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Healthcare digital marketing services need to be inclusive all around, ensuring you get the most value for your money. Therefore, we provide a full suite of healthcare digital marketing services to deliver visible results via the digital landscape. As a healthcare digital marketing agency in Columbus, OH, Split Reef is proud to have an experienced team that is more than capable to handle the extensive services we provide.


Promote Your Healthcare Brand With A Healthcare SEO Company

We know that if you are working in the healthcare industry, there are things you are more focused on than digital marketing. Patient care is your first priority but taking your digital footprint into account is an important step amidst a competitive marketplace. Our Ohio & Florida based healthcare digital marketing agency is capable of using our industry-leading tactics and tools to help create a digital presence for your healthcare firm that stands apart from the crowd.

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More Personalization

With a personalized touch brought to your healthcare digital marketing, Split Reef is here to assist in improving your SEO rankings, increasing your conversion rates, and bringing new patients to your website.

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Business Analytics and Graphics

If you like to see visuals on how your business is doing, our healthcare digital marketing agency is happy to deliver data in understandable graphics and graphs. You will see how your digital marketing series are making an impact on your company.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

When you come aboard with our Florida & Ohio based healthcare digital marketing agency, you are signing up for access to highly rated and extraordinary resources that allow us to help your healthcare firm. Our team of healthcare digital marketing specialists plan and implement strategies and deliver visual graphics of the results, so you know exactly how well everything is working.

Healthcare SEO Services

As a healthcare SEO company, we know how optimized keywords and content can really impact a business. Utilizing in-depth keyword research and web content that is optimized for search engines, our specialists take care to ensure that your site will rise in search engine results. This pulls in current and potential future patients for your healthcare firm. We consistently update and freshen up your content so you are always relevant with our healthcare SEO services.


Pay Per Click Marketing

A tool that can be effectively utilized in healthcare digital marketing services is pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. We can bolster your site’s organic visitors and searches with pay-per-click solutions. This type of marketing is not a one time deal, you will be charged per click that brings visitors to your site; letting your costs reflect your success.


Social Media Promotion

Just about everyone is on social media now and there is no reason you shouldn’t be! Using your healthcare firm’s brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ allows you to connect with current and future patients, the demographic you want to reach, and allows you to build brand recognition through replies, retweets, and comments. As an Ohio healthcare digital marketing agency, we know the importance of having an active presence on social media. Let us assist you in establishing and maintain your social media channels so you can focus on patient care.


Business Analytics

With our industry-leading analytic tools, you will be able to measure, manage, and analyze your company’s indices easily. You will be able to optimize your return on investment, maximize overall effectiveness, and create streamlined marketing strategy changes. Offering real time analysis, as a healthcare digital marketing agency we are able to reduce wasted web marketing money and focus on the strategies that are working for your healthcare firm.

Choose Spilt Reef as Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

As a highly rated and experienced Florida healthcare digital marketing agency, we know the importance that comes in having a digital presence for healthcare firms. Being visible and available to your current and potential patients is a step you want to take to keep on top of the competition. We can create an intuitive and streamlined process for you to make the most of your firm’s healthcare digital marketing.

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