Content Marketing Agency for Law Firms

Content Marketing Agency for Law Firms

We are a law firm content marketing agency, which means that we have worked to create content marketing for law firms with specialized needs that other companies do not have. Lawyers require websites that showcase their expertise. Due to the cost of legal services, customers often want to scrutinize legal professionals before hiring them. They do this to ensure they don’t waste their money. Accordingly, content marketing for attorneys is increasingly important and can show off the attributes of your law firm and prove that your services are worth the expense.

content marketing for lawyers

A Renowned Law Firm Content Marketing Agency in Florida

Split Reefs strives to create the best content marketing for law firms in Jacksonville. We have helped the law firms in Jacksonville improve their websites and bring in a larger client base.

Why Invest in Content Marketing for Lawyers?

Attorneys often have busy workloads as it is. Accordingly, finding the time to create websites can be arduous and overwhelming. For law firms with clients to serve, the last thing on their minds is often their websites. Firms often know they need to address their websites but can never spare the energy to tackle the websites themselves, which is how Split Reed can help.

Time is Money

Lawyers earn much of their money by hourly billing, which means that time you are spending on digital marketing content is when you could be earning more money. Money isn’t everything, but when you are trying to run a business, wasting time is never advisable.

We Know What Content Clients Look For

Clients don’t always know how to put in words what they want to accomplish, but because we have worked with legal clients in the past, we have learned the common strategies and techniques that can boost law firms. If you’re feeling lost about your marketing content, let us help.

Keywords that Put You on the Map

Our company excels at making sure your content gets clicks. We do research to determine what SEO keywords will get your website foot traffic, which will, in turn, help you get more clients.

Search Engines Should Be Your Friends

Search engines are the key to getting more visitors to your website. We stay informed on how search engines and their rankings evolve over time. Search engines don’t rank pages the same way they did ten years ago, and we want to reflect the frequent changes in our work.

We Showcase Your Brand

Our content marketing helps you show potential clients what is important to your law firm. We showcase your skills, knowledge, and experience. When potential clients see all that, you have to offer, they are more likely to seek your services.

How Split Reef Stands Out

There are plenty of companies that offer similar services to ours, but many of those companies do not have specialized experience in the legal sector. We’ve worked with law firms and knew how to guide them to the best of our ability.



Communication is one of the values we strive to maintain. We never want our clients to feel as though they are in the dark about what we are doing. It’s important for a healthy stream of communication to ensure law firms and our marketing content specialists are on the same page. The best way to avoid issues is to establish strong communication.



We don’t just communicate with our clients; we also collaborate with them. While we never want to overburden clients or waste their time, we still want them to be part of the process, and we are a call away if they have any problems or concerns about their marketing content.



Split Reef has proven itself capable of handling the marketing content of law firms. It has done this by working tirelessly for law firms and learning what lawyers need most in their digital content. We know that the legal field has requirements that many businesses don’t have, and that knowledge helps us handle legal clients with skill and understanding.



Creativity allows us to determine inventive solutions to your content marketing needs. By thinking creatively, we can better customize content.



As a company that promises the best for our clients, we know that we have to keep up with new marketing trends. Otherwise, we will let our clients down. We stay up to date on the latest techniques so that you don’t have to.

Trust Us to Earn Potential Client's Trust

Time and resource constraints probably make it hard for you to create the web content you want, but we make the process pain-free, and we strive to tend to the unique needs of attorneys.

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