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More than eight percent of all online purchases start with a search engine search, and a large portion of these searches occur on Google. Therefore, getting your product on top of the search results can help you gain more sales. Most people don’t make it past one or two search pages, so you need to ensure your business doesn’t drop in rankings and lose potential customers. Search bars are powerful, and Split Reef’s google shopping experts in Columbus, Ohio, can help you understand and put into action the strategies you need to succeed. Whether you are a local, national, or global business, it’s imperative that you hire the best Google shopping specialist in Columbus, Ohio.


What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping helps people looking for certain products find those products and compare them. It helps people research before they buy and feel more confident that they are making the best choices for their price range and individual needs.

Types of Google Shopping Ads

A professional Google merchant center expert can help you understand the tools used by Google to promote brands and products, and we also understand the type of Google ads and in what cases they should be used for maximized results.

Our Process for Google Shopping Ads Management

Our process has been created to make our clients feel comfortable. We encourage a transparent and collaborative experience that facilitates creativity and innovation.


Account Audit

When you choose a Google merchant center expert in Columbus, Ohio, you will get an account audit. This audit is designed to determine what you are doing well and where you are falling short. It is all about taking the data and finding ways to shift your course to reflect that data. We don’t want to hurt areas in which you are doing well, so we keep some of your current frameworks and adapt them accordingly.


Product Feed Management

Split Reef can help you with your digital listings. By optimizing these listings, you can get more clicks and more sales. While it may seem like having a quality product is good enough, you have to appropriately advertise your product.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is a core part of what we do. By researching the keywords, we can determine what people are searching for when they are trying to find companies like yours.


Ad Creation and Campaign Management

Not only can we help you create useful, eye-catching ads, but we can also help you utilize those ads and create a campaign that will get you the ROI you desire.


Bid Strategy Optimization

We can set up a plan that will help you optimize your bidding strategy based on the goals you have set.


Tracking and Monthly Reporting

An important part of what we do is track the data and progress we are making. When we track these things, we can make any necessary adjustments so that you are never wasting money. Tracking tells us what we can do better on, and it also shows us what we’re doing well.

Google Shopping Management Services Offered By Split Reef

We offer many services that help clients manage their businesses on Google Shopping. Each of these components has a role in our strategies, but we use them differently depending on the client we are working with.

Google Shopping Ads Development

Developing the ads is a process that requires us to design and build ads for our clients that will capture what their brand is and what it stands for. We make sure to incorporate market research and keywords as appropriate to optimize these ads.

Google Shopping Ads Budget

Working within a budget is part of our process. We work with our clients’ budgets, and we acknowledge that some strategies will work better within certain budget brackets, and we adapt our campaign accordingly.

Google Shopping Ads Placement

Not only does it matter what your ads are, it matters how they are placed. We work to place ads to get the most clicks and appeal to the correct audience.

Google Shopping Ads Reporting

Using reports, we can track our progress and show our clients how the campaign is going. Clients are never in the dark about how well their campaign is working.

Why Choose Split Reef for Google Shopping Ads Management

Split Reef is a well-established name in the Google Shopping space. We have worked on numerous projects of this nature, helping our clients make a splash in their respective industries. We are intimately familiar with how Google Shopping works, and we always stay up to date on the changes that occur and how we need to shift our campaigns accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions clients have. Understanding these ideas can help you feel better about getting started on your Google Shopping journey.

Google Shopping helps connect people looking for goods to the brands that have those goods. The goods at the top of the search results are most likely to get results. Google has an algorithm that ranks all the items that match the search criteria, and by understanding the components Google prioritizes, you can boost your results.

Anyone can list their goods using a Google Merchant Center Account. On this account, you can add business information and add optimized content for your brand. Beginning in 2020, Google made it free for merchants to list their products on Google Shopping.

It does not cost to make listings on Google Shopping; however, there are added expenses if you want to run an ad campaign and for SEO optimization services to boost your rankings. These paid pursuits are an investment, but they lead to higher returns.

Google Shopping ads help you reach your target audience, and they allow you to gain traction that you might not be able to gain with organic means alone. Thus, you may want to consider and discuss if Google Shopping ads are right for you.

Find a Google merchant center expert in Columbus, Ohio, to set up your Google shopping campaign. Creating a campaign is something you can do alone, but you will get efficient and impactful results when you seek the help of professionals. Split Reef understands how to use your money and get the highest rate of return.

The answer to this depends on the scale of your business and your desired outcomes. There’s no one “right” answer to this question. However, while we can’t give a neat blanket answer, we can assure you that our team can give you a better idea of what sort of spending has worked well in projects similar to yours or in your industry.
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