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PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which is a type of advertising campaign that helps law firms reach their target audience and appear on search engine pages. When there are several competing law firms in an area, it can be hard to ensure that your law firm will appear, but our PPC services can help law firms get more clients. The more people click on your website, the better your search engine ranking will be.


Get Clients Lining Up

With a little advertising strategy, you can get clients lining up to have your services.

Split Reef is a Law Firm PPC Firm in Jacksonville, Florida.

As a lawyer PPC agency in Jacksonville, Florida, we help create local service ads for lawyers. We know what lawyers need because we have worked with them extensively. Law firms need particular strategies to fit their businesses, and we have the expertise to provide those strategies. Oftentimes when PPC fails, it is because firms go to professionals who are unable to create campaigns that match the needs of legal firms. We do everything in our power to ensure our clients’ campaigns are successful.

Why Invest in PPC Marketing for Attorneys?

PPC marketing for attorneys is an excellent way to attract potential clients. Don’t let your website gather dust. Let Split Reef experts help you get more traffic and more clients.

Is PPC right for Your Firm?

The biggest advantage of PPC is that it offers quick results. An SEO campaign can take much longer and is usually more expensive. For many firms, PPC advertising campaigns are a desirable solution to get more visitors to the firms’ websites. PPC allows Google ads for lawyers that people will actually see.

Maximize Your Chances of Success

While not all campaigns will have results, the ones that do not have results are usually poorly managed and lack proper strategy. Split Reef knows what techniques tend to fail law firms and what tends to lead to success.

Make the Most of Your Budget

Your resources matter to us, and one of our main goals is to get the most out of your money. We don’t take gambles. We use data, experience, and the desires of our clients to shape our decisions.

Adapting Keyword Strategies to the Firm

Not all keyword strategies can be applied universally. We determine what keyword strategies we want to use on a case-by-case basis. All firms are different, and by recognizing that, we can use strategies that maximize your advertising campaign.

Improving Your Leads

Split Reed takes an active role in our campaigns, and we adapt to the data we see from your campaign. When we see results, that gives us insight, just as a lack of results can point us in a new direction.

Targeting Your Location

Another important task that we complete is making sure your ads are being shown to the people who could benefit from your services. Using geo-locating, we can make sure that ads appear where we want them.

Let Split Reef Get Your Name Out There

Split Reef has a team of law firm PPC experts who know what it takes to run a successful PPC advertising campaign.

What Impacts PPC Campaigns?

Three major elements impact your quality score when you are running a PPC campaign.



CTR, or Click-Through Rate, refers to how many clicks your ad gets, which is then divided by how often your ad is shown. We help maximize this rate so that you can pay less while getting more influence on search engines.


Landing Pages

One of the biggest mistakes in PPC campaigns is not having a strong landing page. Having a landing page specifically for those who click on your ads can greatly increase your engagement. Further, a landing page can help you boost your rank and lower your costs.


Ad Relevance

When your campaign is created to target key demographics, you can make the chance of people clicking on your ad increase. Again, this can increase your quality score and provide more bang for your buck.

Split Reef helps you improve these areas so that your PPC campaign is strong.

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