Jacksonville eCommerce website design company

Jacksonville eCommerce Web Design Company

Having a lot of product to offer customers is a good thing but presenting those products in a sensible way on the web is even better. Our Jacksonville eCommerce website design company provides customers with an easy-to-use way to place products in an online cart and drive your sales past your expected goals.

Split Reef is well known custom eCommerce website design company

What is
an eCommerce

An eCommerce website is a site that allows customers to choose and purchase products over an electronic medium. Simply put, it’s a way to sell products and reach a global market that a brick and mortar store can’t. It also allows for customers to input payment data and even store it for future use of checkout mediums.

We are a top rated custom eCommerce website design company in Jacksonville Florida. Choose our Jacksonville web design services for your business store.

Our Areas of Expertise

We focus on areas of expertise that allow us to best use our skills and help our clients boost their brands.

B2C eCommerce

B2C solutions allow us to help our clients reach individual customers. In this process, we find ways to make your eCommerce more appealing and accessible to those who want to buy from you. We want to direct website traffic and create engaging appeals to potential customers.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces are increasingly popular, and as they grow, we want to help your business grow with them. We help you with tasks like getting sellers involved in your marketplace, empowering sellers, and reaching consumers. Online marketplaces can be hard to manage, but with the right solutions, they can do incredibly well.

Multi-Vendor Platforms

Multi-vendor platforms are popular because they allow people to access several vendors in one place. They also allow vendors to benefit from the success and popularity of other vendors. Getting these platforms to be successful can take specialized attention.

CMS Integration

We also help our clients utilize Content Management Systems through CMS integration. This process allows for a blog to be added to your website. We help you find solutions to add this functionality and maintain other functions you need to keep.

Migration & Upgrade

Systems get old, but to do well, you need to keep them updated. We can help you migrate your data to a new system that better fits your needs. We can also help you with upgrades to your current system, which can require management techniques.

API Integration

APIs allow multiple applications to exchange data. This data exchange is important in eCommerce, and it allows for an efficient and smooth user experience. We want to help you with API integration so your eCommerce business can work more effectively.

Web portals

Web portals allow for a better user experience. They help people find what they are looking for, and they must be customized to the needs of each individual brand. We can help our clients create better web portals.

Our Jacksonville eCommerce Web Design Services

As an expert eCommerce web design company, we offer many helpful services. Some of our services include:


eCommerce Website Wireframe Creation & Discovery


Custom Website Design


Checkout & Credit Card Processing


Custom eCommerce Website Functionality


ERP / Amazon / eBay / Marketplace Integrations


Email Marketing Services


Product & Data Imports


SEO-Friendly eCommerce Website Development

Emerging eCommerce Trends

The Latest eCommerce Web
Design Requirements

As online stores and eCommerce has exploded in the past years, customers have more and more choices in online shopping. Having the right custom eCommerce website design and layout means customers are more willing to come to your online store and purchase your products. They want the experience of a physical store, but on their screens instead.

Interactive Shopping

How does the product look on the person or how will a piece of furniture fit in their apartment? Providing interactive shopping experiences online is how customers stay with certain brands and products, and an eCommerce web design company like Split Reef will help you retain those customers.


More and more people use their phones as their everyday assistants. Contacting friends and family, checking bank statements and even shopping for new products. Make your products available on their phones through custom eCommerce web design services.

Striking Colors

Bright colors and the right shades will incorporate your brand into your eCommerce website design services. Through thoughtful color palettes, the artistry of your eCommerce site will also help customers understand that you’re the real deal.

Original Photography

Why feature someone else’s product and pass it off as your own? Using original images for products and services cements your brand identity on your eCommerce site and puts your products in the limelight, where they deserve to be.


Using content marketing will help paint a picture for visitors to understand how your product will improve their lives. Storytelling tactics also forges a connection between your business and the reader to better entice them toward your business.

Improved Security

As part of eCommerce requirements, any company that stores customer data — specifically payment cards and banking information — must have a specific set of security measures in place to protect that data from theft. With eCommerce web design services from Split Reef, you can be sure you’re meeting and exceeding those security requirements.

