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Android Application Development Company in Jacksonville, Florida

In a market where there are 1.6 billion Android users across the world, the possible reach of a custom Android application is seemingly endless. As one of the most popular mobile platforms out there, working with an Android application development company in Jacksonville, FL like Split Reef is the best possible way to bring your business to the next level.

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Custom android application development services Florida
Android App Development Services for Florida

Android applications are found on the Android platform which can be accessed on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. PCs can also run Android applications, further extending an Android application’s reach. These applications are accessible through the Google Play store, which as of 2021, had well over 2 million applications available to consumers.

Here at Split Reef, we provide custom Android app development services in Jacksonville, FL. From the initial idea all the way to the full launch, we provide full Android app development to help bring your application fully to life. Our Android applications can be used to provide services, to communicate with your customers, or to offer information to your users.

Custom android application developers Florida

Work with a Fully Customizable Android App Developer in Florida

You have an idea for an application that you want to see on the Android platform. As an experienced Google Play developer who knows the ins and outs of Android Studio app development, Split Reef is here to help you through the process. Our Android app development services for Florida are fully customizable and handled by an expert team of developers.

With a large community behind Android development, there is a host of open-source code available. Custom native Android development is an especially powerful and effective option in the mobile app space for this reason. Split Reef makes use of all available and leading tools at our disposal to ensure that your application is cutting edge.

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What Kind of Android App Development Services in Jacksonville, FL Are on Offer

When it comes our Android app development services, there are unique programming languages and details that we use for the development process.

Native Android Development

Native Android development is where our team develops applications specifically for the Android platform itself. Native applications for Android are only going to be accessible through the Google Play store. Native applications have a number of benefits including strict compliance with app store requirements, high performance, and consistency in function.

We utilize Android Studio app development for native application development. Android Studio is the official development program for Android applications. It provides a number of features that assist our developers in creating top notch apps. One such feature is built-in support for the Google Cloud Platform, which makes it very easy to integrate the Google Cloud App Engine and Messaging.

Android Development with Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern and statically typed programming language. It is currently used by over 60% of professional Android developers, including the Android app developers for Florida here at Split Reef. We use Kotlin to work on your applications for safe code and the freedom it allows our developers to really bring your idea to life.

Kotlin also affords applications interoperability with Java, another popular programming language. We can use Kotlin for applications to help reduce boilerplate code, project timelines, and to support far fewer app crashes. Kotlin is also fully supported by Android through the Android Studio.

Java Android Development

Java is a popular programming language that was originally created in 1995. It runs across millions of devices and continues to be an excellent option for creating high performing applications. Java has an extensive collection of open source libraries to back it as well, which help to reduce the overall costs. For customers seeking applications that have powerful development tools behind them such as Eclipse and Netbeans.

As an Android application development company, we know the importance of having security worked into your application. To protect your application and your users’ information, Java is a language that is known for its security and overall reliability.

How We Develop Applications as An Android App Developer in Florida

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Client Focused Approach

Our Android app development services in Florida are focused on providing you, the client, exactly what you need. With custom work completely handled by our in house team, your app is going to be suited to your wants with boosting your business in mind.


We Follow the Development Cycle

We are all in on our development cycle. From beginning to end, our Android app development cycle has been tested and proven over time to be highly effective. We create functional and streamlined applications for our clients time after time.


Experienced Android App Builders

You can trust our experienced team of professional Android app builders to deliver a striking finished application. Highly technical and well-versed in programming, the Split Reef team will help you meet your next business goals through an Android application. We work to infuse versatile UI’s and functions into your application and take you all the way through the launch process.


Consistent Productivity

With the far reaching open source community and libraries behind the Android platform, we know the value of using every resource available. Our productivity throughout the development process is consistent and promises a timely completion on your application.


Flawless and Scalable Final Product

Once your application is completed, you will have an application that is perfectly tailored to your needs. As a Google Play developer, we know the importance of scalability. Your flawless final product will be scalable for future growth as you utilize it to build your business even further.

Split Reef is Your Next Partner

With Android standing as the biggest competing platform to Apple’s iOS, working with a reliable Android application development company based in Jacksonville, FL can make all the difference. Our dedicated team of android app developers and designers will take your idea and build upon it.

From start to finish, we are here to be your next best partner for your business.

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Android Apps

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