Law Firm Website Design Company Jacksonville FL

Law Firm Website Design Company in Jacksonville, FL

No matter the area of law you specialize in, there should be nothing holding you back from standing out from the crowd. Do away with the standard website design you have been using for the past few years. It is time to partner with Split Reef, a website redesign company, for your own unique and professionally built site.
As a law firm website design company in Jacksonville, our team is ready to help you put a striking online footprint down.


What is Custom Law Firm Website Development in Florida?

Custom attorney website design in Jacksonville, Florida is where we create a website that is completely tailored to your needs. Our website redesign services for law firms take stock of what you want your site to provide to your clients.

Split Reef offers custom law firm website design services that include responsive web design for lawyers all the way to WordPress law firm website design. Our team works on everything from crisp fonts, custom layouts, to the colors that will be present.

You want to keep a cohesive look across your firm, from your in-person offices to your web presence. A custom web design for lawyers from the Split Reef team will serve as the perfect place to share your services and communicate with your clients.

What Can a Custom Law Firm Website Design Company in Florida Do For You?

You realize that you need a new website or to utilize the website redesign services for law firms that we offer. So, what is next?

Split Reef is a custom law firm website design company in Jacksonville with a deep understanding of the web design space. Having a professional, custom site helps to further establish your credibility with potential clients and increases the number of people who can connect with you.

Your website should stand as a strong representation of your firm. We can help you put your best foot forward!

Information and Services Flow

We work to pinpoint the services you offer as a law firm that will help your clients better understand you and work to highlight those in our responsive web design for lawyers. Our intuitive design means that your information will be strategically worked into the custom web design throughout the design process.

This results in a coordinated effort to present your law firm’s information in a manner that lets site visitors easily engage with the site and information.

Call to Action

A key part of our custom law firm website design is to draw focus to the important elements of what your firm does. Call to Actions are a unique way to pull attention to your services or a particular area of your practice that you want to highlight. Our team will seamlessly work these Call to Actions into the fabric of your WordPress law firm website design.

Continued Support and Updates

Our work does not end once the final website is delivered. When it comes to small law firm website design, the Split Reef team is here to support you and your site through updates and continued support. From service updates to website design updates, our team is here to make all the changes you need. A law firm can see changes in focus, overall brand identity, and demographic. You need a site that can easily change with you.

From imagery changes to updating smaller details like font and color schemes, Split Reef can update your site as your law firm grows.

Standout Solutions

Custom Web Design for Lawyers

When you work with a website redesign company like Split Reef, you are working with experts in the field. Our process is refined and is guaranteed to take what you want to see in your website and give the professional touch it deserves.



We cannot start on small law firm website design without doing our due diligence. We use the latest strategies to ensure that our research is up to date, and we are delivering you a site that is above and beyond industry leading standards.


Designed for All Screens

Responsive web design for lawyers is an integral part of our process. Your site will be accessible on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Our responsive web design makes your site easy to find on all devices and helps to boost overall search engine ratings.


Innovative Law Firm Website Design Services

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand at Split Reef. We take pride in keeping on top of the ever-changing world of web design. Our designers are also able to work creatively, ensuring that you will not see a generic website design for your law firm.


Client Focused Custom Law Firm Website Design

Clients, both established and potential, are key to your law firm’s operation. By having a custom attorney website design made in Jacksonville, Florida, you are offering them an accessible and modern website in which to find you. Our custom design services are at your full disposal, from the idea stage to the delivery of the final product.

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