Inventory Updates and Management

With inventory coming in and out, managing that inventory can be a struggle, especially as your business grows. Staying organized is essential so you keep track of your stock and don’t have to adjust these numbers manually.

Integrated Shipping Plugins

The shipping of products is important to customers, and giving them shipping options is a great way to empower your customers and make them more content. Plugins can help you manage different shipping options. These plugins can make you seem more professional.

SEO Friendly eCommerce Website Design

SEO is one of the top tools for getting clients to your business. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that your design is up to date with SEO standards. We make sure your website is optimized so that you never jeopardize your search engine rankings.

Management Tools

Management tools can make your life easier. Some companies need special tools for special problems, and we can help you find the solutions you need. Once these tools are in place, your life becomes a lot easier.

The Payoffs From Great
eCommerce Website Design Services

The Split Reef ecommerce web design team does this by living up to our commitments regarding customization, specialization, dedication, and cooperation.

Efficient eCommerce Web design Process

Our process includes several elements that allow us to stay organized and give much-needed support to our clients.


Planning is one of the most important parts of our process. We carefully plan to find the best solutions for you.

UX Wireframing

Wireframing helps us create a basic layout for the work we are going to do. This is an important step in a design process because it helps us incorporate all the needs our clients want in the finished project. It is the skeleton that holds all the other design elements.

eCommerce Design

Design should always reflect the energy of your company. We are careful to design for your needs, and we want to listen to what you want most for your business. We also reflect the personality of your brand in our work.


We want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Thus, we make sure to complete testing so that we know everything will work as it should.


We see your website through to the end. We ensure the launch goes smoothly and we address any lingering issues.

5 Factors of eCommerce Web Design

Creating a solid eCommerce foundation.


Clean & Quick Navigation

Visitors want to be able to quickly search for and find the products they need and move on to the next activity. Bogging them down with unnecessary navigation tactics will quickly turn them away and send them to your competitors.


Graphics & Images

Buying online needs to be transparent. When you partner with our Jacksonville eCommerce website design company, you’re getting high-resolution images and graphics to ensure you’re putting you best foot forward online.


Content Loading on Page

With dedicated cloud servers and the right eCommerce website design, your products will load instantly, giving visitors a pleasant experience when browsing through your online store.


Video Streaming

When applicable, video content can seriously bolster your online sales and give visitors a better idea of the product they’re buying, how to use it, and the ins and outs of your amazing products.


Relevant Content

Keep out the gunk and clutter of information with a sleek and thoughtfully designed website from an eCommerce web design company. Being straight forward and to-the-point keeps cognitive load down and gives your site a professional look.

Challenges in Custom eCommerce Website Design

User Centric

The website user’s experience is the most important part of any website design. Being able to navigate easily and checkout with payment quickly is a crucial aspect of a customer’s website design. Our eCommerce web design company takes this into consideration with building your custom eCommerce website.

Product Goals

Depending on the nature of your industry and the type of products you sell, it can be challenging to design a website that accurately reflects the high quality of your products and services.

Design-Product Cooperation

Creating a website that complements your products — especially if there is a wide selection of them — can be difficult. Designing a site to work well with the nature of your products and services is a challenge that Split Reef is willing to take on and execute flawlessly.

Web Design Checklist

Here is what an eCommerce web design company considers when taking on your custom eCommerce website project.

Home Page Design

The first page a customer sees is the most important one. Inviting online customers to your online store is much like having an enticing physical storefront.

Different Grid Layouts

Depending on the categorization and quantity of your products, some categories will require a different grid layout to better feature your products. Furthermore, having different grid layouts is an effective way to break up monotonous visual blocks of design.


Less is more, as they say. Keeping a custom eCommerce website design free of clutter helps customers concentrate on what they’re looking for and not on unnecessary graphics and images.

Keep User in Mind

We think about your best online shopping and eCommerce web design experiences and try to apply that to your custom eCommerce web design. Putting ourselves in the intended user’s shoes helps us create a site that will better serve you.

