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Digital marketing services need to be comprehensive so you can get the most value for your dollar. That’s why we provide a full suite of digital marketing services from our Jacksonville, Florida & Columbus, Ohio offices to deliver real results in the digital world. Find out more about the exceptional internet marketing you can expect when you partner with Split Reef.

internet marketing agency in Jacksonville, Florida

Impress Upon Search Engines

Monitor Your Business with the Latest Analytic Tools

It’s not enough to just count visitor traffic or retweets on Twitter. Implementing industry-leading tactics and tools will help paint a clearer picture of how your company is performing online. Our internet marketing company in Jacksonville, Florida & Columbus, Ohio uses the latest analytics tools, including Google Analytics, to show you where you stand among your competitors.

Rise in Visitor Traffic and Revenue

Split Reef Has Your Jacksonville Digital Marketing Solutions

When you sign on for our digital marketing services in Jacksonville, Florida & Columbus, Ohio you’re also signing on for highly rated and exceptional resources that help us help your business. Split Reef’s team of marketing specialists plans and implements strategies and delivers visual graphics of the results, so you know exactly how well it’s working.

Accurate and Precise Implementation

Our digital marketing services come in strong with a serious game plan to implement a vast array of strategies that will improve your SEO rankings, increase your conversation rates and bring you business through your website.

Business Analytics and Graphics

If you need visuals on how your business indices are improving, our digital marketing agency deliver that data, wrapped neatly in easy-to-interpret and understandable graphs and graphics to show you how your internet marketing services are making an impact on your company. When questions come up, we’re more than happy to go over the information to help you understand exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Global Online Marketing Solutions

Expand your reach past your city to connect with the entire country and even the world through our digital marketing services based in Jacksonville, Florida & Columbus, Ohio. Although we’re in the Midwest, our global-minded strategies can take your business wherever you want it to go.

Search Engine Optimization with ROI Guaranteed

If you’ve never used digital marketing services, it can be hard to pick the right digital marketing agency to partner with. It can almost seem silly to spend money just to make your business stand out on the internet. But when you invest in your digital visibility through search engine optimization through our digital marketing services in Columbus, Ohio & Jacksonville, Florida you’ll see an enormous return on investment that you can’t get anywhere else.

Our Featured Services

Scientific Digital Marketing Services from Jacksonville, Florida & Columbus, Ohio

Split Reef’s team of digital marketing specialists in Jacksonville, FL plans and implements strategies and delivers visual graphics of the results, so you know exactly how well it’s working.

Search Engine

Rise in the search engine results so that potential customers and clients see you at the top of the list. Through placing targeted keywords strategically throughout your website and in updated content, we can help you increase your web visitors, which can then be your new clients. At Split Reef our internet marketing company consistently updates and freshens your content, so you stay relevant to your customers, always.


As much as we like organic solutions to our digital marketing problems, the fact is that we can bolster your organic visitors and searches with pay-per-click solutions. They’re not like an advertisement in which you paid a one-time fee for a web banner. Your company is charged per click that brings visitors to your site, meaning your costs reflect your success.

Social Media

Many people live and thrive on social media platforms. Using your own brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+, you can connect with your demographic and build your brand recognition through replies, comments and retweets. More page likes and follows makes you more visible in searches.


Measure, manage and analyze your company’s indices with our industry-leading analytic tools to optimize your return on investment, streamline marketing strategy changes and maximize effectiveness. With real time analysis, we can minimize wasted web marketing dollars and shift our focus to the strategies that are working for you.

Content Optimization

Ensure that your web copy is fresh, relevant and up to date with your industry’s standards. Whether you need an entire site re-write or just strategically placed SEO keywords to bolster your search engine ranking, our experienced copywriters will craft elegant and understandable copy that matches your business.

Rate Optimization

Turn clicks into customers. It’s always a good then when you have visitors coming to your site, but it’s even better when they pick up the phone and call you or add your services to their shopping cart. Our digital marketing services will bridge that gap between visitors and customers.

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