re ensuring that you won’t be hit with fines or penalties in your day-to-day operations.

Internal Audits

In the world of compliance management solutions, it’s critical that you know what to look for when conducting an internal audit. We can help you set up and streamline your internal auditing and report documentation process to identify your compliance features.

Third-Party Audits

Are you unsure as to whether or not your business is compliant with your industry-related requirements? Call in Split Reef to take a look over your operations as part of our compliance consulting services to help determine where you need improvements and what’s working well in your regulatory compliance management.

Security Procedures & Control

Ensure cohesive protocols across the board in your security procedures. No matter what department is threatened, your company can handle the situation to produce a solution every time with little to no delay.

Report & Documentation Preparations

In most compliance regulatory requirements, in-depth reports and documentation are required by agencies to prove that businesses and organizations are operating within the allowed parameters. Robust and comprehensive compliance management services means having a partner help you streamline documents and reports preparation.

Exceeding standards, every time.

Operate with the confidence that you’ll never get dinged with non-compliance fines. There’s no more need to worry about meeting any compliance standards, because we’ve got your back.

Why is Compliance Management Required?

Increase Efficiency

Optimizing effectiveness is important in regulatory compliance management systems. When your processes are efficient, streamlined and easy-to-use, compliance often follows suit.

Universal Access

Isn’t it better when everyone can use your products? That means those who are audio- and visual-impaired. Connect with more customers, more clients and make more meaningful parnterships with regulatory compliance software solutions.


Who’s in charge of ensuring you’re following guidelines and your regulatory compliance solutions in place are working? Identify who will be held accountable for the effectiveness of your protocols.

The Benefits of Compliance
Management System

It’s not just about the fines and penalties you may occur if you’re not compliant with industry regulations; compliance can help your business become more efficient and productive. Putting compliance management solutions in place with a company like Split Reef means simultaneously streamlining your efforts.

Define Standards

When a governing body sets forth regulations for your business operations, make them the new standard. Better yet, exceed those standards with robust compliance management solutions. Until exceed standards becomes the new standard, you won’t have to worry about penalties and heft fines on your company.

Communicate and Assign Tasks

When protocols and guidelines are in place, the bigger picture becomes clearer. In your regulatory compliance management, it becomes easier to identify key team members who can take charge of reviewing and implementing your security protocols. When there’s a breach in your security, you will already know what to do to squash the threat while ensuring customer/client data security, thus maintaining compliance.

Determine Existing Compliance

Every solution is tailored to our clients’ needs. We don’t use cookie cutter designs for our websites, and we don’t implement one all-encompassing compliance service that’s the same across the board. We identify the areas where you are already compliant so we can focus on improving the areas where you aren’t.

Track Controls and Standard Processes

Organizations must often establish and implement track mechanisms to allow regulatory bodies to understand how their standard processes work. In our compliance management services, we implement these processes to help you better understand your controls and protocols, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Simplifies the Process

When you implement compliance in your day-to-day operations, information becomes more easily available to those who need it. Process and compliance go hand-in-hand in your operations and will help employees complete tasks quicker while still maintaining standards of compliance.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution with Split Reef. We design and create compliance management solutions from websites to mobile apps to databases that are customized to fit your exact needs. Whatever you want out of your compliant products, we can deliver it with ease.

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