Perfect Planning

Nobody can predict the future, but we get pretty darn close. Through a well though-out plan and dedicated designers working to meet deadlines, we deliver eCommerce website design projects on time and ready to launch.

White Space

Blank spaces on a website isn’t a bad thing. In fact, keeping the visual field clear of distractions can help customers better enjoy browsing through products and thus, boosting sales.


Choosing the right font can be difficult, but the most important thing to consider is its readability. Not only does website copy have to be clean and error-free, but the words themselves have to be legible, or else your professionalism isn’t coming across.

No Distractions

Sometimes, customers don’t want to sign up for your newsletter or invite a friend to subscribe or even click on an ad for 15% off if they answer a survey. Keeping your website design clear of distractions is what an eCommerce website design company like Split Reef does.

Product Design

How can we tell your customer how great the product is if they can’t see it for themselves in person? Highlighting and featuring the product design is a great way for visitors to engage with the product without being there in person to see it.

Natural Flow

Organization is key to creating a great online store though eCommerce web design services. Having a natural flow of information and product images helps customers sort through what they need and ignore what they don’t.

Search Bar

For quick searches and straight-to-the-point customers, a search bar is imperative for visitors to narrow down their results and find exactly what they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently.


Raving reviews are the bread and butter of marketing strategies. When customers receive a product and review it, having those words and opinions from real life people help future customers make decisions about their next purchase.

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Reasons to Choose Us as Your Jacksonville eCommerce Development Company


Decades Of Experience: We have been in the business for a long time. Our experience shows in each project we complete.


On-time Delivery: Deadlines matter to us. We make sure we leave plenty of time to give you your deliverables when you need them.


Agile Development Process: Our agile skills allow us to problem-solve.


Support & Maintenance: Maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping a website running well.


High Performance : We never sacrifice quality, so we always offer high performance. We will make sure your website is running as well as it can be.

eCommerce Development FAQ

Our design process is customized for the needs of our clients, but we take a systemized approach that runs through consultation through maintenance. Throughout the process, we make sure that our clients are with us and support what we are doing.

We can do a myriad of things. It all depends on what you want to accomplish. Our ultimate goal is to get your eCommerce website to make you more money and help you grow your company. The way we do that will depend on what we decide your website needs.

Managing an eCommerce site always requires work, and we want to do the bulk of that work, so you don’t have to. You should focus on what you’re good at and leave the management of your eCommerce site to the professionals!

Yes! We understand how important mobile-friendly sites are. Mobile use continues to increase, so if you don’t have mobile-friendly content, your website will be missing valuable attributes.

We work with many types of eCommerce companies. Through a consultation, we can determine if our skills match the needs of your company.

We have a complex toolbox of tools that we use to complete eCommerce websites. We use a variety of programming languages and frameworks to create the ideal outcomes for our customers.

We provide custom-fit, client-focused web design to all our customers. Consultations help us understand what clients want and need from us.

Part of our job is to redesign eCommerce websites. How much we change will depend on the unique needs of the website we are working on.

Client Testimonials

Split Reef has designed a seamless User Experience, Creative and desirable Functionality. The entire project was dealt with dedication, attention to detail was offered at each phase of the project from Discovery, Design, Development, Testing, and Delivery. Their ability to offer great flexibility for added development, transparency in communication, and understanding our needs sets them apart from several web development agencies. We were never treated like clients but more like friends and family! We are very satisfied with how our project is handled.

—IBEXeye, Ophthalmic Instruments

Although still in development, I am confident that the final product that Split Reef will develop will be exactly what my company needs. Split Reef has come alongside me in this process and made my vision for this app come to life and I can’t wait to see where we go in the future. If you are thinking about partnering with Split Reef, I can tell you that your vision will be realized and your needs met.

—Adam Kronshagen

eCommerce Web Design Portfolio

Split Reef’s Eye-Catching and Effective Past eCommerce Web Design Work

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